The Cuckold and The Sissy

My wife is out of town. I was watching porn. A mix of sissy porn, cuckold porn and a hot “Dripping!!! the best Creampies and Cumshot Compilation”.

The sissy videos I have a harder time getting into but I am finding I’m liking more girl on girl porn where in the past that was not much of a turn on for me.

The cuckold and the dripping creampies videos, were very loud, the women in the videos screaming in pleasure. Cumming hard on large cocks pounding in them at different angles.

The sounds reminded me of the cuckold sessions with my wife a couple of weeks ago. How wild it was listening to her getting fucked by a man.

I couldn’t help think about how hot she is while I watched these videos. Seeing the cocks cum inside the women in the videos made me think about how happy and pleasurable that feels for her. How she deserves to have that big cock. I don’t fuck her like that. It had me fantasizing about her again getting fucked.

I fuck her differently and also give her amazing pleasure, but not pounding in her with a real big cock.

When it works, I really believe cuckolding brings happiness to a marriage.

Our cuckold sessions were so hot. I was playing with being locked in chastity prior. You can read my post about losing the battle with the cage. My wife talked so dirty to me and I loved it. She also had me book her an appointment to get a Pedi and Mani. It was a lot of fun. It made me feel a little like her secretary booking her appointments while she was at work. Then her wife taking care of the kids while she got her nails done to look her best to get fucked.

It is funny because I have also been losing the battle with my masculinity. As I watched these porn videos, I was not stroking my cock. I was humping a hitachi vibrator. All my masturbation since she has been gone has been this way.

This reminds me, I sent her a picture.

“your little cock looks so cute.”

“It’s smaller than the hitachin head.”

That turned me on so much. She was also sweet and said “wish I was straddling you, grinding into the hitachi. I love you my sexy goddess.

On the second night of our cuckolding sessions,out, I shaved my legs, wore a matching bra and panties as she was wearing out, getting fucked. I also had on a hot black crop top and miniskirt. Make-up done.

It relaxed me more than wearing a cage could ever have.

This morning I spent 20 minutes watching a video on how to do eye make-up. I do pretty well with the rest of my makeup but have struggled with eyeshadow. It was a good tutorial. My eyes are on point right now.

I am wearing a black dress with a cutout showing my lean stomach. I have black panties and a bra on. Nude legging and red heals. My new brunette wig.

It might sound conceited, but I look hot as fuck! Other than my masculine nose.

There was just a pop up ad from the store Revolve on my computer as I write this. I clicked on it and thought to myself “I’d look hot in that skirt and top.”

Like that night, waiting for my wife to get home from being fucked by a man. I feel once I shake off my masculinity, let my feminity take over, I can relax. I feel at peace with myself.

I’m sure people get into cuckolding and have cuckold sessions for so many reasons. Hell, I have many.

In the depth of discovery over the 10 years, though, it is based on femininity. Turns out finding mine, but more so embracing my wife’s.

It is a challenging balance being a feminine guy. Being where I am right now writing this, feeling so sexy and hot to hours from now being back in man’s clothes doing guy things.

The same goes with cuckold sessions. The hot sex, the excitement and adrenaline of having a goddess wife available to fuck other men. A wife who texts and chats with other men sexually then the balance of what our marriage is supposed to look like to society who is not yet ready for powerful feminity. How we both portray our very happy marriage.

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