Cuckold Week

I love this!!

I’ll be posting daily starting tomorrow for the next 7 days celebrating the hotwife lifestyle. I do believe we should celebrate it. It may not work for everyone but for couples with a firm foundation of love, trust, communication, and honesty. Couples that need more than vanilla sex in their lives or wives who need more sexually than their husbands alone can provide and husbands who can encourage and support that it can make a marriage and its bond stronger as well as more exciting.

There are 6 human needs. Four of body and personality. Certainty, variety/uncertainty, to feel significant and love and connection. Two needs of spirit; growth and contribution. If they do not meet the first four, the last two can not happen.

Certainty is the firm foundation of the marriage. Variety and uncertainty can be met, and of course without kink or fetish. For the sexual adventures and those who have sexual needs, the cuckolding and hotwife lifestyle can help meet these needs. This lifestyle also helps build confidence and freedom for the wife making her feel more significant and love and connection within the marriage and outside of it.

The trust, communication and honesty as well as including the male. Helping fulfill his submissive sexuality also helps him feel more significant. As well as giving him the love and connection he needs.

For me, this lifestyle has helped me grow better as a person. Understanding other peoples needs as well as my own. Strengthening the way I see myself, how I see and accept others and their personal choices in life. The ability to share a relationship with someone and let them take some of the lead. Helping abolish a patriarchy society, at least in our household. Embracing female strength and the power of femininity. The power of matriarchy.

I believe this lifestyle has better helped in the ways both my wife and I contribute to our family, but also society.

We should absolutely celebrate the hotwife lifestyle. Those women who fear the reasons their husbands want to be a cuckold. This is at the very foundation of it. A celebration of women, putting you on a pedestal as a sexual goddess, a powerful being who he as a cuckold loves completely and wholly.

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