This Is Me

Aside from my cuckold fetish I am a person. 

Currently I am bigender. I have both a male and female side to my personality. It gives me two modes of gender expression with different personas. That said my feminine and masculine self blend together when I am presenting as a male or as in the picture a female. 

My wife says she always thought I was transgender. Someone who is gender-variant.  

I am not going to get too caught up in the terms both are currently correct enough for me.

The fact is I love wearing women’s clothing, I love doing things as a female, I love pretty much everything feminine including feeling like a female. 

As I write this I am wearing red heels, a black pair of Lululemon tights, and a sexy long sleeve athletic crop top. Underneath I have on a black bralette, Size C breast forms and a sexy black thong. No tuck, I am lucky and was born small and don’t need to. 

I look hot and I feel hot. I love when I am living as Josie. Often it feels more natural and right than when I am dressed as a guy. I feel more like my true self.

I am living a happy compromise. I have 2 young children, a family life, a wife I love more than the world and a professional job. 

I am blessed because my wife is supportive and encouraging in my feminization. I can dress up whenever I choose. In everyday life it has become a blend of girls and guys clothes. 

I always wear panties, often a bra. I have athletic women tops that I wear out in public and I wear female leggings to workout in, run in and lounge around in. I also most often wear women’s joggers and sweatpants as my daily pants. I often wear light make-up everyday too. 

I have had all my body hair removed, I get my eyebrows waxed and shaped and I get my eyelashes lifted and tinted. 

When I am dressed up full out. Like my wife, I like Sexy Fashion. Items that show off my long legs, my round little ass and bring focus to both. 

I have 5 Josie Mantras:

With confidence I can be whoever I want whenever I want.

This came as evidence to me when my wife talked me into wearing out a pair of short Lululemon running shorts. 

These are their speed up shorts. If you have ever seen a girl working out in short Lululemon shorts these are probably them. They have a distinct look to them, my wife told me. “Anyone seeing you in them will know they are women’s shorts. You look super hot in them though, I wish I had your legs.”

I went for a run and I got a lot of smiles from other girls, some dirty looks from older women and some look away and run with my head down from a few guys. I kept my head up. I smiled and wore them with confidence. I even had encouragement from a couple guys one saying “right on”.  After that day I love wearing this specific style of running shorts. They fit great, are high quality and perform well and look hot. I now also run in Lululemon tights and I rock athleta workout shirts with confidence. 

Sometimes I have to get the nerve. Yesterday I was lounging around in black athletic leggings. My wife wanted to go on a walk. I thought about putting men’s pants on over them then just said fuck it! I put on a cute pair of running sneakers and a hoodie. I love this look on girls. I went for the walk, nothing happened worth mentioning besides it felt great, and felt right. Being my true self allows me to have confidence to be whoever I want whenever I want. 

I’m Sexually Progressive 

I am not a sissy, I am not a fag, I am not a looser husband that should be humiliated because my wife likes to fuck other men. I am sexually progressive. My sexuality has progressed gradually and step by step it has become more positive and more true. I don’t care for the terms above that are dehumanizing. I love all people, all sexes and if you are reading this you are probably sexually progressive as well. Go you! Go us! 

I feel secure in the woman inside of me, she is strong and confident on the inside and outside. 

It has taken me 40 years to become secure in myself and no I am still not completely secure, I am human.  I have learned to embrace the woman in me. It is a strong positive part of me. Embracing it brings a new level of confidence to everything I do on the inside and out. Too long I was ashamed or afraid of it, a true part of myself that would not go away. I am becoming more and more secure and it is making me more and more happy. 

My existence is revolutionary 

I am here, I am me, I am special the way I am. No I am not ordinary and I don’t want to be. I am extraordinary. 

I am wholly lovable just the way I am right now. 

My wife and kids love me for who I am right now. My wife saw the parts of who I am that I was hiding and still loves me. It is a simple statement: I am wholly lovable just the way I am right now. It is the truth. 

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