Cuckold In Distress

What, if anything, about sex distresses you?

Cuckolds know what it is like to feel cuckold angst. It can cause anxiety and temporary mental pain. I can’t speak for all cuckolds but for me it has not been about the sex but the emotions involved around the cuckolding, the sexual and emotional relationships my wife has with other men and working through my jealousy.

What I think distresses cuckolds most is that they have been raised by culture, family and friends to believe they had to be a certain type of sexual man. The guy that fucked that girl so hard and good. The dominant man we now love to share our wives with.

We are not that type of man.

What sets a cuckold apart from other types of open relationships is the husband is submissive to his wife and even to her lovers. Even masochistic, gaining arousal from humiliation, degradation, and other demeaning activities at the hands of his wife and her lover. Cuckolds often see themselves as inferior lovers and unable to sexually satisfy their wives. They believe their penis is too small to please their wives.

Being cuckolded takes the pressure off them to perform sexually. The husband is even denied his wifes pussy and may even wear chastity while she gets pleasure elsewhere.

That is all a turn on for me and appealing. Cuckolding is also interesting. It is the second most popular sex-related search term of sex-related search terms from heterosexual men.

They call it intellectual because you are getting fucked in the brain. Also a guy needs to be fairly self-confident in order to share their partner with someone else.

I was chatting with a “Bull” online. I asked him why he likes to be Bull, why he likes hotwives and in this case sissy cuckolds.

He replied that he loves humiliation.

To that I replied – and you should humiliate me because I am a feminized cuckold?

His answer was Yes.

I left it at that. I am not humiliated by being a cuckold, or that I love to dress like in women’s clothes or that I am bi-sexual.

Now that said I love humiliation play and erotic teasing and my wife teasing me. It is fun and makes me horny.

What distresses me about sex is trying to fuck like a stereotypical man. The guy who says “I fucked her pussy so hard.”

My wife likes her pussy fucked hard and so does many woman.

I can recall having two women I dated at different times in college who would not have sex with me. It never bothered me. I didn’t know their reasons, and I didn’t ask. They both would have me lick their pussy’s too many orgasms, then that would be it.

With my wife I have always been a great lover. Given her pleasure and made sure she has plenty of orgasms. Using techniques and tools with a combination of traditional male female sex. I learned quickly she orgasmed best with the techniques and tools more than the traditional sex.

Then I saw her get fucked by a well hung dominant man. Another and another and many more over the years. They also give her amazing orgasm. They fuck her hard and stretch her out with their big cocks. She loves it. I love watching it and know she is experiencing it.

When I was able to stop pretending that I am that type of man and be the person I am. A submissive. It did take the preasure off me to perform. Perform like them.

Trying to perform like them is something about sex that distresses me. It has made me insecure about my dick. It helps get rid if the insecurity by acknowledging it and enjoying it for what it is.

Enjoying sex as a submissive has opened a whole new world of pleasure for me and my wife and, yes it includes a lot of the umbrella definition of a cuckold.

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