Date Night: 7 Things I like As A Cuckold

1: Her Getting Ready: 

It’s a cuckold night. Typically there has been anticipation throughout the week. Not a random encounter although those are fun too. We work, we have kids and a regular family life. More often than not date nights are planned ahead of time.

My wife may get her nails done if needed during the week, get a hair blowout, wanting to look her best for her bull. 

I will get her a glass of wine as she prepares for the night. A long shower or hot bath. Time spent cleaning her beautiful skin and hair. Shaving her body smooth to the touch. I’ll watch, talk to her, sneak in a loving touch, a kiss, or lick on her ass and/or pussy. 

Cleaned and smooth, her body is rubbed with lotion, soft and silky to the touch, with a scent of goddess. 

She is never quite sure what she wants to wear. I purchase most of her clothes and I like when she dresses sexy. Not only for dates but when she is out everyday catching men’s eyes. I encourage her not to wear bras and I only get her the highest quality of Victoria Secret thongs. 

There is nothing hotter than seeing her slip on a form fitting dress from BEBE or Guess, or another Sexy Fashion Style brand. I love her in sexy fashion. 

This style is all about what you can do with your outfits to look as sexy as you can to attract men. This can involve showing as much skin as you legally can or maybe not showing too much skin but still create that sex appeal in the outfit. This is all about flaunting your best features in the best possible way.

For her this is her enhanced DD boobs and to die for ass. When I see clothes that will flaunt one or both, they get put on the “I have to buy this for her category”. You can think of mini skirts and midi skirts, heels, body-cons, crop tops and low-cut tops that are teasingly revealing.

You can tell just by reading this my love for clothes but more so my love for sexy clothes on her.

You need to have a lot of boldness inside of you to dress in this fashion style. It is perfect for the Hot Wife. Sexually progressive. With confidence that I can fuck whoever I want even if I’m married.  

I purchase her these clothes and give them to her as gifts, more often than not just random gifts when I see something I love. 

There is nothing more flattering than when the first time she wears it, it is not for me but her bull. It makes me feel like a proud husband helping her look her best for another man. 

She is dressed and ready. Body smooth, soft, a goddess scent, make-up and hair completed by lingerie and a sexy outfit. All for just a short time, quickly it will all be removed and she will be getting fucked. 

2: A Public Display Of Affection

She runs up to him, full of excitement, eager for his sex. She embraces him into her arms and they start to kiss. 

Always taboo, the sight of my wife wrapped in an embrace with another man. I don’t feel jealousy from this. Somehow I feel like a 3rd wheel and there is an erotic thrill and sexual turn on, my wife, in public kissing another man.

I used to feel nervous when my wife was in public with another man. I have embraced the erotic humiliation of it and it is what it is. I am a cuckold. My wife and I both get pleasure from her dating and sexually being with other men. I consent to it and the fact is she is doing nothing wrong even if someone we know saw her. I’m okay at this point being outed as a cuckold.

Although I still get a ping of anxiety I just love seeing it. It is exciting. That connection and desire from both of them to be with each other sexually. 

What about the kids finding out is a question we have asked ourselves. Our kids are currently too young to understand the sexual nature of my wife with other men. I think it is a positive thing they know she has guy friends and goes out with them. They see our love for each-other. The fact is cuckolding is most likely going to be part of our lives for the long term. So it is good for them to understand mom sees other guys and I am okay with it and we both love each-other so very much and both take care of our kids and their needs.

3. Meeting her man

My wife has had sex with plenty of men while we have been married that I have never met. Most of them it was one night flings or just about the sex. 

When my wife wants to see a man more than once. To date him and spend time with him. I want to meet him. I want to meet the man that is now part of not only my wife’s life but mine as well. The man who she is texting with, chatting with, having a connection with, being fucked by. 

It takes away a lot of my anxiety. I put a face with the name, I learn a little about him, it is no longer as scary as it is when she is being out with some guy I have never met. It is good to put a face and personality to a name.

A fun way to meet is out for a drink. 

I like shaking their hands. Going to the table and gesturing for them to sit together as I sit across the table. I like watching them be intimate. I like thinking about people seeing us. It feels naughty, me being the husband but at this moment more in the role of their friend and they are the couple. 

Watching my wife snuggle to his body, rub his leg and pretty sure more under the table. His hands on her body as we chat about life. The dominant man by her side and the submissive man across the table.

I have found after I meet her bull, her boyfriend, my anxiety just drops significantly. 

4. Knowing she is being fucked

I expand and contract in my cage. I can’t get hard, I am in chastity. This time like many I can’t be there to watch my wife get fucked. I would prefer to be there of course. We have kids though, a family life that still needs to continue and be taken care of sometimes while she is out being fucked by another man. Also when it is a new guy they are not always comfortable with me being there right away and I have to respect that.

If you have read some of my previous posts I do get what is called cuckold angst. Jealousy. When I don’t experience it the cuckold experience is positively heightened. I think chastity does help with this. Help controlling cuckold angst. You feel a part of it all. You are in your roll. The above three things I like as a cuckold also help if they can happen. 

It feels good, it feels exciting, daring and stimulating knowing she is out being fucked. 

5. Queening 

Queening. She is back. She is sexed. She has spent hours fucking another man. Her boyfriend, her bull. There is no better way to celebrate the night than to have her sit on her throne. The throne that has encouraged her and is part of her foundation. 

It is more special when she has fucked her boyfriend. He can cum in her pussy. If we are all three lucky maybe even multiple times. 

As she sits down on my face, I love feeling her warm, stretched, and used pussy touch my lips. The sexual fluids dripping down into my mouth. 

The queen on top of me as I clean her pussy from the sex she has had. Licking him out of her at the same time still knowing there is more deep inside her I can never get out. It is part of her. 

Sexual humiliation, I don’t think so. It is almost a gift she is giving me as a cuckold. Reconnecting with me. Putting me below her and him as her submissive husband.  I am also giving her the gift of submitting and accepting my cuckolding. Letting her know it is okay and I love her and she is still my queen. It shows her she is appreciated by me and I am faithful to her. She can be confident in her sexual self as long as she can always sit on the throne. 

6. Teasing of the cuckold and getting him off. 

After I have been cuckolded and I am caged in chastity. I love having my wife tease me. Tell me all the naughty details of the night. All the things cuckolds like to hear. How he fucked her so much better and brought her to so many orgasms. How much she wants to continue to fuck him. How much bigger he is than my little locked clit. Teasing me about if she should let me out and let me cum.

I like her rubbing it, licking it, teasing it.

Wow! The orgasm after she lets me out and I do cum.

We have been doing this for a long time and are moving more towards her denying me her pussy entirely. It is fun when I slip in and she pulls me out. I can feel the warmth, how much she is stretched, I can also feel that it feels small in there and how it would feel just like a light massage for her.

She reminds me that I shouldn’t be inside her not because she doesn’t love me and want me inside her but more on principle. It sexually just isn’t as fulfilling. I feel insecure, but not at all rejected. This is where I am inadequate to her lovers. They have cocks, I have a little dick. It is not embarrassing to say and it is also not humiliating. Sometimes things are just facts. My wife likes big cocks.  We make love in so many other ways. The fact is she can just rub me at these moments, tease me, and I will have an intense full body orgasm more powerful than inside her as my reward for supporting her cuckolding me. 

It is a bit strange thinking about us moving more towards her pussy predominately being for big cock and not mine. At the same time it is a very arousing thought. Being married to such beauty, the sexiest, hottest woman I ever have laid eyes on and her pussy only being available to be fucked by other men or me fucking her with toys is very erotic. It always plays into my feminization.

7. After cuckold energy and horniness

After I have been cuckolded by my wife I tend to have more energy, I’m more productive and am even more horny. I look at her and just want to touch her, kiss her, ravish her and bring her pleasure. It is a sexual high. I want to worship my goddess, I am so thankful to have her.  

It is funny because even if I have cuckold angst I have a lot of gratitude. I am thankful to have a wife like mine. I am thankful for everything she does outside of cuckolding. Sexually though when she cuckolds me she is also fulfilling a submissive craving, a need I have and I am extra thankful for when she does that.

There are many more things I love about being a happy unashamed cuckold. These are just some that have come up in my head after my wife’s hot Friday night fucking her boyfriend.

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