She Shares With Her Lover That I’m Locked Up

Locked in my cage, my wife is rubbing me with a Hitachi Magic Wand. They invented this thing to give back massages. Women have been using it to get off for decades. 

On top of me my chastity cage is against her pussy. She is pushing the wand so it vibrates against both of of us.

We rock our bodies against each other, grinding our privates, both humping the large vibe.

Women use the Hitachi differently from other vibrators. Most women don’t insert it anywhere. Instead, they just hold the round vibrating head against their pussy. Hump it through outer-course and get off.

Our moans increase as we gyrate against the toy and each other faster. My wife, the first to cum, then me shortly after. The cum pours out of me and my body is rocked in orgasm. She is breathing hard as she comes down from climax, rolls off me and uses the toy again to bring her to a second orgasm.

She giggles, looking at me. “There is nothing more feminine than orgasming on a Hitachi.”

Several weeks later.

Our kids are out of the house staying with my mother and law. My wife has a date with her boyfriend. He visits us for the evening from his out-of-town home. They will go out and catch up, then come back to our place for a night of fucking.

He is a boyfriend. Not a bull. They met through work. He doesn’t really have a grasp of the cuckold fetish or cuckold relationship. He just enjoys fucking my wife and shares a connection with her.

He has the traits of a bull though. A very masculine face, prominent chin, squared jawline with pronounced definition. Chiseled features and larger bones than a softer feminine face. Much more endowed, sexually virile with sexual talents that make my wife orgasm repeatedly when he penetrates her. He likes dominance but is not a Dom. Not yet.

He is sexually powerful, which is a powerful allure to my wife and myself.

They have not fucked in front of me. He has wanted her all to himself. Tonight, that was going to change.

I am wearing my small pink cage as my wife takes her time in the shower, shaving her body smooth. Makeup and her hair are next. She then has me rub scented body cream all over her as she places dabs of perfume from her neck down to her pussy.

It is a freezing evening. My wife wears a pair of black leggings, a sexy knitted sweater and designer knee-high boots with a long narrow heel.

She loves this. Getting ready for a date with another man while I stare like a puppy dog, showing angst and anticipation.

Smirking eyes alive. She gives me a big kiss. “Thank you for this. He is picking me up any minute. We will go out for a drink, catch up and be home soon.”

The doorbell rings.

My wife runs and answers it with excitement.

As soon as he is through the door. He cups her face and lowers his lips to hers. His fingers slide to her hair to hold her to him. His tongue slides inside her mouth and hers slipping inside his. As they separate, their eyes hold.

He turns to me and shakes my hand. We have met once before and he told my wife he felt I had good energy.

I have a t-shirt and casual pants on. Little does he know underneath I am wearing a pair of thong panties, red, with a thin string going up my ass. My skin is smooth, lathered in the same lotion as my wife, and I am locked in a pink chastity cage. He has know idea of the river of submission running through me as he picks my wife up to take her out.

This has been on my wife and my fuckit list. She has gone out on dates while I wore chastity, even with this man. None of them have seen me wearing it, and that was going to be checked off our list tonight.

He is confident, but a little intimidated openly in my presence. He is not sure what to think. How it is going to work.

It was about 90 minutes after they went out. I heard them back at the front door. Laughing and chatting. I am sure buzzed off of drinks.

The door opened, my wife leading him in as she closed the door behind.

I was trembling. Her leaving and arriving back home, hand in hand with him. What if the neighbors saw them? The thought of being outed as a cuckold always gives me angst and a thrill of adrenaline.

“Come sit down on the couch,” said my wife to him as she gave me a kiss and told me to open a bottle of wine for all of us.

As I poured the glasses of wine, she sat next to him. They talked in low voices as he put an arm around her. My wife giggled. They were talking about me. They were looking at each other as her boyfriend caressed her inner thigh.

They kissed lightly, then a deep, loving kiss. I felt jealousy as well as myself swelling against my cock cage. His hand went up her sweater and cupped her breasts.

I handed them their wine as they both laughed.

He looked at me and then at her. “So how does this work?”

My wife stroked his cock over his jeans. “I think it’s time we all take our glasses of wine into our bedroom and you fuck me.” She had a wicked smile. “How does that sound?”

“And does he join us?” replied her boyfriend

My wife looked at me. “Yes, he is going to join us and watch us fuck. You will be the only man in my pussy tonight. Are you okay with him watching?”

My wife then told me to take off my pants. I felt excited but very nervous. Here my wife was telling me to expose my sissy self in front of her lover.

The sissy tries to dive deeper into humiliation, loves being locked up in a cock cage and really embraces his feminine side. Sissies almost always have a tiny penis. Sissies would willingly suck the Bull’s cock and bend over for him if that is what the wife requested. The sissy loves getting dressed up in girls’ clothes and even embraces being pussy free so his wife doesn’t need to waste time with his penis. The sissy cuckold embraces submission to the maximum.

Here I am, taking my clothing off in front of this man. Smooth skin, panties and a pink cock cage.

He looked down at my chastity and smiled at my wife.

It was like in a single moment; he had nothing to worry about. In on our secret. He knew why I was a cuckold and he her lover.

She grabbed his hand and led him to our room and onto our bed.

I followed. The cuckold puppy. Sitting in a plush recliner chair we have set up in the corner of our room. A reading chair for us. So we tell family and guest. The chair of a voyeur. A cuckolds chair where he enjoys sitting and watching his wife getting fucked. Gaining sexual pleasure from watching and being cuckold.

My wife was pulling her sweater over her head. Nude body underneath. Her large breasts bouncing free. Her boots and leggings came off next, showing off her perfectly shaped ass. She looked amazing.

My wife leaned down and kissed her lover. She made sure I could see her tongue running inside his mouth and his hers. My dick restrained from getting hard as the blood flowed through my body.

My wife pulled his shirt off. He stood up. She unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down over his enormous cock. His girth thick and cock long. His balls massive and full of cum.

He rubbed her pussy with his left hand. Already wet and eagerly accepting his fingers.

His body strong like mine but masculine. Hair on his legs, chest and arm. A cock beyond comparison in size. The reason she is in his lap now, not mine, she can’t resist him.

He pulled my wife onto the bed, onto him, kissing her as his hand cupped and squeezed her round ass.

Her lover was feeling bold. “I’m going to enjoy fucking this pussy of your wife’s all night.”

He ran his cock up and down the wet slit of her pussy. It didn’t take long to get glistening with her pussy juices. She needed to fuck him.

She couldn’t take anymore. “Give me that enormous cock. You know I need it.”

He guided his enormous cock inside her. She raised her ass and sat back onto it, moaning loudly as his cock penetrated her. She rolled her hips and ass back a couple more times, fucking him all the way inside her until he was fully penetrating her.

My wife looked at me. “Is this what you want to see? See me fucking his enormous cock? Fuck he feels so good! I love you more than the world, but he fucks me so much better, he feels so fucking better inside me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

She started fucking him harder. She moaned and groaned as her cunt split open, pounded by his enormous cock.

“Fuck yes! Take it! Take! Take my fucking cock!” Her lover yelled.

He flipped her over and slammed back into her from behind.

“Your husband can’t fuck you like me can he? You need my cock! I can come and fuck you whenever I want. My cock owns your pussy now, doesn’t it?” The sound of his hand slapping her ass echoed throughout the room. You could see his dominance blossoming.

“Fuck me, fuck my pussy, I’m cumming. Fuck yes. You own my pussy. I’m cumming.” My wife yelled.

She was his now. He had taken my wife. He kept fucking her as he took her tits in his hands. Leaving red marks, leaving them swollen as he pinched her nipples. She was moving in his hands, her ass was rocking back as he kept driving his enormous cock up inside my wife.

I was so turned on watching them. Dripping cum out of my cage. I needed to orgasm, to masturbate while I watched this man ravish my wife.

The noise of the vibration caught their attention.

They turned to see me with the Hitachi Magic Wand rubbing my cage and my private area like a girl. Humping the toy. Pinching my nipples as I watched him pinch hers. My mouth opened as I fucked against the toy.

Ever since my wife introduced me to the Hitachi Wand I have been addicted to the pleasure.

“Look at him masturbate like a girl while you take his wife!” Smiling my wife teased.

“You fuck me like a man. My husband likes to get off like a slutty female. He will even suck your cock. He loves sucking my lover’s cocks. You can fuck him like a bitch too! You can own us both,” she yelled.

Her lover smirked. Something he had never thought about, but he was understanding his role.

He continued to fuck her. Loving taking her from me. Loving her body and everything about her.

My wife was cumming. She screamed and cried and begged him to continue to fuck her.

My orgasm was building and building. The cage keeping me from getting hard. It almost feels like my dick is pulling inside my body and about to erupt.

I think to myself how far my feminization has come. My wife communicated to me she always thought I was feminine and has always strangely been attracted to feminine men.  

I still can do the masculine task around the house, but over the last 2-3 years, I’ve sexually developed more feminine. 

I use the words develop because honestly; I have been having the best orgasms I have had in my life since we have crept away from your standard husband and wife penetrative sex.

As my wife and I have been more embracing my feminity, the orgasms have been getting better and better.

For her we can focus on her pleasure and not mine. Using toys to her desire and my fingers, hand, fist and mouth.

Tonight, her boyfriend. Other lovers on other nights.

She no longer needs to worry about comparing her lovers to sex with me. It is different and separately pleasurable.

With this mind shift comes greater pleasure for her, free to experience all of it. 

That same mind shift for me.

I no longer have sex like a nonsubmissive man. I get to enjoy finding other ways, rubbing our bodies together and her being more dominate to me that bring greater heights of climax. I also get to get off, focusing on her pleasure. Watching other men fuck her. This has always got me off, but the mind shift makes it much more pleasurable. Sex to just make me cum is not the expected end game.

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh-OH-OH-OH-YES-FUCK ME!” she screams “I’m cumming!”

I was cumming too.

The orgasm from the Hitachi. It’s fucking intense. Incredibly intense. Like a super orgasm. 

I moan and shake. A full body orgasm as the cum flows out of my cage.

My wife looks at me. “You are so fucking hot!”

She turns back and kisses her lover. “Look at him cumming like a girl while you fuck me!”

I laugh. I am embarrassed but have developed confidence in my submission.

“Look at him. He loves getting off on a vibrator and you love getting off on my cock.”

She was taking everything she wanted as she fucked him and giving me everything I need.

“Now lover, cum with me,” She kept pushing her ass down to meet his thrusts. “Your fucking me, you’re fucking his wife, cum in me, shoot your cum in me.” She closed her eyes and screamed through her own orgasm. She shook wildly all over his large thrusting shaft.

I sat quietly, still slowly rubbing my drained self with the vibrator to the scene that was playing itself out in front of me. Her lover announced his orgasm with a low moan and big grunt. He emptied his sperm deep into my sexy wife’s gyrating body. His balls contracted multiple times as he shot his cum into her cervix. She smiled and kissed him as all movement between them slowed.

She looked back. Calling me to her with her index finger. As she pulled up off of his shaft. The head of his cock popped out.

I am by her side. I kiss her mouth. Stare into her eyes and we smile at each other.

“Do you like your wife is big cock crazed?”

“I do baby, I love it. I love you.” I told her again as I kissed her lips.

I look down. Her clit swollen, the inside of her pussy full.

I put my face between her legs. Her hand grabs the back of my head, pulling me into her as she shifts to sit on her throne with her ass to my face.

“Lick my fucked used pussy, show me how much you worship me.”

I taste the fresh leaking semen gushing out.

I lick around the opening. I push my mouth against it, tongue out as I suck the cum out of her stretched pussy. My face buried deep. I can smell him and her as she smothers my face.

I feel the vibration. She is playing with my cage with the wand.

That’s it baby, clean all the cum out from me, make me cum again baby!” Her moans getting louder as I moan back into her. She lets out a loud scream, “Ahhhhh”.

Her pussy convulses into my mouth. She has an orgasm while I clean her. “Ohhhhhh” I gasp as she makes me cum a second time with the wand.

When we stop cumming, she rolls off me.

Her lover is there to embrace her.

She says “this was only the beginning.

Grabbing his soft shaft “I will want more of this. I enjoy having a feminized husband and a big cocked lover to please me.” They laugh and make out. Cuddle and kiss. Catching their breath until he is hard and ready to go again.

Our fantasy of me being locked up in front of her lover checked off the fuckit list.

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