A Dozen Roses

My wife was traveling this past weekend. 

I had spent the weekend taking care of the house, our kids. I cleaned the house entirely and did all the laundry and took the garbage out. I also spent the evening making my wife a nice dinner for when she arrived home. 

Doing these household chores is not for myself. Of course as someone who lives in the household these are things that have to be done for everyone including myself. I am not complaining, I like to do them because I like to make my wife’s life easier so in my head I am doing a lot of these things for my sexy goddess, even if it means sacrificing some of my own time. 

When she arrived home I had a bout of jealousy. She had cut off a conversation she and I were having at the airport and I found out after she was home why.  It was because the guys she has been having a sexual and ongoing relationship with wanted to talk to her. They had also video chatted several times over the previous days and she had not called me once while she was gone or mentioned she needed to go to chat with him. 

Big picture all not a huge deal! 

It triggered me though and I felt irritated, a bit hurt and angry. I didn’t want to make a big deal of it so I went for a walk to try and cool myself down. 

Long story short, we had a challenging night. I felt she wasn’t allowing me to have these feelings or trying to understand them and identify her role in them. I already knew I was being jealous but also did not like how she just dismissed the pain I was feeling. As being human she was just defensive and fighting back with me. 

It made me feel maybe I should get a girlfriend and my wife can feel the emotions I do and better understand them. I of course do not want to do that. I can’t walk around thinking I’m bigger than I am. Eventually I’d have to drop my pants. Also she wouldn’t get pleasure out of it like I do with her being with other men.

Her not including me in the process also denies me those pleasures. This is something she doesn’t understand. She thinks I am telling her there is a right way and a wrong way but that is not it. For her it is too much effort and is not worth it all. 

Part of why I am a cuckold is because I am a submissive guy. I’d love for my wife to understand she is lucky to have a loyal, loving man that does almost anything to make her happy. Also understand how to stimulate the mind of a submissive man. 

I love watching my wife express her sexual confidence. I get off on seeing that confidence and passion in ways I can’t create myself. I’m proud that my wife expresses her sexual power and I find it exhilarating being in a cuckold relationship with her. 

Anyway. I woke up feeling unloved. I woke up thinking about all the stuff I do for her to make her life happier, the notes I leave her, taking ownership of the majority of the housework and cooking, the gifts I constantly purchase for her. Supporting her sexual power to feel sexual fulfillment with other men. The body rubs I give her. The time I set aside. All the ways I try to make her feel loved as superior female. Maybe me being the submissive man she doesn’t feel like she ever has to apologize for anything. Maybe a simple thank you for cleaning the house shouldn’t be expected, maybe I should not be expected to have negative feelings. Maybe I shouldn’t need to feel loved.

Being a submissive cuckold is not always an easy life. It is not always the cuckold fantasy porn you read online including on this site. It is real. It can be extraordinary at times and other times it can feel like you are suffering. Although even the suffering can be pleasurable when done right.  

She then arrived home this morning from the gym with 12 roses for me.

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