Learning About Yourself Sexually

Today’s question is: What would you like to learn about your sexual self?

I had to kind of giggle. I’d like to learn how many cocks I can take in one night while it still being pleasurable. At least in my mouth, I think a lot. Maybe that is just a fantasy, though. Would love to start the night dressed sexy too.

God honestly, I have learned so much about my sexual self since I met my wife. The things I like. All the manly sexual things I used to do that I didn’t really enjoy all that much or just didn’t seem…. well to be me.

A Voyer who loves his wife to cuckold him. Learning it is okay to be bi-sexual, okay to enjoy to share the experiences of my wife with other men turning me on. That I like to dress as a female and feel like a female. I like sex like a female and even prefer masturbating more like a female than a male.

That being submissive and feminine brings be to the most amazing orgasms.

It seems I have learned so much about my sexual self over the last 10 years. Yes even before then. The difference is I have spent the last 10 years learning to accept my sexual self more than ever.

Still not 100%.

Enough though where I am finally feeling sexually happy and becoming more willing to talk about it.

Don’t read that wrong. I was always sexually happy with my wife. I just had this void, I felt something was missing or I was doing something wrong.

I thought cuckolding honestly was the thing that would fix it. The thrill and excitement always gave me that temporary satisfaction. Then I’d crave it again.

I love my wife fucking other men. Having relationships with other men. It is a tremendous turn on. Even so, that is her sexual self she shares with me. Learning my own sexual self as a whole is what has brought me to another level of sexual happiness, joy, and pleasure that I had never imagined. Learning it with her and acting out or fantasies together, learning how we can better pleasure each-other sexually than just having vanilla sex.

Just learning to love myself sexually.

Not trying to reclaim my wife like a dominant sexual man after she fucks someone. Instead, reconnecting with her as my LOML sharing and celebrating both our sexuality.

I honestly don’t know what I want to learn about my sexual self. I do know I want to keep learning more about my sexual self and learn how to be 100% proud of my sexual self.

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