Loml 💋💓💗

We did not have the traditional valentine’s day a married couple with two kids typically have. We didn’t even eat dinner together because of our busy afternoon schedules. Also, we both wanted to spend some time getting ready for when our kids went to bed.

It was probably the best valentine’s day of my life. They are all special with my wife. For me, this one was exceptional.

We had breakfast with our kids and exchanged valentine’s day cards and gifts. We agree this year not to get each other anything. Really just meaning spend little money on each other. After all, it is a kind of a silly holiday as we always show our love for one another. We joked it really should be called singles awareness day.

I got her 2 very sexy red dresses from Fashion Nova.

One was a mini dress with a deep v-neck that I knew would show off her round DD boobs and would barely cover her perfect ass.

The second a long sleeve mini dress with an under boob cut-out to show off her curvy features of her boobs and her ass. Honestly, this one I was fantasizing about her wearing it for another man. Being fucked in the valentine’s day dress, I purchased her.

I also got myself a sexy red valentine’s day dress. Rushed in the back, short, showing off my sexiest features, my long legs and small round ass.

This website, my online journal, is probably becoming less of a cuckold website and certainly no longer light feminization.

My wife coincidentally got me the perfect matching gift for my dress. A pair of black stockings with cut-outs up the leg. Again bringing focus to my long, sexy legs.

My idea was we would dress up after the kids went to sleep and make love like girls with lots of toys involved. Seemed my wife was having the same thoughts.

Love of My Life.

We both looked hot! Hair, full make-up with pouty glossy lips, smooth soft skin, bodies dressed in fuck me outfits.

We took sexy photographs of each-other. She knowing I may post mine to men online and me knowing she would text them to the man she is dying to fuck again. Her wearing the first dress and saving the long-sleeve one for another sultry night.

We made love slowly, sliding and rubbing our bodies together while fully dressed. Like two female lovers, it was soft, moist, warm and deliciously amazing.

Our lips, our fingertips, explored the curves of each other’s bodies. Moans and low voices. We felt the heat radiating off each-other as our bodies scissored, rubbing her clit against my little dick.

Gazing into one another’s eyes with love, we were hungry for more.

I had been dying to be fucked for quite some time. Feeling possibly the same way she does when she is dying for enormous cock, dying to cuckold me.

“Please, baby, can you go put on the leather harness on top of my dresser?”

She smiled and agreed.

On top of me with her strap on. So sexy and powerful. A sex goddess about to fuck her husband.

“Fuck me! Oh fuck! Yes! Don’t stop!” I moaned as she took my ass with gentle force.

The look on her face. I could see she was enjoying fucking me as much as I was enjoying being fucked. She is enjoying her dominant sexual role in our relationship.

Stroking me while she fucked me. I could have easily had an orgasm, but I wanted her to experience being fucked too.

The toy for her was bigger than what she was fucking me with. Soft and flesh like, large and dark. We took turns fucking each other. Excited. The thrusts were hard as the cocks rammed into us. She exploded in orgasm over and over. My pleasure remained at the peak, riding a wave of ecstasy. Dripping but wanting more.

We fucked for at least an hour, finishing with her on top. I once again rubbing against her pussy. Passionately kissing, our tongues wrestling, bodies wet with lubrication and body fluids. One last release. My climax exploded, shooting cum all the way up my body, some hitting my bra. Intense, I moaned as our wave of pleasure subsided.

She made me promise that she could fuck big cock again, and I agreed.

A perfect valentine’s night.

She asked me a couple of weeks ago if I had a choice, what percentage of the time would I want to be female vs male? I feel I carry my feminity with me every day and it benefits many aspects of my life, so does my musicality.

I don’t want to transition. Every day I wear some women’s clothes. I love when I get to dress up like we did on valentine’s day night.

Right now, I am pretty happy with the balance. What I am learning is in the bedroom. I want to be my female side for the larger percentage of time. I’d say 95% of the time.

My wife and I often have morning sex like a normal male-female couple. It is quiet love making, usually with me spooning her. I love these mornings and don’t foresee that I would ever want them to be different. They are perfect. Nights like our valentine’s day are also perfect.

I need to let go of my male ego so all our nights can be this perfect. Let go of my male ego and fully accept and embrace my cuckolding.

As I think about the lifespan of my sexuality and the progression, it makes sense and has been wonderful. Everything that has led to this. It is the male ego that has always got in the way.

Early in my life, I knew I had a small penis, smaller than average. I never enjoyed getting naked in front of people and was ashamed.

Today I am proud of it. My feminization has actually made me more confident.

Having sex with women. I knew that my dick was not sexually fulfilling them. Sure, I can give a girl an orgasm from fucking, but it takes a lot of effort! A lot of stamina and endurance.

I actually used to masturbate before seeing my wife when we were dating so I could last longer with her when we had sex. This is normal for men. I could be wrong?

Alot of men don’t care about making the female orgasm. They just want to fuck and cum. Use them for their sexual pleasure. That is how they are wired. It is okay. It is part of what makes them men.

For me, I love to pleasure my wife with my tongue and fingers. I have gotten great at it. With my wife, I can make her squirt every time with my tongue and fingers. That brings me pleasure. I also like to be used for sexual pleasure. I am wired a little differently, and that is okay too.

My wife likes when I fuck her with my fingers, hand, tongue and toys better than when I put myself inside her pussy. It honestly doesn’t bother me. I love to give her pleasure. I am not equipped to pleasure her like a hung man.

Licking and rubbing is what lesbians do. I have accepted having sex like a man doesn’t pleasure me as much or fulfill my urges. It also doesn’t please her as much.

So a night like this takes the pressure off the male ego. Allows me and my wife to have greater sexual pleasure. This type of stimulation gives me a lot of pleasure and the best orgasms. It is weird, but after we fucked each other like girls, we had me inside her for a brief period, but it didn’t really make sense. It didn’t feel like the right way. We had sex again last night, and I had that same feeling.

I enjoy the passive sexual role. The more submissive role. A more feminine role. I like to get fucked more than to fuck. My wife and I love making love. I like to be dominated.

It would frustrate real men not to be inside her pussy or to orgasm in her pussy. For me, there is no additional pleasure.

Giving pleasure and receiving pleasure more like a girl arouses me and gives me greater pleasure. Throwing this in here. The magic wand – Wow!!

So in the bedroom I want to be more feminine, a larger percentage of the time. How does this work with cuckolding?

Without my male ego, it works great. My wife and I are both sluts. She wants enormous cock. Not always toys. Real cock from real men. She wants to be female 100% of the time, meaning she wants to get fucked! Fucked fantastically! Have men exploding inside her. I love cock and cum and the privileges of her allowing me to lick her after and I also love when I get to share the experience with her.

Of course she should have this. It would be very selfish for me not to encourage and support it. To help her have the perfect sex life.

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