Hotwife Meetups

Hotwife meetups, how do they work? Can my wife fuck whoever she wants whenever she wants?

The answer is yes! Although the response from me will vary. Most cuckold husbands fantasize of their wives cheating on them. Maybe on a business trip or a lunch time quickly. The reality, though is cheating is breaking trust. It’s an act of dishonestly or being unfair.

My wife cheating on me would cause a ton of angst. No matter how hard my dick would get thinking about it after the fact.

I would never leave my wife for fucking another man without my knowledge or being dishonest. The fact is, it would not be as much fun. She would have to deal with my angst.

That is the great thing about an open marriage, there does not have to be cheating.

We don’t have rules for when my wife can fuck other men.

Expectations I have though are that I am notified beforehand. I need time to process it and yes for me eroticize it. I also, for the most part, have veto power. Yes she can go against my desires, but again then she has to deal with me having overwhelming angst, so it is not as much fun as if I agree to it, concent to it.

Being a cuckold I am turned on by my wife with other men but more so in a three-way relationship. I can agree to her having a boyfriend outside of our cuckolding relationship, but it is very challenging for me because it does not really meet my needs as a cuckold.

The most fun for me is if it is a three-way relationship and the guy understands that.

Of course, there are guys that just want to fuck my wife and have a relationship with just her. That gets more into polyamory. Even polyamory though can be three-way so it is more of just a sexual and emotional relationship on the side. Honestly, as a husband, it seems more unfair and causes me to think what it would be like to have the same for myself?

Like any relationship though even cuckold relationships are figuring out with the people involved what works. It can take time and definitely takes energy.

An example is I love to feel a part of the relationship. I don’t want to be locked out. I enjoy sharing pictures of my wife with the males and I like when they share pictures of my wife with them.

The obvious goal of a cuckold relationship is to have the wife to have the bull as a sex partner as often as possible. He helps fulfill a sexual need and a deeper emotional need for both the wife and husband.

It would be amazing if these sexual encounters can take place whenever and wherever, but the fact is we have a family, a loving marriage, jobs, social obligations and so on. So yes, spontaneous sexual encounters are fun and amazing, but mostly it takes some planning, compromise and both my wife and I agreeing about good times that work for both of us. Schedule wise but also emotionally.

I know from meeting many people in the lifestyle that some couples only play together. This is honestly my favorite and always gets an okay from me. I love watching as well as participating if the other man is comfortable in MFM threesomes. I even enjoy just being in another room and hearing it. It is very comfortable for me if I am there.

We also enjoy date nights. Where my wife goes out with another guy on her own. Really just visiting them somewhere for a sexual encounter but sometimes a nice dinner out and or drinks. It is fun to help my wife prepare for her dates, pick out what she wears, I love thinking about her bull seeing her in a sexy outfit I gifted her or picked out with her. I always ask her “did he like your outfit?” It is a lot of fun! With kids it is also the easiest to arrange.

The theme here is the involvement of the husband makes it fun for all, not just the wife and bull.

Some might argue it is not about the husband. There is a saying, “a happy wife, a happy life.” I would argue that is true for a husband too even though it does not rhyme.

I think in a cuckold relationship, the wife and bull engaging in some level of interaction with the husband is critical. Sending pictures, verbal play, videos, even calling the husband and having him listen, video chat and so on. I believe this makes a cuckold relationship different from just an open marriage where a husband is just tolerating her wife having a boyfriend.

Another goal here is for us not to interfere or hurt the emotional bond between my wife and I. This causes us both to react negatively towards each other.

The strong emotional bond is required to give us the comfort to include a third person in our relationship. If we weaken our emotional bond, then insecurities and jealousy emerge and ruin everything.

So meetups can work in many ways. They work best when my wife and I still feel connected. Her with me and me with her.

Then when she comes home to me we have that emotional connection and can enjoy aftercare, including me licking her sexed pussy.

One of the better articles I have read about how it works to be the Bull the wife’s boyfriend is this article The Guide for Bulls. Although I am linking to this article, keep in mind some of it is extreme, including other article on the site also lean more towards extreme.

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