Emotional Challenges Of Being A Cuckold and Hotwife

It would be a lie to say cuckolding doesn’t have emotional challenges.

A range of emotions from being happy, envy, anxiety, feeling humiliated, shame, guilt, an empty feeling, and of course extremely turned on. All not felt at the same time.

Mostly, I don’t feel shame or guilt anymore. I have written about both emotions a lot and have let them go. I enjoy my sexuality and who I am sexually. My wife also is supportive. There really is no reason for me to feel shame or guilt. This is true for my wife too, these are feeling she should not have to deal with. I also am supportive of her sexuality.

I read that a man with a real “cuckold” fantasy focuses on his internal state. He wants to feel humiliation, emasculation, guilt, shame, embarrassment, jealousy, envy, submission, deprived of sex, low self-esteem, and even depression.

A lot of captioned pornographic images and even porn play into these cuckold emotions.

I dislike feeling jealousy, although I think it is healthy to a point and can feel natural because of our upbringing in society. I like erotic humiliation, more so teasing. I do not want to be humiliated. I would much rather feel empowered. There is no place for guilt or shame because that leads to low self-esteem and depression and the empty feeling.

I enjoy emasculation because I love the power of femininity and having that part of my sexuality. I have felt some envy but not unhealthily towards my wife. More of an awakening of how I wanted to be sexually, which has helped me to be happier in my sexuality. Appreciating hers more.

Last I have never wanted to be deprived sex. I enjoy sexual denial play, but that is only PIV. My wife and I still have amazing sex even when playing with PIV (Penis In Vagina) denial. It is also important for me to reconnect with my wife sexually after she has had a sexual experience with another man. Being deprived of sex has never been one of my fantasies.

The aftercare for me and the sexual reconnection is one of the many things that makes it work and fun for me. So I don’t have that low self-esteem and empty feeling.

Emasculation, feminization and being a submissive man to my wife are fun. Eroticizing negative feelings is not fun. Overall, we have used the above to better empower me sexually because it is more natural who I am.

I have said it before sex in a relationship should affirm and elevate both partners. An open relationship is something you are doing together and should strengthen your relationship.

I believe as a whole my wife and my relationship is stronger because of our open relationship and our strong communication and love for each-other.

What separates a cuckold relationship from a mono-polyamory relationship is it is an activity that the two of us do together, with total agreement and excitement from both of us. There’s even a thrill involved in some of the negative feelings. It is fun when my wife teases me about my little clit, how I can’t fuck her as well as her bulls, or denies me PIV sex because she has a date coming up or we are roleplaying me being her wife.

You need a positive frame of mind in order to eroticize negative feelings healthily. My wife and I explore female infidelity together, as a couple, for the mutual pleasure and benefit of both of us.

She enjoys fucking other hot guys. Meaning she thinks I’m hot too.

I find intense sexual arousal and satisfaction in that and, like right now, thinking about it.

I feel a wife hooking up with other men for fun and pleasure is one of the most erotic, exciting, arousing and, yes, romantic thing you can experience as a couple.

A couple.

Luckily for me, my wife is not a sadist and is not awful to me if I am feeling negative emotions.

Cuckolding, hotwifing, whatever you want to call it, is amazing. It is a way for a wife to explore her sexual side with different men, experience more things sexually, and women like my wife, with a high sex drive to experience the sex she enjoys.

As a husband, this fuels my fetish and my kinks.

This is probably the number one reason I wanted to get into it, so my wife can feel empowered, sexy, and explorative. I also have received this in return.

I will not lie. I find it hot, the idea of my wife falling for someone. This is because I mostly eroticize it and think of all the amazing fucking.

I actually like when she plays alone because of this. That loss of control, the feeling of angst and worry and knowing she’s getting fucked good. Wondering what she’s doing for him and what he’s doing with her. It hits all the right notes of emotional and physical arousal.

When they send me pictures, it helps my visual experience and when we have agreed around a time she will be home, that helps that worry not boil over into a negative space.

Now I’d rather be there, but that is not always practical. For us because of children, also because her current guy doesn’t want me there.

There are fears.

Her going off having a boyfriend who she cuddles with, spends lazy weekend days with. This goes outside of sexual into emotional, falling in love, and this scares me.

I believe having feelings is normal. As you have read in this post, I love this lifestyle because of the amazing feelings and exciting emotions that my wife and I get from it. If there were no emotions, there would be no point.

For me, it is fine for my wife to lust after a guy, to want to fuck someone else, to feel good that a hot, smart guy wants her and to feel the thrill when she is with him and they are fucking. It makes me drip cum writing it.

What I fear is another man replacing me. Her thinking about him 24/7. Her wanting to do more than just fuck and enjoy him, developing actual emotions. Seeing him as a potential partner.

I know it is something on this emotional rollercoaster I need to get over.

Loving and caring for your bull is natural and normal. It is someone you are being intimate with, sexual with. Even as a husband, I care for the men, she is with because I love that they are part of her life and give her and me this amazing sexual gift that can only happen with them included. They are dominating, sexy and caring. It’s a fetish and a fantasy.

It is the emotional attachment I am not ready for. I understand that it helps my wife to have a deeper connection, to have more enjoyable sex with the men she is seeing outside our marriage. She has to be attracted to them and with this current guy; they have chemistry.

I would just like her to look at them as a hot guy with an amazing cock she is going to sexually enjoy. Then, after they are done, come back to her real life, thinking about the great sex and using it to tease me and turn me on.

It’s exciting. If you experience this desire, there’s nothing quite like it. Sleeping with another man, acting like a total slut, when you’re a married woman.

Getting hard imagining your wife’s naked body touched, tasted, and penetrated by another man.

Getting off on her teasing me, her enjoying the feeling of arousing and even dominating me.

Sometimes these emotional challenges make me want to stop.

Then I remind myself this gives both my wife and I pleasure, helps make our relationship work. It’s how we get off. It’s who we are.

It’s exciting and scary.

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