A Hot Wife Is Inspirational

Strong. She was next to me, punching away her angst. Pounding into a punching bag.

She looked perfect. Strong. Sexy. A perfect body.

I could not keep my eyes off her.

I could not make the first move. Luckily, she laughed at me and my efforts.

Another day at the gym, on a boxing gym business card, she wrote her number and gave it to me.

Her number on this card. I cherished it. Even after we were in a serious relationship, I’d look at it and it would bring me instant happiness.

I can see it now in my mind. Written in perminant marker. Over the years, it became tarnished and tattered.

I knew the first time I lay eyes on her; she was my universe.

That first day on, she has inspired me in every way.

Our first night having sex. Her on top. She reached into her nightstand, grabbed a bottle of lube, and poured it all over me and her.

Our bodies glided over each other as we made passionate love. Sex like I had never had before. Just one hit of her. I knew I’d never be the same. I became addicted to her.

I always wanted her on top.

Did she know then my true sexuality? All the things I buried in shame and guilt that I didn’t know about myself?

I don’t know. I know I wanted to give her the world. To use my hands and mind to build and give her everything she needed.

Cuckold fantasies. I had them with her from the beginning. I don’t know why. She is so sexual it just turns me on thinking about her getting fucked.

She inspires me in so many ways. Her not feeling shame is one of them. She may have felt guilt in the past, not shame.

She cheated on every man she was with.

Is it cheating though, to desire other men? Desire to get fucked and pleased by more than one guy? To break the implied promises of society when we tell someone we are their boyfriend or girlfriend?

That aside, infidelity is widespread. It is also the number one reason that married and unmarried relationships end all across the world.

As my wife inspires me. I also inspire her.

There are many reasons a man would want a wife to fuck other men.

Being proud of her, wanting to share with others what an amazing woman she is.

The feeling you get when other men flirt or stare at her.

How she looks in sexy clothes.

Bringing out her naughty side. Seeing her be a sexual animal.

How turned on I get seeing her or knowing she is being pleasured.

The most powerful orgasms she has being fucked by an alpha male.

The jealousy I feel when she kisses another man.

How hot it is seeing her pussy being stretched out by enormous cock. Giving her body distinct pleasures than I can’t.

Because of the look of complete surrender in her eyes, is the most gorgeous thing I have ever witnessed.

Because she comes back to me like a new woman.

Because it makes the sex between the two of us so much more intense, allowing us to be 100% open and honest about what turns us both on and what’s going through our minds as we make love to each other.

Our sexual journey that started with cuckolding has been nothing but inspiring.

I am inspired by her looks, how she does her make-up, how she dresses, how she fucks other men. By her beauty and her strength. I am inspired by her dominance, her ability to lead. Everything about her inspires me.

There have been challenges, angst and jealousy. Then there was envy.

I was not a stag, not a swinger, a cuckold yes, I fantasized about guys fucking her.

I never wanted to be the guys. I don’t fantasize about being alpha and having an enormous cock.

I wanted to be like her. Slutty and sexy.

My shame, guilt, unmet sexual needs and fantasies. Complex fantasies and cerebral. So complex I didn’t know what needs were being unmet.

A sexuality pushed between ecstasy and fear. Conflicted.

My fantasies have their roots in shame and guilt. Small penis humiliation, feminisation, locked up in chastity. Being cuckolded, living vicariously through my wife, watching her get fucked by a dominant male.

The same as I have given my wife freedom to be a slut. She has given me the freedom to be me.

I have learned I don’t really know where I fall on the gender spectrum.

I had powerful, repressed and unexpressed feminine feelings. I did not consider myself bi-sexual. I love women, I love my wife sexually and emotionally. I have been obsessed over cock but not the men attached to it.

My wife inspired me as she handed me one of her lover’s cocks and had me suck it.

It was not the first cock I had sucked, but it was the first openly in front of someone I knew.

Today I consider myself bi-sexual, although it is still more about the cock than the man attached to it for me.

I am in the happiest best marriage I can imagine. It only seems to get better every day as I let myself free. Free to enjoy my own sexuality and my wife’s.

As I find my sexuality and enjoy hers, I am becoming happier. My sex life has improved and my orgasms are fucking amazing.

I think I am viewed by others as the “perfect” husband. A trophy husband.

I can provide in all the traditional ways. But I am also an effective communicator. I see my wife as my BFF, LOML. We enjoy a certain feminine bonding with each-other. I am primarily devoted to her. A very responsible, dependable husband/wife and parent and do my equal share around the house.

All inspired by my wife. Who supports my femininity. Knows when I let go of my male ego I am at my best.

She no longer needs me to be the man. To try and reclaim her. Instead we reconnect our love. She has men to fuck her and she has me the love of her life. It makes complete sense to her.

I think my wife now actually prefers having a feminized husband. She supports and even encourages it totally with no reservations what-so-ever.

She loves it. And her own sex life is also better than it’s ever been.

Being a cuckold, a sissy, a transgender, gender fluid, a hotwife, a slut…. the list goes on and on is nothing to be ashamed of or feel guilty about.

Affirmation: I am inspired by others and I am a source of inspiration to those around me.

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