Maximum Sexual Gratification

Cuckolding in the sex context I love because I feel both the role play and sexual play with other men helps give my wife maximum sexual gratification as well as myself while still having a very loving happy emotional marriage.

I am very much turned on by my wife fucking other men and I enjoy sexual teasing and femdom with no shame. Although yes a bit of mental torment 😁

I am not sure if the spice in our marriage will continue because of some of the emotional lows my wife and I have both experienced in the past and today. For me it would be sad to go back to 100% vanilla and it will also take me a lot of reflection and acceptance to go beyond cuckolding to a more polyamory relationship.

I found this great write up about avoiding emotional attachment to your bull. To be honest and fair my wife never lied to me or was dishonest. I am not mad at her for developing an emotional attachment with her new guy. More it caused me fear and anxiety of losing her love.

I have extraordinary love for my wife .

I think this article is an interesting perspective of the cuckold and hotwife dynamic not a polyamory relationship.

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