No Bra Club

Yesterday my wife was dressed in a sexy nude colored bodysuit, no bra. Like the girl in the picture my wife has perfect big breasts and you could easily see the outline of them. She looked hot! She looked Sexy! She wore it to a co-working space and it sounds like she got a lot of attention. A huge turn on to me.

She told me several men started conversations with her and the thought of it got me rock hard! She says she thinks not wearing a bra helped.

I love to encourage my wife to behave and dress as a sexually available woman – a woman who is clearly encouraging male attention.

I imagine she is correct that her breasts moving naturally beneath her bodysuit as she walked around the office had her looking sexy as all hell! I know when she arrived home I was very pleased taking in her beautiful body and the clothing she chose to wear.

I believe my wife enjoyed it too. Her sex appeal empowering her mentally, emotionally, physically and working great to tease me as her cuckold.

I couldn’t tell for certain but I am pretty sure she went back today braless under a black tank top.

As I ravished her body last night I couldn’t help think about her flirting at her new co-working space with the men there. Maybe going to lunch or out for drinks after. Maybe more. My fantasies have gone wild. Like what she said she could be the co-working space slut! Brings sexual tingles through my body.

Prior to the co-working space she worked at her company office, then during COVID-19 at home. At her company office you of course have to be much more professional. At the co-working space, the others aren’t part of her company. Kind of open game.

I think I’m going to like this new working arrangement she has. I love nothing more but to fantasize about my hotwife!

One thought on “No Bra Club

  1. Great blog!
    My girlfriend is really turned on by people watching her, but she is also shy and sometimes needs a little push. The other day when walking in the neighbourhood, I lifted her breast out of her bra which made her breasts seem larger and more strutting – and sure enough: men were noticing and trying not to stare too much. She was both embarrassed and turned on!


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