I Just Like To Feel Slutty

My wife was out of town this last weekend.

I was super naughty!

I dressed up very sexy as a female and did my own photoshoot while enjoying some wine. Yes that is me in the above image.

Super turned on when I was done with the shoot I went on an online chat board that is visited by people who enjoy all aspects of the cuckold lifestyle. They have a group for sissy chat.

I posted a couple of my pictures and got a huge response of messages directly to the board and privately.

I was enjoying flirting with these guys over private messaging. Trying to harness my inner slutty Josie girl the best I could.

It was all in good fun, I was just about to call it a night and go to bed when one guy asked if I would cam for him.

This would be my second time ever camming! My wife has encouraged me to do it more, she thinks it is hot, I can make guys who are complete strangers jerk off and cum to me.

Camming basically is when you agree to perform sexual activities in front of a webcam.

My make-up was heavy and on point and I was still dressed in sexy Lingerie and heels and decided what the hell, could be fun.

He asked what I would like to show him. So I leaned back on the bed spread my legs and showed him my little dick. Not hard yet, so very small. It can fit into a 1/2 inch chastity cage. At my hardest I’m just under 5 inches long.

I have always been insecure about this part of my body. I have found though these types of guys are very into it. They like girls with dicks. He told me so in our text chat so this is what I chose to show him. I’m personally not into girls with dicks but I’m happy there are guys out there who are.

He then asked if I had ever been with a man. I told him I have. Long story short he wanted to watch me get fucked.

By the end of the chat I was fucking myself doggy style with a dildo suctioned against our bathroom tile wall giving him a view of it thrusting in and out of me and an up view of my body and bra I was wearing. He told me he wanted to see me cum and I had a very intense orgasm and so did he.

After I texted my wife that I had been very naughty. I also shared the video of me doing all the naughty things above as well as I texted her all the photos from my shoot.

It is so great to have a wife supportive of this behavior and who gets turned on by it.

She wrote to me “between tonight and the hot night you had at the bathhouse, I feel like I need to give you room to be yourself more often.”

It got me thinking.

She is already supportive, encourages me to dress and be myself. She doesn’t really need to give me more room.

It is not just that though. Wearing girls clothes somehow just feels right to me. I don’t always wear slutty clothes, sexy yes. There is a big difference. My wife dresses sexy in a way that makes her feminine, girly, classy, clean and attractive.

So dressing sexy feels good.

Really slutty is a bad word but I’m using it for this thought I am having and writing about. I just love the word slut and to me it is positive because I am attracted to bold and sexual.

The funny thing is I am not even really physically attracted to guys. I just feel slutty when I’m with them or even chatting naughty with them. Honesty the best part of my night at the gay bathhouse was when one guy was smacking me across the face with his big wet dick. Then forcing me to face fuck it. It just felt so hot! So slutty.

Maybe someone can comment on what the right term is enjoying these things?

Other things that make me feel slutty are:

  • Wearing thong panties.
  • Being locked in chastity.
  • My wife fucking other men.
  • My wife fucking me.
  • Can you believe this? I also love when she spits in my mouth when she chokes me and slaps me across the face!!! When she gets her dominatrix on, so fucking hot.
  • Being in a female led marriage.
  • Not even just when my wife fucks other guys, when she chats with them in front of me too.
  • Erotic humiliation.
  • Okay so pretty much anything cuckolding lol.
  • Going outside in women’s clothing.

Maybe I just like to be sexualized, dominated, and put into a sexual submissive space? It is honestly hard to explain. On the outside I’m a tall muscular strong man but on the inside and sexually I just like to feel slutty pretty much all the time!!!

And a last interesting fact about me, I like keeping this online sexual journal. When I write I don’t get hard but I constantly drip cum into my panties, so I get wet!!!

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