The scars of the cage fight

I can’t remember exactly when I got my first chastity devise. It was early in our marriage and early on after my wife became a hotwife and fucked other men with my knowledge, encouragement and approval.

She was on top of me the other night after coming home from fucking her bull. I had gone out to drinks with them and then drove them to his hotel room.

In the car she rode on top of him making out while I drove. It was exhilarating and fun. I absolutely loved it.

I gazed up at her as she rubbed her body against mine. I’d slip in, wanting to feel her moist cunt around my dick. Slipping it out, she reminded me of her pussy was not for little dick. I thought to myself how hot it is that she fucks other men. How much pleasure it brings us. How it works for us. I guess that is probably where the term hotwife came from.

The night prior, she also fucked her bull at our house while I was in my chastity device. I don’t know what attracted me to chastity. Maybe it is just like being tied up. Rope play. A type of bondage I had experienced before and enjoyed. Sexual gratification, power-exchange and actually kind of calming.

I have enjoyed playing with chastity with my wife because of these same reasons. Also though the sexual denial. The locking of my small dick in the tiniest cage. How it drips and makes my panties wet. I imagine the guy she is fucking couldn’t even fit the tip of his cock inside of it.

So I created a game since I have always had a hard time wearing chastity for more than a few hours. A 30 day challenge to myself. I started with 3 hours a day of being locked up for 4 days. Then 4 hours for two days. 5 hours for 4 days. 6 hours overnight followed by 7 hours the next day.

The goal of the game was to progressively build so I would be in chastity 24/7. I would hand the keys to my wife, denied sex completely unless my wife unlocked me.

It was a fun fantasy and was going very well until the overnight lockup. I have done overnight a few times, and it is extremely challenging because of how the body works at night. It becomes very uncomfortable when you get nighttime erections as well as when you have to urinate.

I worked through the first night with some success. I had mild chafing in one area that caused a minor discomfort.

The following day, my wife had plans to fuck her bull at our home that night. I wanted to be caged, so I rested it. Then put it on later in the day for the 7 hour lockup, which would be over just about when my wife was finished fucking and I would be in bed with her again.

It went bad from here. I lost the cage fight. As I got turned on listening to them, the chafing became more and more painful. After she had me lick her pussy clean and bring her to several orgasms, I was throbbing in the cage.

When she removed it. My chafing was so bad it was bleeding.

After a couple days’ rest, it is healing but still hurts and is still a wound.

I can not continue my 30 day chastity challenge and it turns out it works better for us just as a toy for short-time wear. Which is fine.

I still drip without getting hard and without chastity when I am turned on. I experience that now as I write.

We had a wild 3-day weekend. Her seeing her boyfriend Thursday and Friday night. When I joined them for drinks she and I had a little secret. Although it might have been fun if she told him, she didn’t.

We were both wearing matching black thong panties and matching bras under our clothing.

When I got home after dropping them off from the bar. I fully dressed in sexy fem clothes, heals and make-up.

No chastity, but dressing up for feeling what it was like for her to dress for him helped me have zero angst or jealousy. Although I was a little mean bitch because she told me she would send pictures and she didn’t, so I pretended I was mad for a little bit when she got home.

I really wasn’t. I was feeling hot and sexy and glad she was too and looking forward to sexually connecting with her which we did. I love our sex like girls so much more than fucking her like a man. It is so hot she gets to fuck these “Alpha Men”.

So the chastity fantasy is fun, but not worth the scars of the cage fight for me. Also yes, I have tried many cages, including two that have been custom made.

Don’t worry about me being a little bitchy to my hot sexy wife when she got home!

On Saturday night it was just her and I and she fucked me good with a strap-on showing me who is the top in our relationship 💋. She also had me fuck her with a penis extender instead and we both had incredible orgasms.

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