A Cuckold Waiting

“What was the difference between love and the agony of waiting? Like love, the agony of waiting began in the muscles and somewhere around the upper belly but soon spread out to the chest, the thighs, and the forehead, to invade the entire body with numbing force. – Orhan Pamuk

For the hot-wife she will never experience this side of cuckolding.

As a cuckold waits his anxiety rises more with each hour.

Each hour can feel like an eternity. Each minute passing like a snail. The mind races, positive thoughts of your wife, sexual arousing thoughts, but also fear can creep in and out. You can start to worry, not just about her not coming back to you but for her safety, you want to know she is okay, that she is being ravished.

A lunch time fling, one would assume would be an hour. Cuckolds can not assume or set expectations in their heads. They can just wait, imagine, visualize ravishing sex they are only an extended part of.

Insecurities, fears, love, desire, erotic deviant thoughts harden the mind and the cuckolds sexual organ.

As hour two passes. You think, fuck I should have heard from her.

You try your best not to text, not to message the love of your life. You want her to have this freedom for her and for your cuckold cravings.

You text and she doesn’t answer.

It is maddening!

You are masochistic.

The text arrives. Off they went to a secluded area in his truck. They arrived and he threw her down in the back of his truck. She was hesitant not wanting to fuck in a man’s truck. He was persistent in her words taking her jeans off and going down on her.

Fuck it felt so good!

He made her cum quickly.

She was dying to taste his cock and she did.

So thick, above average length… delicious.

She tells me I’d be jealous of it.

She was dying to to fuck him. She fucked him. He felt so good inside her. No condom.. super naughty in his truck.

Back at the office she had to rush to a meeting and could not update me. So I waited.

To pass time I write. I am passing time right now. Waiting. She went to him again. Drinks were agreed to and planned a night ago when he asked her out. They are in a field. I don’t know where. She texted me she is not bringing her phone.

Doesn’t want to be interrupted by her husband, her cuckold.

Wants to focus on this new man until she is done.

So I wait, I write as the anxiety builds. A blend of arousal and anxiety what they call cuckold angst. Each text update helps relieve it but that will not be happening tonight.

Some bulls are into it, they text pictures, they may even have the wife call you. They understand by doing so they are comforting you as they fuck your wife.

She says I need to learn to be patient.

So I wait as she is being fucked. Her phone in her car. Not a worry about me in her mind.

At least that is what is racing through my mind.

It comes and goes like a selfish child.

She will come back to me. Tell me the story. Happy and sexually satisfied. It will take her a minute to get me out of this deep hole and we will have amazing sex, we will make love.

I think I don’t want her to ever go again without me.

But then the cravings, the cuckold cravings will return.

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