10 Benefits Of Long Term Chastity

Above is my new chastity cage. Over the years I have tried quite a few looking for the perfect device. The first one that my wife and I played with was custom made and was a steel chastity device. 

I never wore it for a long time more as a sex toy for an hour or a few, 12 hours at most to bring a thrill to our cuckold marriage. 

It was heavy and needed a lot of support from underwear to be worn comfortably. We also learned that we made an error and got it much too large as at the time we didn’t truly accept how small I actually am. 

The fact is if you get a chastity device that is too big, it is actually more uncomfortable because there is room for you to get bigger and smaller and the whole point of the chastity device is to prevent any erection. 

Since then I have tried different over the counter ones and found that the micro cages were actually the most comfortable although still steel they have their positives and negatives. 

The biggest positive is I learned what size is the most comfortable. I can fit into a nub (the smallest) but can not wear it too long without too much discomfort.

This has been a process over the years really around 8-9 years.

Our goal was never long term denial. 

My wife and I have a great sex life and very much enjoy sex with each-other and making love. 

Denial though has kind of naturally accrued for both of us. We both have far better sexual experiences when I am not inside her. That said me being inside her is still enjoyable and loving for both of us, it is just not as sexually fulfilling. As we have explored other ways to sexually please each other our  sex has improved beyond our wildest dreams and adding in cuckolding it takes it to a whole new erotic level. 

This new cage meets the specs of my most comfortable steel cage but is surgical nylon. It is a very durable, light weight and feels very comfortable on the skin. It is also very hygienic as it does not allow for bacterial growth. It is perfect for a guy like me with an active lifestyle and it is perfect for long term wear. It is also a perfect fit.

The benefits my wife and I came up for us choosing to start long term denial are: 

1) It’s sexy as fuck. Both for my wife having me in it and for me. It is super submissive! Giving up control to a vital part of my body and mind is incredibly erotic. Being more connected to her physically and mentally. Also it just looks sexy!

2) Awesome color. It is much more exciting looking than a steel chastity. I also chose the color pink because it is feminine. Let’s face it, if you are small enough to fit in this chastity your dick is not masculine. 

3) Keeps my cute little clit under control when my wife is fucking big cock. Chastity is very effective in helping control cuckold angst. You stop thinking with your little head as it is in chastity and you understand you are the cuckold and this is your place and your wife is in her right place. Both in a place of enhanced sexual fulfillment.

4) Reminds us how awesome rubbing clits is. This is where I mentioned above when we naturally started to deny my dick inside her pussy. Us masturbating each other by rubbing our clits is awesome. It feels amazing, very loving, intimate and sexually fulfilling.

After me being inside I’m not sure we have ever said, wow that was awesome!

We say it all the time now. Not only that, putting her pleasure first with me licking her, fingering her, using toys, us rubbing and her cuckolding me is awesome. 

5) Reminds us how beautiful and feminine I am. Wearing a chastity is a great way to turn a small dick into a little clit and has a lot of benefits. Feminized, I feel hotter than ever, more confident and overall more happy. I also have to sit down to pee! It is a great reminder of how beautiful and feminine I am.

6) Keeps angst at bay. This may not be the case for all cuckolds but when I am in chastity and my wife is cuckolding me it does help keep angst at bay. I still will feel it but my lust usually wins out and I feel more involved as the cuckold. I can feel my arousal as I throb in my chastity much more the entire time so it wins out. Also when she gets home I am a lot more attentive to her needs and her mine.

7) Makes my whole day feel sexy and naughty. I am naturally submissive and chastity turns me even more submissive. I just love the feeling. It feels sexy, naughty. Like I have a little secret underneath my clothes about my true sexual self. It also gives me more energy as I can not play with myself. My wife also knows I am locked away so she can cuckold me causing her to also feel extra sexy and naughty with the keys to our sex in her hands.

8) Makes me extra loving towards my wife. My wife feels I am extra loving to her when I am in chastity. This is probably again because she sees how submissive I am to her. I also feel like I will do anything to make her happy. Her pleasure is my pleasure and her happiness is my happiness. It is not just about fucking but taking care of her sexual needs as well as her needs at home. 

9) Makes my wife feel extra powerful and loving. There is a piece where I am willingly restricting myself and she gets to see it and enjoy it. Touching the chastity, licking it teasingly. It makes her feel like she has more control than normal and she likes that. She also feels I am trusting of her which in turn makes her feel like she wants to protect me, take care of me and of course tease me a bit more. 

10) It takes the little cock off the menu which leaves her hungry for big cock. I have to admit I am a little concerned about being pussy free and taking little cock off the menu. At the same time though I have this sex goddess that I love more than anything and cherish and it is exciting and erotic thinking about her only fucking big cock. Her being my complete mistress.

Like I do cuckolding she gets pretty intense cock cravings.

She says my little dick can sort of keep those under control but does not fully satisfy them.

Sort of like taking a day off when you need a week long vacation.

When she doesn’t have penetrative sex with me it starts building up and makes her feel extra slutty.

We have decided by us being in a cuckold marriage we want to embrace her being extra slutty. Honestly not always but at times when we do have penetrative sex it can feel selfish. I feel like I can be better sexually satisfying her other ways like with toys.

I want her to be truly sexually satisfied. I think that is why we have been having more sex other ways.

She doesn’t want unsatisfying sex, either do I, that is a waste of time.

With my cock off the menu we put her happiness first. She can enjoy real men with big cocks. The big cocks that she craves. The ones she can’t wait to see, to get her hands on, to wrap her her lips around and to have her pussy stretched by.

Her and I can focus on making love and more passionate sexual pleasure with each-other.

These are the current 10 benefits we are seeing by putting me in chastity more often.   

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