Positive Affirmations

Last summer I was doing a lot of reflections on my sexuality and questioning if I may be transgender. I read a few books and did a transgender workbook.

It was a great soul searching exercise which concluded with an understanding of myself and that I am currently in a great place sexually. Part of the process was to make a list of positive affirmations. To take all the negative thoughts and turn them to positives.

I shared my workbook with my wife. She later gave me an amazingly thoughtful gift. A coffee mug with my affirmations and a picture of me.

  • My existence is revolutionary.
  • The woman inside me is strong and confident.
  • I am wholly lovable just the way I am.
  • With confidence, I can be whoever I want whenever I want
  • Sexually progressive

She left one off the list

  • Sexual encounters with others make my wife happy, relieves stress, keeps her mindset positive and she brings that all back to me, her primary love of her life.

I was thinking while I drank my coffee from it this morning that these are not just affirmations for myself but also all the wives that cuckold their husbands, too.

I have learned this week during #CuckWeek celebration one key lesson: Reflecting on all the positives; I had to overcome a negative during the week, the worry of social humiliation and shame of being in a cuckold relationship. People finding out! Being exposed! Being confronted by this negative had me in worry, taking my blog down temporarily.

Then I concluded, this is me.

My love for my wife is all-consuming, and I love when she is with other men. I love to get silky seconds. Women have more sexual capacity than men. I should celebrate cuckolding relationships and be proud of our open marriage, because it works for us and makes us happy. I should not worry because this is me.

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