A Cuckolds Three Wishes

Oh the age old question. What would you do with 3 wishes? It always turns into a disaster, right? Setting off a chain of events. Mostly because people’s wishes are selfish or not well thought out. In this post we are talking 3 sexual wishes. One is unselfish, then I just couldn’t help myself.

  1. I wish for a sex positive world.
    I have always thought I was sex positive. I am quick to stand up for all sexuality and sexual choices in conversation. I have always hated how our media and entertainment glorify violence and degrade sex.

    What I didn’t realize is how sexual negativity affected me so deeply in life. I grew up where women were shamed for dressing sexy – called sluts or silently, even openly judged. Strong women were called bitches. Being gay was a bad thing and they were called fags, sissies, dyke, fruitcake, homo, queer. Actually not even just if you were gay even if you were just a more feminine guy or enjoyed doing “girly things”. A tranny or fairy. We even played a school yard game call smear the the queer. The queer has the ball and runs away as everyone else runs after him and tackles him to the ground.

    Thinking back about it all. I can see why I have experienced mental issues with my sexuality and the sexuality of the women I so much desire – strong, sexy and free. Me dressing up as a girl in the closet. Sneaking around to visit another male to have sex with. Feeling humiliated or having fear of being outed because my wife enjoys having sex and emotional relationships with other men even though it turns me on madly.

    So my first wish is a sex positive world. A change in cultural attitudes and norms around sexuality, promoting the recognition of sexuality (in the countless forms of expression) as a natural and healthy part of the human experience and emphasizing the importance of personal sovereignty, and consensual sex free from violence or coercion. Covering every aspect of sexual identity including gender expression, orientation, relationship to the body (body-positivity, nudity, choice), relationship-style choice, and reproductive rights. An attitude towards human sexuality that regards all consensual sexual activities as fundamentally healthy and pleasurable, encouraging sexual pleasure and experimentation.

    Just let people be themselves, no matter what that looks like as long as they are not physically hurting anyone.

    I honestly don’t see this wish back firing.
  2. To be a girl.
    Not just any girl but the type above that has been sexually shamed for being sluts! I want to have large boobs, lips, sexy ass. Keep my legs lol. Maybe my clit too? I can’t decide. I want to dress fucking sexy all the time.

    Would I wish this for a day so I could experience it?

    Or a lifetime.

    It is hard to decide. Maybe I wish for it for a day then save my 3rd with. I feel this has to be a wish. When I am dressed up as a woman I look at myself and feel hot and sexy. Way more how I look at myself as a man. I know, my wife thinks I am hot and sexy as a man and I’m sure many other do too! I like the process. The clothes make me feel relaxed. I like sex as a transexual woman.

    I’d be a lesbian who likes a lot of cocks on the side. Married to the hottest woman on the planet. My wife. We would tear up the town everywhere we went. BFF’s, LOML’s, be so much fun. We would share men. Two girls that are just naughty as fuck! Maybe that is already what we are now?

    This wish could go sideways. All kinds of good and bad things may happen. Who knows. Fun to wish. The first one would have to come true before this one or my family and friends would totally flip out and call me all those names!!

    3. I am torn on this one. A glory hole in our shower where you could knock on the wall and a huge cock would come out for my wife to fuck when ever she is horny.

    “Hey, what the fuck cuckold? I thought that glory hole was for me! What are you doing with that fucking cock.” “Oh sorry honey, just testing out the hole for you.” lol.

    Or a quiver of different men that my wife would have on call. All very romantic, hung like studs, who knew just how to dominate me and push my buttons as they gave her as much cock as she ever wanted in life. No drama. I could watch when I wanted to. They would treat me like a total cuckold and there would be rules. We would even take them on trips with us. Don’t worry they can also have others on the side and a free happy life.

    Yup that one could probably go bad too. But how hot is it to think about.

Well that was fun! Can’t I have more wishes???? What are your wishes?

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