Why Cuckolds Should Role Play With Their Wives

I live in a sexual fantasy. My mind is always wandering and thinking about sex. I am highly sexual. My fantasies include cuckolding, cross-dressing, acting like a female and many – what my wife and I call “Fucket List” – items that we have fantasized about and many have been knocked off the list. Think about a gang bang fantasy, hot stranger sex, sex on a boat, a secluded island beach or letting a man pick you up at a club for a one night stand.

My wife cuckolded me for the first time 10 years ago and we have continued an open female half marriage since. I have been asked many times; How does one get their wife to cuckold them?

My answer is always you should role play.

Fantasy is part of nearly every sexual encounter, from sending flirty sexts before the sex actually happens to different power dynamics that we adopt in private with our partner that may not exist in our regular everyday relationships.

I had fantasized about my wife getting fucked by other men early on, even before marriage. And in my experience, it didn’t take much to convince her. It did take roleplaying.

I remember the first time I used a realistic dildo on her. I was so nervous, purchasing it at the sex store, picking out the most realistic one I could find and one that was on the larger side. At the time I thought it was huge but in comparison to to our sex life today it was average size.

I blind folded her. I massaged her body erotically getting her turned on. I used my mouth on her, kissed her from her toes to her head and back down, taking extra time on her wet pussy.

I had hidden it under the pillow.

Clumsily, I got it out. Felt the girth in my hand and lubed it up. I started to lightly rub it on her body as part of the massage. Teasing her with the feeling of it.

I stroked it between her legs, rubbed it on her clit, then slowly started to insert it into her eager willing pussy.

What I experienced was beyond describable. How she reacted to it. She was hungry for it. She wanted more. I made her make noises I’d never heard come from her mouth or body. She had orgasms like I had never seen before. I was hooked. It was fucking hot!

When I asked if she liked it she said “fuck yes!” I asked if it felt like a real cock in her and she said “Yes, it feels like a real big cock in me.”

I then asked if she liked fucking him and she screamed “Yes!”

I was roleplaying her being fucked by another guy and she loved it. We still do this today. Honestly multiple times a week even if she is fucking another real guy on the side.

It amplifies arousal and enhances orgasms. You know they say the brain is the biggest sex organ.

Role play allows our brains to play out different scenarios, safely experimenting with different sexual experiences and creating ideal encounters. It helps us decide what we might actually want to try in person and what we might want to keep as a fantasy alone.

Through role play I knew right away I wanted her to experience the real sexual satisfaction of a bigger cock with other men. I also knew she wanted it. Today its clear – we both need it.

It can be fun, very intimate as well as a way to enhance communication and understanding of ourselves and each-other.

Last night we role played something that could otherwise be uncomfortable for a male and a couple.

We fantasized about my feminine half Josie being a stripper. I dressed very sexy in women’s clothes, pictured above. My wife took some pictures of me then sat in a chair and put on stripper music.

I did the first song and really got into the role play of it – as did she.

A hot lap dance, some grinding, showing some skin.

The second song, I treated it like I was at a strip club. I changed into even less. Meaning I took some of the layers off including my pantyhose and skirt, I also put on some fuck me boots. Tall, tight vinyl boots with tall stiletto heels. During the lap dance of the last one, I was role playing like she was a man. I don’t know how strippers lap dance for women, so this was natural to my own experience at a strip club.

So for song two she also put on a strap on. Now we were really getting into the role playing.

I danced, I crawled and then I lap danced with my ass back into her lap. Feeling the erect cock rubbing on and between my ass.

I asked if she wanted to buy a blow job.


$500 she could fuck me.

She told me she wanted both!

So I got down giving her a stripper blow job, until she told me she wanted to fuck me.

I got back to grinding my ass in her lap, feeling the cock rub up and down my ass again, only this time, I pushed it into my sissy pussy and grind to the music.

It felt amazing and was a lot of fun. I wanted more. I told her for $2000 she could take me home and fuck me how ever she wanted.

“Let’s go”

We didn’t break the role play as we moved to the bed where she fucked me doggy style. Talking dirty to me. Asking if I love her big cock in my ass. God yes! I loved it.

I was so turned on. I pulled my body off of her cock.

I turned around on my hands and knees – and took her cock in my mouth. Going ass to mouth.

I’m sure this was unexpected to her as it was to me. I just wanted more of her cock and I wanted it in all my holes! I was on fire turned on.

“Oh you are a naughty dirty slut! I may have to have you fuck all my friends. Do you want to be a slut for multiple guys, I think you want to be gang banged.” She said

Fuck yes!

She went on about how much I clearly love cock as much as she does, how I crave it, how we both need big cock.

It is true, I have fantasized about her and I both being gang banged togeather. I have watched her with multiple men and in a gang bang and loved how hot it was. I admired her sexuality, her pleasure as well as all the pleasure she gave. I’ve wondered what it would be like to be in that position.

This is what makes me a sissy cuckold I guess.

So she learns a lot about me through our role play too – as much as I learn about her. We are both naughty and sexual. We often like to make our fantasies realities.

I feel role play is important for cuckolds and their wives as well as everyone even vanilla couples. For us it has opened a lot of doors.

We also use it to re-connect after cuckolding. Having mind blowing sex, talking and reliving the sexual adventure – or her filling me in on her sexual adventures.

We are open to trying most things once. If we like it we will continue if we don’t we enjoy it as an adventure we don’t want to do again. There is no better way to do that than safe at home with the person you love more than the word – role playing. Then if it is pleasurable you can make that fantasy a reality.

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