The Screams Of Sex

“Oh my god! Oh fuck! Oh my god!

In my office, I sit. I write this, hearing the screams of sex.

My wife being fucked by another man.

“Oh my god! I love that!”

“Ahhh, ohh, holy shit ahh!” Deap panting breaths.

It is not as loud as I imagined. I know inside the bedroom it is otherwise. Our doors are better insulated than I thought. I always wondered if the kids could hear us having sex.

“Fuck fuck fuck!!! Oooooh, slow you’re so fucking big”

She is panting.

I just had a glass of wine with the two of them before she took him into the bedroom.

My cage is tight, snug around my cock. This is the cuckolding I like. Her close to me. Being sexually pleasured. Being fulfilled by an enormous cock. In my home.

I know it isn’t always comfortable for a man to fuck another man’s wife in her home with her husband there. It should feel pretty empowering.

I don’t enjoy sneaking around; I don’t like surprises.

Being submissive is something I enjoy.

That doesn’t make me weak or diminish my power and concent.

I used to fantasize about being a cuckold, having a wife cheat on me. I have thought of myself as a sissy.

To be honest, these were all from places of shame. Places of guilt. This is where the cuckold and the sissy crave humiliation. Feeling weak because of your sexual desires.

“Oh fuck, Oh my god, Oh my god yes! Fuck me!”

My desires are not shameful. I don’t want my wife to cheat; I love I am her wife and I love the music of sex echoing throughout our home. She is enjoying a pleasure that differs from what she feels for me. A different type of orgasm.

Her dirty talk game needs to be raised with him. She is much more confident talking dirty to me, letting go with me. She loves me.

They are giggling and laughing. He grunts loudly as he explodes in orgasm filling her body.

Sounds of kisses.

Small talk.

“Oh my god you feel so incredible!”

Thank god for religion. The excitement. The disbelief.

What a perfect ending to a night for this man. During small talk, he told us how his dinner with friends turned into an inappropriate night of religious talk.

Then in the end a hot sexy blond wife screaming “Oh god!” over and repeatedly.

He is out the door quickly. There is no proper etiquette for this type of game we play. I’d be happy if he wanted to stay longer for another drink. I’m just as happy with him out the door so I can reconnect sexually with my wife.

“Can you taste his cum?” My wife smiles down at me while I lick and clean her freshly fucked cunt.

His cum gushed into my mouth as soon as she straddled my face. After all, he had just finished fucking her.

It fills me with happiness and pleasure cleaning my wife right after fucking a lover and I love the taste of a man’s cum. As I devour it, I am actually hungry for more. I am already thinking about cleaning my cum out of her so I can get that fresh taste one more time tonight.

I look up at her and smile. “Yes, you filled my mouth with his cum. Do you want to taste?”

She shares a wet cum kiss with me.

“Do you like the taste of another mans cum from my pussy?”

“I do. I love it, especially right after, like tonight.”

“You’re a cum slut!” She is talking much more dirty to me. I am a cum slut. Like her at this moment, I am craving other men’s cum and loving sharing this experience with her.

“I need to have you suck all the men’s cocks, I fuck she says.”

Fuck, I’d love that. Getting cocks ready for her pussy, sharing men with her. Such a fantasy.

She grinds on top of me. I am now out of my chastity. She is telling me how much bigger he is than me. Making me tell her that her pussy only should have an enormous cock in it, not my little dick.

Deap down we both know she is telling the truth. Our sex is better when we make love like women. She lets me inside. I think this is important for a husband and wife to reconnect. An understanding of the why of cuckolding but also feeling the love for each other.

I am not in there long, back to outercourse. We make love. Sperm competition gets the best out of me. I don’t groan, I moan and thrust inside her as I explode and shoot my orgasm inside of her.

She laughs. “Such the competitor you always are.”

I may not have an average size dick, but I do cum a lot. I shoot hard, so hard I have broken blood vessels. She was not supposed to conceive both times I impregnated her.

My orgasm subsides, I chicken out, cleaning her pussy of my cum.

An hour later I am licking her ass, wishing I could sleep with it nestled against my face. My goddess. Turned on from my cuckolding, I fuck her this time like a man. I like these nighttime sex acts. I fuck her in the ass though my size fits nicely there.

She will see him again tomorrow night. Not at our house but at a motel. She will dress up and feel sexy for him. I purchased us matching bra and panties. I will dress up and feel sexy too.

To be continued…….

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