Cuckold Pleasure Is Mysterious

The first time my wife cuckolded me she was nervous but extremely aroused. Excited with her new “freedom”, but also found her head spinning with a million questions.

Why is he doing this?

Does he somehow not care about me?

Does he want to sleep with some other woman and this his way to get permission?

Is this some outrageously elaborate test to see if I was really a faithful wife?

There was no alternative motives to me encouraging my wife to cuckold me. It was a fantasy. A fantasy I had for a long time. Something we role played over and over in the bedroom that gave us both incredible pleasure.

A cuckolds pleasure is mysterious. Every man that has fucked my wife has told her if she was theirs, they would never share her.

Lucky for me that is not what my wife wants. She likes to have the freedom to be shared with other men. Going back to a monogamous sex life even with a well endowed cocksman would be a step backward sexually.

Also when a woman cuckolds her willing husband she receives a new respect and submission from him. It changes everything about a woman’s relationship with her husband. Putting her in a position of great status, control, and authority, while creating deep feelings of worship and adoration on part of her cuck husband.

Therefore cuckolding is more of a female led relationship.

The cuckold husband gets off on having a powerful sexual wife who fucks other men and expects her husbands encouragements and support.

It is not like a typical vanilla sexual relationship or marriage. This makes it mysterious.

A submissive husband who is into cuckolding gets greater pleasures sexually having a hot wife. All those questions my wife had the first time continued, but in a different direction.

Does he really like when I tell him my boyfriends fuck me so much better than him?

Learning new things about her husband.

He really does get off when I make fun of his little dick. She giggles to herself. He does really have a little dick, really I should call it a clit and see if that makes him orgasm.

OMG he just spurted all over himself while I rubbed him and told him he has a little clit.

The powerful moment when she kissed me with a mouth full of another mans cum. How passionate it was. Our ritual of her sitting on my face to clean her pussy while she teases me how well she has just been fucked by another man.

Then the mysterious desire to wear a male chastity device. An inherently submissive act for a man.

Some men are, by nature sexually submissive. I believe this is ALL cuckolds.

The constant high level of sexual arousal. Similar to cuckold cravings. The body is hard-wired to enjoy desire, the fist phase of the sexual response cycle. We move into the equally desirable arousal phase from desire. It feels good to feel horny.

In chastity you can’t be like a normal guy who would just jerk off, eager to get to the last two phases of sexual the sexual response cycle, orgasm and resolution. Your desire and arousal get ample opportunity to build and build to where everything feels sexy and you get so horny you could burst. My wife and I have learned how to get me to burst in my cage. It is very horny and feels like one of the most amazing orgasms.

Her orgasms are different with other men, fucking her with an enormous cock. My cuckold orgasms are also different. We both have learned how to have amazing orgasms like we had never had before our marriage and exploration into sexual kinks, fetishes and now our sexual lifestyle.

I have written about the feeling of being emasculated. I think I have been wrong. I have not been deprived of anything. The definition of emasculated is depriving his male role or identity, made weaker or less effective. To deprive strength, vigor, or spirit.

My feminization, my cuckolding, chastity, a dominant wife has actually given me great strength, vigor and spirit. Set me sexually free.

Mysterious. I know.

2 thoughts on “Cuckold Pleasure Is Mysterious

  1. good story – yes everything you said is correct. The sub cuckold male would prefer to be caged and teased than having sex with your cock in her pussy. I prefer to lick her to orgasm while she share the details.

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  2. More and more men believe that being a cuckold is a privilege
    Having a cheating wife is lucky, she is a superior woman who puts her husband into submission knowing he likes her.
    If, on the other hand, the husband discovers his wife who is cheating on him and reacts by admiring her instead of getting angry at her, it is right that he makes her understand and it is right that he does everything to facilitate her and submit.


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