Submitting To My Goddess

Everyday we are involved in dominance and submission, in fact all our lives we are involved in it. As a father I sometimes need to be dominant to my children. When I worked in corporate management I was forced to be submissive to my bosses and I was more dominant to the employees who worked under me. In sports to be competitive I’ve had to take a dominant role. This is true for women too. Most of us are dominant in some aspects of our lives and submissive in others. 

For a long time I tried to follow the script laid out to us by society being the dominant male in my relationships. It never felt right.

In all honesty probably because I have a below average penis. 

People don’t like to talk about this. Women don’t tell you the truth and people like to say size doesn’t matter. 

Size doesn’t matter for mostly everything in a relationship but it does matter when it comes to sexual pleasure. My feeling sexually inadequate didn’t come from a cuckolding fetish. The cuckolding fetish came from a life of feeling like I was not sexually fulfilling women when I fucked them. Women preferring me to pleasure them with my mouth and all of my girlfriends cheating on me which brought me jealousy and anger until I met my wife.

Can my small penis sexually give my wife pleasure? Yes it can. Can it fully sexually satisfy her? Absolutely not. 

My wife showed her dominance over me the first time we had sex. She poured lube all over us, rode on top of me and slid our bodies together. She got satisfied by the man she was falling in love with because of the emotional and sexual connection. Not my penetration, more through the mind and extra stimulation of the clit. 

The female clitoris has only one known function, and that is to deliver pleasure. I learned early in my sex life through this button was the way I could deliver women the most pleasure. When pressed and rubbed or licked in the right pattern and rhythm it will induce ecstatic pleasure. With my wife I also learned to rub our bodies, grinding together, the same way two women grind also brings her as well as me off to exceptional orgasms.   

A lot of women believe that lying to a man with a small penis and protecting their feelings short term is an act of kindness. My wife did this for a long time, even after cuckolding me. She is honest today and has been for years. It was not a surprise to me when she told me I had the smallest penis she had ever had sex with. The fact is she was and is madly in love with me and that didn’t matter to her. 

I had guys make fun of my dick in the locker room even when I was young calling me “pencil dick”. Honestly it came as a huge relief to me when I could admit to this fact as well as my wife. 

She is also a size queen and still loves me to death!!! 

Early in our relationship I realized my penis did not fully sexually satisfy her. I had a feeling she needed more and I learned I was correct when I started to use toys on her during our sex. 

My wife also cuckolded me early in our marriage. I should really say we opened our marriage for her to be sexually satisfied by other men. Aside from my own self humiliation my wife did nothing to intentionally humiliate me, one of the turn ons of being a cuckold. 

We let go of life’s script of a woman needing to be monogamous to her husband. I believe this would have been impossible. Her staying sexually faithful to a small penis would have eventually been very, very challenging no matter her absolute love for me. 

Accepting my own inadequacy allowed me to put in the inner work necessary to heal and reach a state of acceptance. When you know your penis size is below average it comes with despair, shame and for me a lot of sexual stress. 

So I communicated my desires for my wife to have more and opened our relationship. It has resulted in a truly fulfilling and loving relationship. I believe that when you love someone, all of their needs matter, including the sexual ones. What kind of man dooms his wife in a life of having one small penis, and frustration, and then claims that he loves her? 

Against society’s script we found a solution to the problem with non-monogamy. It is a huge turn on for me. My wife over the last 10 years has been with many men experiencing with me sexual adventure and experiencing mind blowing fully satisfying sex while having my full love, support and encouragement. 

When we chose this path, I was submitting to my wife sexually. Gradually my wife has become the dominant partner and I love to serve and support my sexual goddess. 

It didn’t all happen at once. If you have read my ongoing journal here, you know there has been challenges for both her and I. Obstacles to overcome along the whole path of the journey. 

For us going off script has had so many benefits even outside of the great sex she has with other men and the loving passionate alternative sex her and I have. 

We give each other as much if not more attention as we did when we first married. I enjoy taking care of the housework for her including cooking and cleaning. I love it when I get to see her reactions and how happy some of these things make her. Honestly it increases my enjoyment of it. 

Our sex life is 100% active here at home between her and I as well as outside of our home when she is fucking other men. We are both now getting our sexual needs met. 

I have learned with her, the power we all have access to between our legs, that we can give to each other and it is incredible. So many couples settle for missionary position, or routine sex, that lacks passion and sexual charge. The sexual potential is completely missed. 

I have learned in life that nothing has more value than the things that can make you feel so good. There should never be shame or guilt, for feeling good. Everyone should know what makes their fire of passion burn. For me it is kink. It is my wife. It is my wife cuckolding me, it is having sex outside of the box, for me that is often not penetrative sex with my small penis but a wide range of sex we enjoy togeather. Me getting off on her being a hotwife, her being my goddess and riding my face as long as she desires, us making love like girls. Her being femdom and fucking me in the ass with a strap-on. Me using toys on her or rollplaying myself wearing a stap-on and fucking her like a hung man. 

I am so unique and so is my wife. The connection between us brings the deepest intimacy and I feel the strongest bond a relationship can have.

With her I have dove into my deeper aspects of sexuality and have been able to express it with my core personality, something I have never been able to express with anyone outside our relationship. 

We have met so many couples and men over the years. Honestly all wonderful for the most part. I just feel true happiness with my wife. Being ourselves, sharing ourselves, while fueling that fire of passion within each other, because of the deep levels of curiosity and willingness to explore sexually, has made our sexual and emotional compatibility one quality so many other relationships unfortunately lack.

We often laugh to ourselves when people ask us how we are so happy in our marriage. It is taboo. 

Being sexually submissive is oftentimes thought of as being weak. I have been guilty of this type of thinking myself. After all, I have heard my own father talk about men like me and call them a sissy. The fact is I am a fantastic husband that meets my wife on every level. For me it comes naturally to want to make my wife happy, and putting her first makes me happy. When you look at a lot of dominant men, men that just want to sexully use women, that man has no commitment, he has no burdens, no sacrifices, therefore aside from his sexual prowess where are the strengths? 

When you look at a man like myself, I have to put aside my own needs, that takes strength. A willingness to learn who she is, and what she needs and strive to make her happy, that takes a lot of mental strength and self control. These are the characteristics that show her I am a life partner. This is what sets her free to be dominant in our relationship and submit to other male sexual prowess. I must be strong on the emotional level as well as the mentaI. Because of my health and athletic priorities I am strong as well physically. 

Submissive men want to show their emotions, because we understand that suppressing these emotions isn’t healthy for anyone in our lives. Allowing emotion to flow freely through me enables me to be more vulnerable with my wife, who is no stranger to vulnerability with toxic masculinity chasing her, just two days ago she had a guy jump out grab her ass and run away! 

Vulnerability is a strength and not a weakness. Allowing myself to be vulnerable means I open up in all the ways I fear the most. I must face my deepest fears and allow myself to be naked, emotionally with myself and my wife. I have shown I am brave enough to willingly feel emotions beyond my comfort zone. You can go back and read many of my posts on my struggles with my wife and myself being our sexual selves. I continue to dare to venture into uncharted emotional waters. This is something many men never, ever, experience. They’re not strong enough to let go of their masculinity to this level. I tried for many years to just be macho and unfeeling, feeling that was the way to be strong, what I was, was weak.  

Somehow the raw power felt exploring what it means to be feminine, humbles me. It actually helps me become a better person. A balance of my born masuline and feminine sides within me. I think my wife feels the same with her sexual journeys. It makes me feel more alive, more like my true self.

I remind my wife when I am feeling angst. Submissive guys must be so strong, to face the extreme levels of vulnerability required to submit to a woman in a relationship, to willingly be cuckolded which is often not recognized.

Sadly society doesn’t embrace my sense of sexual adventure and most of my discoveries prior to meeting my wife were kept very secret and private.  The part of me that screams for expression, but I must bury it due to the script surrounding what it means to be submissive. I locked it in the closet. No vanilla relationship could have brought me the fulfillment I now know is possible with my wife. Trust, communication, me dedicated to making my wife happy. I want to worship my wife always and forever. . 

My wife tells me this can all only be because of me. Her becoming my goddess has allowed her to explore her desires. It wasn’t easy to get to this point but this is what I always wanted for her. A woman that knows what she wants and doesn’t settle for less. Being taught to be the “desired ones” keeps women from realizing their own desires. Yet it is very possible to be desired, and have desires at the same time. It is empowering. It is what makes her my goddess. 

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