A Perfectly Naughty Sunday

In the park near our home, he fondles her bare breast under her crop top sweatshirt as his tongue twirls in her mouth. They kiss passionately as they reconnect.

Both familiar with each other’s bodies.

He pinches her hard nipple with dominance.

Trying to hide in the trees of this small town. They can’t help but touch each other.

A public display of affection.

Pressed up against her, she can feel his hardness. They can’t hide their desire for each other.

He is away from his family and kids. So is she.

Just an innocent morning cup of coffee. A married male and female meeting to catch up as friends.

“Did you really think you were going to go meet him and not get fucked?”

I whisper in her ear.

She giggles.

In our car after their morning walk. Parked in a fairly secluded parking lot minutes from our house.

She has his enormous cock in her warm mouth. Lips and hand wrapped around it as she sucks him in and out. Tasting the drops of his pre-cum in her mouth.

“I’m so wet, I need you to fuck me.”

She is now moaning in the car. The sex is quick. She is being fucked. She cries out, “I’m cumming!” “Fuck, I love your huge cock.” “God, I need it.”

He is grunting as he fucks her faster, harder, deeper.

“Fuck me!” She tells him over and over until he explodes his wave of pleasure inside of her.

Raw naughty sex in a car at 9am.

She arrives home.

The smell of bacon and waffles cooking. The sound of her two kids playing.

I’m in the kitchen making Sunday family breakfast. I don’t know if she has fucked him, but in my mind I was pretty positive from the start if she went and met with him he would fuck her.

I wanted to encourage it more before she left. Give her directions to a secluded area in the woods. Far from our home and risks of being caught.

I decided that was not my place.

Normally I’d have a lot of angst of her out so near to our home with another man.

Like a breath of wind, it came into my mind. I could squash this annoying bug though this time.

I replaced that thought with the thought of no longer caring if people catch us.

Learn our naughty secret.

Learn my wife likes to fuck other men.

Learn that she has a boyfriend she has been seeing for almost a full year.

It turns me on. Every time we make love, I think about how happy it makes me. Her fucking whoever she wants. I think it is so hot; it is hard to describe in words. My goddess.

I had texted her back when she notified me she was coming home.

“Did he fuck you?”

No reply, but only because she was being fucked less than a minute away from our house. She was home with the answer.

In our bedroom with the door locked.

On my knees I lick her moist cum filled pussy.

“Lay on the bed, so I can sit on your face and push his cum into your mouth.”

I do as she says. Her pussy was wet, red, stretched out with the taste of sweet saltiness.

She knows how much I love this part.

I lick her pussy clean. We are quiet. Her body shutters in orgasm.

I slide her down onto my body and push inside her. Feeling her warmth on my clit.

This part is for my pleasure but also to add a bit more naughtiness to our Sunday.

She laughs. “You were so hot the other night when I was fucking your gurl pussy. Look at you, sperm competition is actual. You can’t help it, you just have to put your little clit inside me.”

I am turned on. Only a couple of grinding motions, and I am filling her with my seed.

She has now fucked her boyfriend. Cleaned by her husband’s tongue and filled with another load of cum. It is not even 10am.

She glows with happiness as we sit and have breakfast as a family. A secret between her, me and her lover making her shine extra bright.

We steal each other’s smiles and knowing eye contact. We are both happy and feel even closer to each other.

She and I meet her boyfriend an hour later.

The 3 of us go on a mountain bike ride together. Her exercising and enjoying the trails with the two men that filled her pussy with cum.

All the people that ride by us. She must feel extra naughty.

Him too.

Being out with the woman he just fucked and her husband.

Back at the parking lot, she kisses him goodbye. Mouth and tongue in front of me and other cyclist in the lot. Then we drive off.

He heads back home a few hours away from where we live.

I’m already eager for his next visit, or her going to him.

Cuckold cravings are already building.

Reflecting this Monday morning on a perfectly naughty Sunday.

One thought on “A Perfectly Naughty Sunday

  1. Good story – big turn on for me. Yes I like being the sub sissy hubby and eating creme pie and yes I like her kissing him in front of me.


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