Feeling Sexy

I can hear the sounds of wind chimes, a windy cold day outside. A winter storm is blowing in.

Inside, I am here, sitting at peace with myself. No zoom meetings, working at home. I couldn’t feel more sexy than I do right now. Breasts against my chest, a black Victoria Secret Bombshell bra with a matching v-string panty thong. A sexy white crop top and matching white mini skirt. Black pantyhose, high heel boots, and a rose pink jacket.

My makeup is fully done, lip gloss is popping.

I couldn’t be more thankful for such a supportive wife. I remember days I would wait to have the house alone so I could dress in fem. Someone may catch me, I would worry about every sound. Most of the time my windows were brief. Just the quick erotic feel of pantyhose against my skin then back to dressing as a man. Even just 10 minutes felt amazing or time alone to go through my wife’s closet. Feel the fabrics, fantasize what it would be like to wear each piece.

Over time, I tried on most items. All the ones I knew I would not damage or stretch.

Over the top sexual fantasies being a maid, a naughty secretary, even a call girl. The more sexualized feminine rolls of females.

My wife being the strong dominant female fucking other men and cuckolding me.

I purchased clothes online. They would arrive. I’d wear them, then throw them away so noone would find them.

As I showered this morning, the warm water ran over my smooth body as I shaved it. Under the armpits, my arms and legs.

I have little hair, laser has removed most of it. I love the feeling though of silky smooth skin.

Outside of the shower, my wife was doing her hair and make-up. Glancing in at me and smiling. A little teasing, telling me my dick looks extra small from her angle.

She showed me a hot pair of crotchless red panties. “These could be fun to wear when he fucks me friday.”

She looks sexy in everything.

In her presence I dressed, did my make-up. She knows I like to feel feminine. She supports it and encourages it. Even took a picture of me so she can look at it at her office while she works.

What an amazing gift. To help set the person you love sexually free.

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