8 Reasons I’m Obsessed With Cuckolding

1. I’m a cuckold

Obvious reason yes. I have been a cuckold and obsessed with cuckolding for over a decade. In the past, I felt shame and guilt. For enjoying it, encouraging my wife to embrace her sexual freedom and the conflict in my mind of being a man but sexually very submissive. It has been hard getting over the stereotypical guy and marriage.

I have really just tried to take a leap and embrace it wholeheartedly. Be unapologetic to myself.

Although challenging, overall I’m the happiest I have ever been and I feel it is partly because I can be my true self sexually. 

Since I am a cuckold and a personality type of wanting to become an expert, I am constantly trying to find understanding and learning people’s different views about cuckolding. As well as having full self acceptance of this genuine part of who I am. I am obsessed.

2. Cuckold Angst

This is really jealousy. I hate and love it. My wife, of course, hates it. I kind of turn into a little bitch. It is an emotional roller coaster. I am learning to better control it, but it will still hit out of the blue over little meaningless things.

For example, just the other day, I had a brief bout of angst from my wife talking to one of her boyfriends on the phone during a lunch break. Then, of course after, I am constantly thinking about them fucking and getting aroused by it.

I still remember an early cuckold experience that brought me to tears. It was so hard to watch. She was fucked so damn good. I feared I was going to lose her forever. I can still jack off about it today. It is a mind fuck.

I still get that fear even know my wife loves me more than the world. I think angst and jealousy have a positive role, though. It keeps it real. I want to compete even though I can’t compete sexually. So I still want her to have that enormous cock. In a lot of ways, I feel like cuckolding is the ultimate form of love, an all-consuming love for my wife. Like activities I do outside of cuckolding, it strengthens the mental muscle in a good way.

3. Her Bulls

I love her bulls. I’m obsessed over her bulls. No, I have not met all the guys she has cuckolded me with, but I have met a lot of them and I always end up liking them. I love the personality of a man who loves to fuck another mans wife. She has had 2 long-term bulls and currently is in a longer term distance relationship.

One guy loved to send me videos and pictures of his 9 inch cock pleasuring her. One of the more cocky guys I have met. He was exceptional. I spent little time with him, when I did it was enjoyable being in his company.

The 2nd is a true Dom Bull. Wants to Dom, both my wife and I. To an extent, he does. Now, because of distance, she has not hooked up with him for a long time, but we still message each other daily. Funny, I worried about my wife falling in love with him and the fact is, I probably was the one who became more obsessed over him. I’d do anything he tells me to. Maybe with some angst, but yes, he can Dom me and can fuck my wife anytime he wants with her consents. He also knows how to shut the bitch inside me up!

The newer guy. She had a very strong new relationship energy with. They met each other through a natural male female in person attraction. The fire was quickly lit. They have a connection, not just sexually. I again feared she might leave me for him. Again, it still turned me on. He still gives me angst, but I am enjoying their connection. I have met him and like him. I also can understand why my wife enjoys fucking him so much. He doesn’t really know yet the extent of my submissiveness and how he helps fulfill sexual and emotional needs for my wife and me. He is a true man! He knows what our situation is. That we are in an open marriage, although it’s one-sided. We are getting to where he can fuck my wife anytime with her consent without me being too much of a bitch! I know he absolutely loves my wife. It is a long distance relationship which creates its own challenges.

The men that become my wife’s bulls or typically fuck my wife are well endowed. There have been so many. It is a little funny but when my wife is around them, even just flirting, kissing, it makes me feel proud of her.

4. Better Sex

Better sex! This really is #1. Since the start, even when we fantasized about cuckolding and introduced toys, the sex became better. My wife loves my little penis. I’m sure it looks adorable to her. Honestly, I think my small penis and me being sexually a sub kind of forced us into cuckolding. Let’s give her some credit too for being an insatiable sub slut. I suppose if I had an average penis, we would have average sex the rest of our life?

My wife gets to experience getting fucked by strong dominant men that pound her into submission and make her orgasm all night long. Her legs wrapped over their shoulders, doggy style or any position they want to fuck her in. I get to get off vicariously through this and I am obsessed over it!

She also gets more pleasure than one man could ever give her. I have to remind myself of this when I get angst and fear she will leave me for one of these guys.

She describes penetrative sex with me as feeling as a massage for her. When she fucks one of her bulls, her body is rocked like an earthquake. Full body penetrative orgasms.

Penetrative sex is also not most pleasurable for me. It has always felt like something I was just supposed to do as a man. I have orgasmed much harder from the sex she has had with others. I even once orgasmed not touching myself as I sat outside our room on a stormy night and listened to her being fucked.

We have embraced together sex that is unconventional in most marriages but works well for us and brings us to amazing orgasms together. Has us making love more than fucking. Outercourse, toys, her dominating and fucking me, me using my hands on her. We also enjoy me roleplaying being a well-hung man and fucking her. She does understandably have a need for the real thing too though. So we both get to enjoy a variety of sex.

So whether she is fucking a bull, making love to me or roleplaying with me. I am obsessed how much better sex is for both of us in a cuckolding marriage.

5. Stronger Marriage:

Contrary to what people may believe, cuckolding can actually make a marriage stronger. We have to communicate well and keep a firm foundation of love in our relationship for it to work. She appreciates my sacrifice as a cuckold. The things I have to do to help support her having sex outside of our relationship. I appreciate her sexuality and am obsessed with helping it to continue to work. We have also gone on this journey together, bringing us closer and closer together. Best friends. A couple that shares everything with each-other. Yes, sometimes even men. It has built her confidence and mine inside and outside the bedroom. Cuckolding keeps the fire burning – I think about her being available to fuck whoever she wants and it is arousing.

I support her sexual freedom. Not just moral support. I actively assist in the nitty-gritty of her life as a sexually active woman. I book hotels for her to play. Take the kids out of the house so she can have time alone to get fucked. Help her find men that I think she might enjoy. Care for our children while she is out on dates. If I get to watch, I might even help lube up her bull’s cock with my mouth, getting him ready for her and guide him inside her. This creates a stronger marriage, a stronger bond through these experiences together.

6. Push sexual boundaries and try new things.

Cuckolding has pushed both our sexual boundaries and allowed us to try new things. Places she has had sex. The ways she has consented to men trying new things with her. The ways her and I fuck and make love. As well as pussy denial play. Cuckolding as a whole pushes traditional sexual boundaries. When your wife cuckolds you, she is going to try just about anything, since the alpha guys will help lead the sexual acts. These things can seem scary, but also new and exciting.

There is also the humiliation part of cuckolding, but I think this is pushing sexual boundaries and enjoying teasing. I used to think parts of cuckolding should be humiliating. Cuckolding is really only humiliating if you want to selfishly keep her body all to yourself, fully aware that you can’t satisfy her, no less. As a cuckold, you have to be obsessed pushing your own sexual boundaries mentally and physically. It should not be humilating, more humbling. You have to be obsessed being a cuckold.

7. Shopping

I’m obsessed with shopping for women’s clothing! More so because I am a cuckold and am constantly getting excited to help my wife dress as sexy as possible. I have six clothing sites bookmarked that I look at daily for new selections of items. Items I think my wife will love and also the men seeing her wearing it.

Sexy fashion style is all about what you can do with your outfits to look as sexy as you can to attract men. This can involve showing as much skin as you legally can. Maybe not showing too much skin, but still create that sex appeal in that outfit of yours. This is all about flaunting your best features in the best possible way. Being a hotwife my wife has built confidence to be one of those women who likes to flaunt what she has got.

8. Feminization

Being a cuckold has been an intermediate stage in my sexual development.

There are several noticeable steps to a cuckold’s feminization. You’ll enjoy your wife’s pleasure with other men vicariously. Eventually, you’ll have sexual contact with other men, too. You’ll admit that you like cross-dressing and are bi-sexual. Slowly, you will want to be sexually a girl just like her. In writing, it sounds faster than it really happens. I’m sure this is not the case for every cuckold too.

I have become obsessed with feminization and looking as feminine as possible. Happier than I have ever been sexually. With my wife’s support, I have been able to explore these thoughts. It sometimes seems that cuckolding has completely emasculated me, although when I look back on the past, this was always the path. Whereas before I felt lost, this exploration has slowly allowed me to start to find my true self and accept myself.

I had fantasized about being a woman long before I got married. It seemed more like a curiosity. During this process, I have learned some, what it takes to be a hotwife. To be feminized, you have to care for your body, spend hours doing your make-up, dress sexy, walk in heels, use sex toys, suck cock, fuck cock. Be a slut just like your wife! It is amazing! It takes time, this is why women spend so much time getting ready.

The funny thing is I have since the beginning of cuckolding been cock obsessed. Cock size, what it is like for my wife to get fucked by an alpha stud. Yes, I wanted her sexual freedom but subconsciously vicariously living through her. Feminization better allows you to live it with her. It brings it all together.

I’m sure there are many more reasons I am obsessed with cuckolding, right now these are my 8 reasons. As I have journaled over the last 11 years and grown sexually, these keep strengthening.

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