Office Sex

In my last post I wrote about my wife enjoying her new co-working space and wearing sexy tops braless to work.

I’ve had this fantasy for over a decade about my wife having office sex or an office boyfriend she sneaks off to have sex with. I also have had the popular fantasy of her being fucked by the dominant boss.

The thing is it has never happened.

It has just been fantasy.

It just has not worked well in her work places.

She came close once many years ago. She would go out sailing with one of the guys at work, it was a huge turn on to me and she knew it. That guy just didn’t do it for her though so it was just fun flirting and her keeping my imagination going wild. Maybe she even contemplated it but decided it wasn’t for her.

She then got a position where sex with someone in the office really was not possible. Her boss… well …. not into hot blond girls, more of a guys guy.

Before COVID-19 She would travel often for business and would have nights of flirting but never a fling with another professional.

I’ve always enjoyed erotic stories about professional wives cheating on their husbands or openly cuckolding them in steamy office fucks. She knows this has always been a turn on for me.

There is just something SO HOT about a highly educated woman. Dressed in office attire. Dominant in her job, the woman version of a ladies man. Unfortunately there is not a name for this type of sexual goddess. Some call it a Men Lady, you know what most call it… a slut.

Well I love sluts and these women are just as high on the hierarchy as the ladies man. There is nothing offensive of a woman who has casual sexual partners. I am proud of my sexual goddess hot-wife. A co-working space is a place where people assemble in a shared office space to work independently. Most work for different companies and what today we call working remotely.

Certainly you can have the same issues that may arise fucking someone at your office but you do not work with these people or for these people. So in theory it should never effect your job negatively.


Being distracted at work because you are thinking of fucking that hot guy down the hall.

My wife, a hot wife to a cuckold husband has been enjoying this new working environment. Dressing a little more sexy than at your typical office but still in professional attire. Actually she has just simply stopped wearing a bra.

She has always caught all men’s eyes with her curvy body, perfect ass, DD boobs, blond hair, blue eyes, beautiful smile beautiful face. She brings sunshine to any room. Without the bra though has brought more sexual attention.

More flirting.

Men being a bit more daring.

An early morning at the co-working space, a tall male which she describes as hot, tall, jock like. A man that seems dominant and carrying a big cock was having problems connecting to the internet. A conversation sparked and the office chemistry quickly was flirtatious and sexual.

This was Tuesday.

He asked her Tuesday if she wanted to go to lunch today and she said yes.

It always makes me laugh these guys don’t care she is waring a wedding ring. I guess that is in part what makes me a beta, a nice guy. I wouldn’t dare.

She could be fucking him right now, fulfilling her own sexual needs as well as gifting me another fantasy come true.

She has over the years made so many of mine and her fantasies come true.

When she came home Tuesday night she was very turned on and quickly wanted to go to the bedroom and relieve her pent up sexual energy. Tell me all about her flirtatious day.

It clearly didn’t work although she had multiple orgasms, squirted and I could tell was more turned on than she has been for awhile.

This is the magic of being sexually free, you get increased sexual energy when you meet someone you are excited about, someone you are attracted to, someone you are thinking you may want to fuck.

We get to enjoy it together, me as her wing man, her encouraging cuckold.

So it didn’t relieve her pent up sexual energy. On Wednesday they did a lot of flirting. They went for a walk together, exchanged numbers and spent the day flirting over text while they worked.

He was getting the idea he could have this married woman.

She came home again yesterday and devoured me. He continued to text her late into the night asking her out to drinks tonight. She asked if she should tell him she will go? I said yes.

She devoured me again this morning. Before dressing sexy and going to work, knowing she has a lunch date today.

At work today she has been texting me. They have had a naughty morning of flirting, sneaking away and kissing and groping each-other.

According to her text he even fingered her pussy in a hidden nook at the office.

It turns out he did finally ask about me and she assured him she was not cheating and still has plenty of wild days in her fucking other men.

They are at lunch now. I am here typing this. I could be masturbating but I have been a cuckold for a long time and I like to live the fantasy in my head, think about them while I write. Save myself for her return home.

I wonder if he is a good kisser?

Does he have a big cock? She must know by now even if they are not fucking?

Are people watching them? What do they think of this married woman with a single male. Maybe they think she is cheating, maybe they are judging.

How about the others at the office. Are the other men seeing they may have a chance with her too?

It is only human for me to think about what other people are thinking, I need to remind myself, it doesn’t matter what the fuck they think!

Her husband. Me. I am hoping she is getting fucked. I am hoping she is sucking his big cock. Bigger than mine, has to be, over 85% of all males are. I am hoping she is orgasming over and over again! I am hoping she does it again.

It just turns me on! It makes me sexually satisfied knowing she is being sexually satisfied. That she is having and exciting sexual adventure. This is what being a cuckold is about. I love it. Fuck I Crave It!

If she is not being fucked right now, I am pretty certain she will be fucking him tonight when they meet for drinks, probably at his hotel room.

I do get nervous of course she is the love of my life, I don’t ever want to lose her, I get jealous too, but I get more turned on.

I have to stay confident in our relationship and our marriage. She is my wife. With me she gets to have her cake and eat it too. She gets to come home after this experience to her loving husband and family.

We will reconnect sexually. We have already had sex like 5 times in the last 48 hours because of our excitement of her meeting this guy.

I dream of licking her pussy. Her telling me how much better sexually he is than me. That she wants and will fuck him again. Her to treat me like a cuckold giving me the same sexual pleasure she has received.

I feel we both have given each-other this sexual gift founded on love, trust and communication. She can have her cake and eat it to, not too many men can give that gift. She is a lucky hot-wife, I’m a lucky cuckold.

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