My 3 sexual Fantasies:

I have pretty much 3 recurring sexual fantasies. My wife is always in 2 of them and more and more in the 3rd.

1. My Wife Cuckolding Me:

I’ll start with the one that is not a surprise since this site is cuckold cravings. The fantasies of cuckolding and how she does it change. It depends on what we have going on and if she is seeing anyone. I fantasize about my wife cuckolding me at some point daily. Even if I am not in a cuckolding mood or coming off of jealousy or angst, I’ll get turned on by the thoughts that caused the jealousy or angst. As I fantasize about being cuckolded, it builds and builds until I crave to be cuckolded.

I love my wife loves bigger cock than mine. It is a tremendous turn on for me and obviously works well. I am a cuckold husband. Anything she does to help play into the fantasy drives me crazy. An example is the other day she texted me she was going to chat with her current boyfriend. We had some back-and-forth fun text exchanges, and I was instantly fantasizing about her fucking him. I was even fantasizing about her going away this upcoming weekend to go see him and get sexually fulfilled by him.

It turns out she and he were having the same fantasy because I found out today this fantasy is coming true.

Discussions between my wife and me, or things I read in cuckold erotic stories, typically lead to what I fantasize about. We also have a fuck it list where we write sexual fantasies based on cuckolding. We think we may find fun.

2. Interracial Porn: If I ever want to masturbate, I can get off quickly to porn of white women fucking black guys or groups of black guys and I always imagine it is my wife doing it. There are great porn videos called Blacked, Blacked Raw and Touch My Wife that often have a cuckolding theme or wife cheating on her husband for black cock theme. My wife has had plenty of blackcocks, but color of skin doesn’t matter to her. She just loves mostly all cocks that are bigger than mine. For me, I just love the contrast of the skin tones together. I think it is very erotic, beautiful and a turnon to watch. It is porn so it, of course, is exaggerated. I just love the enormous cocks pleasuring the women and I fantasize about my wife experiencing that same porn star pleasure.

3. Me Being A Slutty Girl: I wrote about this in ‘I Just Like To Feel Slutty’ and yes, I fantasize about being slutty when I am not being slutty. The other day I dressed to the nine. A new sexy red dress, matching Victoria’s Secret bra and underwear, thigh high leggings and matching stiletto heels. My wife texted me to take pictures, so I did and it was very arousing. I was feeling slutty. She urged me to post the pictures on an online chat forum and maybe cam. I was just fantasizing about being fucked by cock. There is no specific man type attached to this fantasy. I am not fantasizing about the man; I am fantasizing about being fucked by cock. Once again, my wife must have read my fucking mind because she came home and fucked me with a strap on. It was fucking amazing!!! She fulfilled the fantasy I was having to feel a big cock thrusting in and out of me.

I read something interesting about submissive men on The Dr. Sue Review. I have never found other men sexually attractive and have no romantic desires. It says a “submissive male who sucks another guy’s cock is not gay, he’s SERVING! He’s PLEASING! It is coming from that submissive part of you, not the sexual orientation part of you.”

That about hits it on the nail. Note I am not saying I don’t enjoy sucking and fucking cock. It is very pleasurable. I don’t like it in return from a guy at all. I like to be the one serving and pleasing.

When my wife fucks me, I love the power exchange. I’m like her little bitch. She can fuck and use me however she wants and cuckold me. I can just see us having a dispute about something and her saying “I fuck you in the ass bitch!” I guess you could say I also fantasize about that.

Another note, that is not how I look at my wife when I make love to her. She is my sex goddess. Not my bitch or slut. Dr. Sue had another good point on if women can respect a sexually submissive partner. “Answer is yes, of course she will respect you in every way possible, except sexually. However, you can’t ask her to respect you sexually. It doesn’t work if you have a cuckold relationship.”

So if I am not fantasying about my wife cuckolding me, being in a porn fucking black men, I fantasize about being the slutty submissive girl and husband to my wife.

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