Bigger Better Orgasms When You’re Locked In Chastity.

I was in my micro chastity cage. She was squirting all over the bed as I pounded in her pussy with my full hand inside her to my wrist. 

The orgasms were intense. She was shaking in pure sexual pleasure. 

She then told me she needed cock! 

Not my cock. It was still locked.

I quickly retrieved one of our biggest realistic dildos. My wife was wet turned on and ready for more.

Another orgasm after another. Body fluids drenching our bed. Her pleasure. Mine too. I fucked her until she was satisfied with this cock.

Bigger better orgasms because she doesn’t have to worry about my little dick.

There is a point a future cuckold knows he is not completely satisfying his wife sexually. 

For me it was early in our relationship.

We had great sex!! 

I’d fuck her the best I could. 

But I could sense she could have more. Needed more.

For the first time, I purchased a dildo. A realistic one. A black one. I had fantasies of her fucking a big black cock.

I hid it under my pillow. 

When we had sex I fucked her the best I could. Used my hands, my tongue and brought her to orgasms. When I couldn’t go anymore. 

I had her close her eyes, pulled it out, lubed it up and told her I had a present for her.

As I pushed it in…

Ohhhhh!!! Slow!!!! That is big.

I slowly started to fuck her with it. 

Quickly an orgasm like I had not ever seen. Then another and another. She screamed and squirmed in pleasure.

So big!!!!

I was hooked, that day forward toys would be in my sex tool box. Today we have a trunk full.

They started to replace my cock, not completely but an uneven combination of the two.

Then came the hotwife. Real men fucking her better.

Then came cuckolding. 

My orgasms become bigger and better too. 

At some point I realized my penis is pretty useless sexually for her and my pleasure. 
She can’t orgasm from me just penetrating her. I slip out and honestly get more pleasure from pleasing her and getting myself  off rubbing on her. 

It is not completely useless though. When I penetrate her I can’t fuck her to bigger better orgasms. We make love, connect as husband and wife. We both cum, just not as hard. We share our love and attraction for each other. Also we have two beautiful kids from our love making. 

Yes though she needs to get fucked often too. When I’m locked up she has bigger better orgasms. Her dominating me and using me for her pleasure or her cuckolding me.

Cuckolding has transformed and ultimately strengthened our marriage.  After all, if a husband can tolerate his wife sleeping around, there’s not much he can’t overcome.  To that end, She has helped me embrace the aspects that comes with it including feminization and humiliation.  I in turn have helped empower her as a sexual female.

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