The Bath House

The Bath House

In the warm shower, I prepared myself for a naughty night out. Camilo Cabello, playing in the background as I shaved my body smooth. The feeling of  warm water filled my inner body as I squeezed the bulb of a douche cleaning my insides for a shameless night. 

Lube, a few thrust in and out with a dildo I confirmed my body was ready to be fucked. 

Out of the shower I rubbed Goddess Body Lotion all over myself, a spray of Goddess perfume and then I finished off with Fenty Body Sauce, a luminizing tint that leaves a glittery shimmer on your skin. 

Looking at myself in the mirror. I had on a tight pair of black leggings, and a tight gray long sleeve female athletic top. A face serum followed by face lotion, I was ready to put on my make-up. Concealer under my eyes and over a small nick on my nose, a light foundation followed by a powder foundation. Next a black mascara, a liquid eyeliner then fixed up with eye shadow. Contour and highlighting with a touch of pink blush. A natural lipstick, lip plumper and lip gloss. 

I couldn’t help being so grateful and happy my wife was supportive of me going out to a bathhouse tonight. A gay bathhouse is a cmmercial space for men to have sex with other men. I thought about how I wished my wife could join me in a place like this, but women of course are not allowed. 

Transexuals are also not allowed. You have to present as a male. Tonight I was a fem male. 

My wife and I texted back and forth. She teased me about being naughty and how I was going to suck so much cock. She also urged me to read my mantras. To be my hot sext self. She asked if I was going to get fucked? I told her I hope so. Are you sure you are okay with me going? 

She replied “Yes, I just want the details!, I know it is totally irrational but for some reason when it is only with guys it totally does not bother me at all.” 

She doesn’t want me to be with other women, I am okay with that, she is my goddess. 

As I pulled up, I had to laugh. It was of course in a seedy part of town. I texted her I was going in, definitely a seedy part of town lol. Her reply was of a quote I had written. 

“You know what happens in “seedy” parts of towns? Noone cares what other adults do. They live their own lives and worry about things other than the intricacies of where and when other people are fucking.” 

I was welcomed by two men behind a desk in a single room. Like a small reception area at a doctors office or dentist. 

They both looked at me and started to comment on how hot my body is. They asked if I had ever been there and I told them no. The rundown came next; it is a members only club $5 a night or $10 for 3 month plus you have to pay for a locker or a room for the night. 

I chose to get a room since I wanted my stuff to be safe  and I also wanted to be able to check in with my wife on my phone. Obviously no phones are allowed inside the club area. They told me there was a towel in my room, most guys walk around naked or with a towel around their waist. Footwear is recommended.  

I told them I had brought flip-flops. I actually had brought a pair of heeled women’s flip flops. They took my payment then one of the guys about 10 years older than me said he would show me to my room. 

In my room I stripped my clothing, wrapped the towel around my waist, put my flip flops on and headed out into the sex club. The guy who was working there was still standing outside of my room. Clearly into me, he looked me over and said Wow! He told me he would give me a tour. 

The place is dark, like the swinger sex clubs I have been with my wife, there are rooms with beds, common areas also with beds as well as couches. Here also has TV screens all over the place playing gay porn. 

There is also an area that has a bunch of doors. He told me this is the glory hole area. He opened the door and showed me a room that had 3 holes. They are all at waist height. 

As I looked around the room, I noticed he left my side and went into the other room. 

It was not long until a cock, 100% sure it was his cock was pushed through one of the holes. 

I licked my lips and approached it. I touched it with my hand. It has been awhile since I have touched a real cock. 

When you touch a cock you can feel the body heat radiate off it. His was not yet hard so it had a soft flesh feel to it. Not sure if this is the best description to use but it almost feels like the soft skin of a baby. 

As I slowly rubbed it, I dropped to my knees and took it in my mouth. 

A quick start to the evening I already had a cock in my mouth and I was loving it. I liked that it was just the cock through a hole. It felt naughty, and even if I knew who it was, it was anonymous. 

As I sucked his cock, another cock came through one of the other holes already hard. I reached out and eagerly grabbed it. I stroked it, then removed my mouth from the one I was sucking and replaced it with the other one in my mouth. 

I was already feeling slutty and cock crazed. Then a third cock came through the last hole. 

Here I am serving three guys with my mouth back and forth. I did my best to please them until I had enough. After all, I had just arrived. I sucked each one more time and kissed each tip and got up and opened the door and left. 

As I walked around there was the main room with a big bed in the middle, a large screen with porn. 

I further took in the club when I came to another glory hole. This one is not anonymous though. 

Mouth level where I was standing. Above an elevated platform where men could stand, look down and put their cock through the hole if they wanted you to suck it. 

I looked up to a man. A 5 o’clock shadow, short hair and a dominant look to him. 

He put his hard cock through the hole and my eager mouth went right to it. 

I was now sucking my fourth cock of the night. I would look up at him as he stared into my eyes and fucked back into me. 

A few other guys surrounded me. 

I liked them watching and I really wanted one of them to fuck me. So I was bold, I dropped my towel and pushed my ass out. Moving it side to side. 

I felt hands caress my body, rub my ass, my balls and my cock. 

I continued to suck as men played with my body. None of them fucked me but the guy I was sucking pulled out of my mouth. 

He came down the platform and told me to follow him to the other room, the main room where the bed was. 

Here he pushed me down with my ass back towards him. 

He spread my ass cheeks and rubbed his cock on my hole. He asked if I wanted him to fuck me. 

I quickly replied “fuck yes!” 

Condom on, he pushed in. 

I pushed back. 

He was not all that big but he felt amazing as he started pounding my ass. I felt so sexy and feminine and I started to fuck back like a slut. 

He pushed me down and laid on top of me. “You like my cock fucking you?”

“Yes, I fucking love it!” I said

Grabbing my face, he brought my lips to his. His face was rough as he started to kiss me and I kissed back letting him know I was his in this moment. 

It wasn’t long until he had an orgasm, got up and left for the shower. I didn’t see him again the rest of the night. 

Sexed and still turned on, I went and rinsed off myself. I returned to the same spot I was earlier, but this time I went up onto the platform. 

I had no desire to get my cock sucked. So I stood and watched porn and stuck my ass out inviting anyone who wanted it. 

There was one hot guy standing next to me. I didn’t realize it, I could have dropped to my knees and sucked him off but I did not. 

Another guy came up and did. 

As he sucked him I watched and a few other men once again circled around. Again guys started caressing my body. One guy was loving my ass and I told him he could fuck it. He replied “I just want to cum all over it.” 

I laughed and told him “you can cum all over it if you want.” 

Within seconds I could feel hot stream after stream of cum hit my ass and my asshole. It was SO HOT. I loved feeling him cum all over me. 

He used his towel and wiped me off. 

This is when another guy told me to suck his cock. 

This man had a very large and thick cock and was very aggressive. 

For what felt like the next hour he trained my mouth to take him however he wanted. 

He forced me to deep throat him as my eyes watered and my mouth drooled. I actually almost threw up,  but forced myself to relax and breathe. 

He aggressively face fucked me! 

When I needed to breathe and pulled off he would say “good girl”. 

It was such a turn on! 

He also would pull out and slap my face multiple times with his big cock.

I felt like his fuck toy and I loved it. This is what I love, someone just to take what they want and treat me like a submissive. 

There came a point where I needed a rest. I would have loved to make him cum but I just couldn’t. I pulled off, thanked him and walked away. 

It was only about a minute later the hot guy came up and asked me if I could suck his cock. 

I giggled and told himI was taking a rest. 

His cock was also very big and he was waving it in my face and smiling. I decided what the hell and took him into my mouth. 

He was much more gentle than the previous guy and I actively enjoyed sucking his cock and deep throating him at my own pace. I looked up at him as I worshiped his man hood. 

“Do you want my cum he asked?”

“Mmmm I moaned on his cock and nodded my head. A few more deep strokes into my mouth, I had the first guy ever cum in my mouth. 

His cum tasted good and I loved feeling it pump down my throat as he pushed into my mouth. What I loved more was when it slightly softened and it got easier to suck him. 

I  kept him in my mouth as I slowly sucked on him letting him get softer and softer in my mouth. 

That was the end of my first night at the club. 

When I was leaving and entered the lobby. The other guy working there looked at me and said “I never got to see your hot body naked.”

I smiled and told him he should have come into the bath house.

Boldly with a smile he said “pull your pants down let me have a look!”

It felt super naughty but I did it! I pulled my pants down, showed him my ass and pulled up my ass cheeks. He asked me to turn around so he could see my front. I blushed and told him I’m really small and turned for him.

With that he told me I had a super hot body and he hoped I’d come back the next night. I told him I probably would.

I returned the 2nd night to a different crowd. They were not as compatible with my desires and I did not suck any cock or get fucked the second night. I did let one guy suck me off. 

I don’t really like having guys suck me off. I am a complete bottom. I thought to myself how much I love sucking cock and how much my wife likes sucking cock. 

I think once you suck your first cock there really is no turning back. You will always love cock any cock. 

So I decided to let him have his fun. It honestly was not that enjoyable for me until I felt his finger touch my ass.

I wiggled my hips, I also put some spit on my hands and wetted my hole for him. 

He pushed a finger, then two in my ass as he sucked me. I pushed back and started to ride on his hand. 

I looked down and it looked like his face was buried into my pussy. At least that is what I was fantasizing about. I let my head fall back and my chest push forward. 

I looked at another guy and I put a finger in my mouth. Hoping he would give me his cock, but he did not. 

I grinded on the mouth while he finger fucked my ass. 

It built slowly, then I had an orgasm. Not really an orgasm though, I did not cum but my body shook in pleasure then I went soft. 

That was enough for me the second night. I went home and had a cam session with my wife and came to myself thinking about her cuckolding me as well as thinking about how hot and sexy she is. 

I loved the bath house and I would definitely go back. The interesting thing is I have mixed feelings. I was not physically attracted to any of the men. I can of course look at a guy and say he is hot, has a hot body but I am not physically attracted to them. Not the same way as I am when I look at a woman and stare at their beauty. This is how I have always felt about men. 

It is confusing because I am not gay. Sexully though I love sucking cock and would love to fuck more cock. For me though, I like them being like the dominant guy.

Honestly if a guy looked at me at any point and told me to suck his cock, I mean any guy, I probably would drop to my knees and do it. It is just sexual. 

I am not going to overthink it though. I don’t feel any shame, I enjoy cock visually and physically love women, completely love my wife and that is the way it is. 

I shared the details of the night with my wife the best I could. Now I share all the details here as I write out my memories of my 2 nights at the bath house. 

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