Valentine’s Day Dress

“Is it too much?” She asks?

Her fingers are stoking me. I’m breathing hard as she massages me with her vibrater. It is intriguing watching her. Her irresistible beauty toying with me.

She wants me to feel good.

On top she glides me along her vagina slit. The heat of her body increases my hardness. She slides me inside pressing the the vibrator down as the smooth skin of both of our bodies grind together.

Her orgasm builds, she moans, the stimulation on her clit is going to push her over the top. The vibration is also causing me to moan. My clit massaging her folds. Not really big enough to be a cock.

I fantasize while she is bringing herself to orgasm. I fantasize about her fucking an enormous cock. Begging for it to go deeper, faster harder. “Fuck me, fuck me!”

I can visualize it as she explodes in a wave of ecstasy.

She cums once than twice as she fucks the vibrator on top of me.

She wants me to feel pleasure. The reason she started playing with me this morning. masturbating me with her magic wand.

It seems she doesn’t even want me inside her. She would rather get off on the vibrator or have me fuck her with my hand or fist. This thought would humiliate or turn some husbands off. It turns me on.

She wants to watch me cum. She thinks it is sexy, me in her hand, her in control over my orgasm. The fact that she has me moaning under her, my mouth open, pulling my body into the bed in pleasure. On the edge.

I explode in my wave of ecstasy, gush and release my cum all over my body. Not filling her up, not impregnating her with my sperm like I had dreamed during the night.

It was a strange dream. He fucked her in front of me. Wearing the valentine’s day dress I purchased her to wear for him. I was bound. The scene in my dream was torture. My body bled, my spine removed. More of a nightmare than a dream, yet I kneeled to her feet and accepted my role. I didn’t know what to make of it when I woke. Yet it had me having cuckold cravings.

The sun shined through the window as she smiled at me, watched me twitch in her hands. “so naughty using your own cum as lubricant.” Sh giggled as she continued to play with me after my orgasm.

I like this type of feminine sex with her. It had been awhile; we have been having more traditional sex but of course with toys and lots of me using my hand to make her squirt.

For Valentine’s day she got me some sexy cut out female stockings. They will look hot with the Ruched Mini Dress I got myself to wear for her. One of three dresses I got for her. I also got her a smooth mini halter dress. I fantasized about her and I wearing these together and making love.

The third dress, The See It Through mini dress, the one she was wearing, getting fucked in my dreams. The one that I thought she would look extra delicious in for her bull.

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