We Both Become Queen Of Spades

This is not a true story. I completely made it up for my entertainment writing it, my wife’s who will read it and maybe yours. It is extreme porn and includes men fucking a transexual. If this is not your jam, don’t read it.


It is our 13th anniversary.

My wife has been cuckolding me for the entirety of our marriage and has fucked more guys than we can count, and far more than when she was single with my support.

I am a cuckold. When I get cuckold angst, my wife looks at me in the eyes and tells me Josie would never get upset with her for being a slut. It is my stupid male ego inside me.

I always had cuckold fantasies. I remember having them early on when we were dating. This was before I even knew what cuckolding was. I just got excited thinking about her with other men.

I had been a jealous type of guy with girls I dated before meeting her. Girls that cheated on me and, mostly, treated me like crap.

When I met my wife, my attitudes were different. I can’t completely explain it but she seemed different. It aroused me thinking about her sexual energy. Her being slutty, her fucking whoever she wanted.

A celebration of her beauty. I loved her from the moment I laid eyes on her. I knew instant I wanted to marry her. I also was willing to grant her the freedom to have sex with any man she wants. It was not a discussion back then, just a fact in my head.

It has been a thrilling ride. When I admitted to myself, I can’t give my wife everything she needs in bed. She became a goddess for me. A sexual goddess who deserves to fuck whoever she wants.

I didn’t know when we set it into action that it would almost totally emasculate me. Would bring skeletons in the closet out. Her being happy to help me discover my feminine side and transition into Josie.

It would forever change both our lives sexually for the better. Making us both more sexually fulfilled, bringing us both closer together as a couple. Best friends, girlfriends and lovers.

It has not been a fast transition and there has been anxiety by being outdone by the men my wife fucks. The first time and every time I have watched her with other men, I saw just how small my penis is then the other men she fucks. That I can not satisfy her the same way these ‘real men’ fuck her.

So we experimented with alternative kinds of sex toys and role-plays. I learned I am a submissive slut too. I enjoy watching and knowing my wife is getting fucked by other guys. I let her fuck my ass with a strap-on dildo, lock my dick in chastity, and use vibrators on me like a female. There is no questioning it. I am more woman than man.

When my wife takes a photograph of me dressed now, I can’t believe how hot I look as a female.

Possibly I was just born more feminine? All humans begin development from the same starting point in the womb. At some point, the future clitoris and urethra come together to make a penis. So perhaps a small penis is just a clit?

Our 13th anniversary we are in New Orleans. We are going to knock an item off our fucket list. Our bucket list of sexual experiences we hope to accomplish.

A girls’ night out.

We spent the day getting pedicures and manicures. As the beautician was finishing my new pink acrylic finger nails that matched the shade of my just finished toe nails I thought back to just a month ago at the plastic surgeon getting my lips filled. Juvederm Ultra Plus giving me fuller, sexier lips. A birthday gift from my wife along with this trip for our anniversary.

In our hotel suite we both showered, shaved our bodies smooth. We coated our skin with Coco Chanel body cream. Our skin soft and scented.

Our make-up professionally done, giving me a complete make-over. Depth and color. Deep shades. Smoky eyes. Light pink on the cheeks, making sure our eyes stand out. Long false lashes. Lips glossed, calling for attention.

My hair wig brunette, long and wavy. My wife with long and wavy natural blond hair.

My wife curvy, fit and voluptuous, like a bikini model.

Me, tall, with long legs, small round fit ass like a catwalk model.

Her braless breast spilling out of her sexy little black clubbing dress. Her curves of her hip and ass on perfect display begging for every mans attention.

I’m rocking a skin tight, pink mini dress. Showing off my long legs, ass just covered. Padded bra giving the appearance of breasts.

Both of us in sky high stilettos. The only tell that I am a man is my height.

The New Orleans air is warm and humid. Our bodies have a shimmer as we hop bar to bar. Laughing and giggling as guys buy us drinks and give us attention. Two sexy girlfriends partying the night away.

As we stumble into a dark jazz bar, we are instantly eye fucked by the guy working at the door.

“Hello ladies. Welcome to Spades. My name is Big Daddy J, I own this lovely establishment. Come on in and enjoy yourselves.”

He held the inside door open for us to enter. My wife Liz looked him up and down.

“Well good to meet you, Big Daddy.” She held out her hand and giggled as he placed it into his massive hands and brought it to her mouth, and kissed it.

“Hope we see you inside Big Daddy.”

Still giggling, my wife pulled me into her arms as our heels clicked against the floor and we walked past him. I felt his eyes on my ass.

Inside, she turns to me and kisses me. “wouldn’t you love to see him fuck me baby? Did you see the bulge in his pants! Maybe that is why they call him Big Daddy.” We both laughed as we approached the bar.

Her talking about fucking him had me straining against my tight fitting panties.

Standing at the bar, I feel a hand on my shoulder.

“Anthony, drinks are on me for these two sexy ladies tonight.”

Big Daddy J is standing behind us. Liz turned. She again held out her hand, showing off her perfectly manicured pink nails. Leaning slightly forward to show off her breast. He took her hand.

“I’m Liz and this is my sexy girlfriend, Josie.”

“Well good to meet you two officially Liz and sexy Josie. That is Anthony behind the bar.”

We both turned to Anthony and smiled as he handed us drinks and one for Big Daddy. “Cheers to both of you”

“Cheers,” We all said, smiling and laughing as we clinked our glasses together.

“Anthony, tell Caleb to cover the front bar here and you come on back to the VIP lounge with me and the girls. Tell Justin and the others to come on back to. Oh and have Caleb bring full bottle service to the lounge too.” 

Big Daddy put both an arm around each of us. 

Come with me girls. I have some friends you have to meet. 

The VIP lounge was upstairs. A large room with a balcony overlooking the Spades club and the live Jazz music below. Its own fully stocked bar. Oversized couches and a pool table. 

Minutes later Anthony and four other guys walked into the lounge. They were all tall but in my heels only Big Daddy was taller then me. In the heels I was standing about 6’5 so I stood out.

The guys were laughing and joking.

“Fella’s glad you can join us. I have to sexy party ladies here that need our entertaining. This bombshell, blond snowbunny is Liz and with her tonight is her sexy sissy Josie.”

My heart raced. I felt a pang of humiliation as Big Daddy outed me to the other guys for what I am. He knew all along.

Liz had her hand on Anthony’s cock over his pants, stroking what I could tell was a monster cock. She kissed him deeply as he leaned down and cupped her breasts, pulling one free as he twisted her nipple in his large hands. I couldn’t believe how fast my wife was moving with these guys, but my dick was throbbing under my dress.

I felt Big Daddy J’s hand rubbing up the back of my dress over the skin of my ass. “You are one sexy slut Josie, you were born to be fucked like a female.”

Fuck, he wanted me.

Liz now had another one of the other guys next to her. Justin, he was the most muscular of all the guys and also the shortest of the group. Still several. inches taller than her.

She gave him the same warm welcome as Anthony, rubbing his cock and giving him a passionate kiss as he pulled her second breast free from her dress.

The other three guys had their hands on their cocks as they admired Liz’s body and mine.

Big Daddy whispered in my ear. “You like watching your girl get fucked by real men don’t you, men with big cocks?”

His huge hands were now cupped under my ass and his fingers were playing with my balls and dick.

“Don’t you sissy!” He grasped me hard.

“Ohhh, yes Big Daddy I love it.”

“Good girl.” He leaned in and kissed me on the lips.

Even dressed as a girl, it felt strange kissing another man. He was forceful, and I liked it.

Another hand on my ass.

“Damn, this sissy has a gorgeous tight little ass and fucking sexy lean legs for days.”

I turned to see a lean, chiseled, shirtless man with an enormous cock hanging out of his pants, smiling at me. He had tattoos all over his chest and arms. One large tattoo stood out. An Ace of Spades card on his upper chest.

Ace was strongly groping my ass with one hand and stroking his black meat with the other.

He grabbed me by the face and kissed me. As he pulled away, I licked my lips. I was dripping cum. Turned on by these guys’ dominance.

I looked over to see Liz on her knees between Anthony and Justin switching back and forth, wetting their cocks with her mouth as she sucked both of them. Her dress risen above her ass showing off her moist pussy and perfect round bottom.

Ace was still stroking his cock. “Tell me what you want, you fucking sissy slut!”

I felt naughty. I mean, Liz and I had talked about me being fucked by several guys at once, even us having a gang-bang together. But that was just bedroom talk and role play. It seemed Liz cuckolding me was just an intermediate stage in my sexual development. 

“Tell me girl!” Ace said with authority

I fell to my knees. He grabbed me by my hair. “Tell me what you want, Sissy.”

I looked up into his eyes and into Big Daddy J’s eyes. Back to Ace “I want your cock.”

“Good girl.” He pulled my head towards his monster. my lips opened as he guided it into my mouth. I tasted the pre-cum at the tip. I loved it. I started to work his cock in my mouth. Licking the tip of his penis hole, and sliding him as far in my mouth I could before I gagged. His cock brought tears to my eyes, but I only wanted more.

With his cock in my mouth I reached over and fumbled with Big Daddy’s pants. Pulling a thick python of a cock out. I stroked it while I sucked Ace. Then I switched. Like my wife I was stoking and sucking two cock. I was so fucking turned on.

“Ahhh fuck!!!!” I turned to see Liz with a third guy behind her, splitting her pussy open as he slid his thick cock inside her. Mounting her to fuck her.

“Yes! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck I need cock inside me.” She screamed as she held on to both Anthony and Justin’s cocks.

I don’t know if it was her words or my thoughts, but I needed cock inside me. I eagerly sucked harder on Ace and Big Daddy. Rotating between choking on both of their monstrous cocks.

Big Daddy grabbed my head and pushed forcefully. His cock slid all the way down my throat. I felt like it was going to make me vomit, but I relaxed, breathing through my nose. Not wanting him to pull back out.

“You’re a little slut like your wife tonight, aren’t you?”

Slut. I loved that word. I nodded my head.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth. “Say it,” demanded Big Daddy

“I’m a slut,” I said

“For who?” He asked

“For you Big Daddy!”

He slapped his shaft across my face, making it wet with my spit and saliva.

“For you and your friends, Big Daddy!”

All the guys were naked. Liz was screaming in pleasure as she sucked on two cocks and was being plowed, doggy stye.

The last guy was now behind me, rubbing his thumb on my asshole.

“Sluts have cunts,” He said. “Do you have a cunt sissy?”

“Yes, I have a cunt! Please fuck my cunt.”

He laughed. “Yo Anthony, bring that slut over here next to her Sissy.”

Anthony and Justin pulled away and the guy fucking her from behind pulled out and smacked her hard across the ass.

“Go crawl over to your sissy slut!” He demanded.

Slowly, and seductively on her hands and knees, she crawled across the room to me as she swayed her ass back and forth. She looked so sexy, a vixen. The guys were whistling and cheering as loud music plaid off in the distance.

“Kiss your sissy husband.” He demanded.

She kissed me softly and passionately. Not forcefully, like the guys. We embraced in a feminine kiss, making out in front of the 6 guys.

A moan escaped her mouth as our kiss broke. Her mouth opened. “Ahhh fuck!”

Anthony was fucking her from behind.

“Fuck yes! Fuck me with your enormous cock!”

Slap! The sound of his hand smacking against her ass echoing through the room.

“Does this cock in your pussy feel better than your husband fucking you?”

Liz bucked back. “Fuck yes, fuck yes, I love your enormous cock. You fuck me so much better!”

He slapped her ass again. “How long have you been cuckolding him?”

“I have always been cuckolding him. My pussy needs more cock than he can give me. Bigger cock. Yes fuck me! Fuck me! And I need more than one cock!”

He slapped her ass again. “When did you turn him into a sissy?”

He slowed his fucking.

At the same time I felt the warmth of flesh rubbing against my ass and against my cunt. I looked back to see Big Daddy smiling.

“When did you turn him into a sissy slut?” Big Daddy repeated the guy’s question who was fucking her.

“He was always more of a girl sexually than a man. My cuckolding emasculated him allowed him to be his true self sexually.”

She was staring me in the eyes. It was loving and truthful.

“A sissy bitch!” Anthony said, and laughed.

Liz laughed too. “A fucking slut, just like his wife!”

She bucked back and fucked him harder.

“Do you want me to fuck your slut?” Big Daddy asked her.

Her mouth was open. She moaned as Anthony continued to pound her pussy from the back. “Yes, yes! Fuck my slutty girl Big Daddy!”

I felt Big Daddy’s hands on my ass. I felt his cock against my opening. I could feel him enter me. It hurt, but I didn’t want him to stop. I had never felt so full in my life. My body was on fire. The slight pain turning into pleasure as my body accepted his thick girth.

Liz looked at me and said to no one in particular, “Fuck her, fuck both her slutty holes fuck all of our slutty holes, we want all your fucking cocks!”

She burst into orgasm.

Anthony pulled out of her. Ace laid on the ground and she mounted his cock and started fucking him. Another guy put a cock in her mouth and Anthony eased his meat into her ass. She started fucking all her cocks as best as she could.

Big Daddy was tearing my cunt apart. One of the other guys grabbed my hair and guided his cock down my throat.

“We have a fucking 5 hole couple here boys!” Big Daddy yelled.

They all cheered.

For what seemed like hours, the 6 guys took turns fucking us. Filling us with their cum. With each grunt I could feel the pulsing of cock inside me, the warmth of cum filling me.

“Fuck my cunt, fill me up, give it to me?” I yelled to each man.

Like my wife, I was insatiable for cock. It was no longer a desire; it was a need. A need for an enormous cock. If my mouth was empty and my cunt was being fucked, I craved for another cock in my mouth. I begged the men to give it to me.

I even begged them to give it to my wife.

“Do you want us to impregnate your sexy wife with all our cum bitch?”

“Yes, yes put a baby in her!” I whimpered with submission as she and I orgasmed at the same time.

All six guys flooded our bodies with cum multiple times throughout the night. 2-3 times each. The other bartenders also took turns on us during their breaks.

They called is demeaning names “sissy, faggot, slut, cunt, whore, bimbo”.

I liked it. Fuck. Am I a bad girl? 

The great thing about being a submissive, a slut, and a bimbo, is that you don’t have to think about anything. You are available to be fucked and you love the pleasure of it. The power of being used sexually is amazing. To be desired sexually. These guys were just being guys.

No matter what they say, they loved us, would leave their wives for us. When we walked into that club, it was a gift for each one of them. They desired us and got us.

We kissed them each before we left. Big Daddy told us we were welcome back to Spades anytime and encouraged us to both get Queen Of Spades tattoos before we left town to always remember them. How could we ever forget?

When we walked out. Our dresses barely covered our asses. Cum dripped out of our gaping holes down our legs. Cum dried to our bodies. Make-up ruined. Mascara running down our faces. Hair a mess. We looked like well fucked street hookers holding hands deep in love as we breathed the early morning air.

A feeling of being well fucked making both of us glow. Both of us already craving another cock. Basking in being the queens of the night.

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