What got you into SPH?

Once in a while I find these fun questioners online. This one what got you into SPH?

  1. What first made you realize you get turned on by small penis humiliation?

We were at a swingers club and all the men that worked there were very attracted to my wife. They also were all very hung. There was one guy in particular, he was the bartender and he ended up fucking my wife and blowing her mind sexually.

It started out as a threesome but he was so big in thickness and length he made me feel like a tiny boy. I just wanted to watch. My wife had been a hotwife already but I had not yet realized that I was a cuckold. I liked those feelings. I liked watching her with him. Struggling to take all of his cock in her mouth and having to slowly ease into fucking him. These were never issues with her and I. Then to see how she orgasmed. I was hooked! I have since always had cuckold cravings.

The next guy she fucked was the owner of the club. It was the same experience. Both guys were super nice, were just enjoying fucking my wife and not trying to humiliate me at all. Actually most guys tell me how lucky I am to have a wife like her. Trust me I already know that.

We went back to that club many times and each time I realized through observation how small my penis is. Never did I see a guy close to as small as me. Then there was a night she fucked a fighter pilot. He was very dominant. Brought her immense pleasure. As I watched it tore me up, I thought I would lose her to a sexually superior man. I ran away. The night ended with her being rightfully absolutely pissed at me. Me it ended in me humiliated and turned on. That night still gives me a hard on thinking of it. I wanted more.

2. Have you ever told anyone about your enjoyment of SPH?

My wife knows. I came obsessed with my small penis and researched everything I could find about penis size. I even found an app where you can compare your penis size with averages, specific people, girth and length and volume. It is called the Visualiser. I would share the results with my wife, it was all in fun, but comical. It came to a point where I needed confirmation from her, I needed her to tell me I had a small penis. It was hard for her at first, she didn’t want to hurt my feelings but I also think it was a hurdle we needed to jump an honest part of our relationship that she married me out love and married a guy with a small penis. It has allowed me to accept it and be turned on and eroticize it.

3. Are you a guy who likes to be teased about his small penis or a woman that likes to do the teasing?

I am a guy as you know. My wife likes to tease me about it, I think she finds it amusing. Especially all the issues we have had with chastity devices because of my micro size.

4. Are you a couple that like to enjoy small penis humiliation together.

We enjoy it together, both find it amusing. I believe it has helped strengthen our relationship as we know longer have to pretend like my penis can truly pleasure her. I am a confident enough man to understand that and accept it. We can enjoy many ways of making sure she is still sexually fulfilled including oral play, toy play, cuckolding, sissy play. It makes sex fun and real for both of us. I get more sexual fulfillment than ever, I can enjoy being me sexually and not have to pretend I’m a big cock bull, and I also get to enjoy my wife having big cock bulls when she desires.

5. If you are a couple are you m/f, m/m, tr/m, f/tr:

That is a good question :). We are m/f by gender but sometimes f/f sexually it depends on our mood. We are best friends and are attracted to each-other and love each-other deeply.

6. What is your favorite SPH bedroom activities with or without a partner?

My favorite sexual position with my wife has always been her sitting on my face. This is why I put a picture of it. It just feels right and natural to me. It is not 69, the focus isn’t on my little dick but on pleasuring her with my mouth. I like when we do girl girl play, a penis so small it is only useful to rub like a clit. I orgasm very powerful from this and so does she. I love penis extenders and using big toys on her and of course I love cuckold play. Licking her cum filled pussy while she teases me saying something like “don’t you wish you had cock that can fuck me like him” her giggle ” I think you like having a small penis, I think you like being the one to clean my pussy”

Without her I like to wear a cage, maybe a butt plug and dress in girly clothing, pretend I don’t have a penis at all.

7. What is your favorite type of small penis humiliation porn to watch with or without a partner.

With my wife, I love reading erotic stories about cuckolding and hot wife’s as well as dominant wife’s and men.

We don’t really watch porn together, we have watched a little weird kinky porn but that is about it. My favorite porn is on Porn Hub called Blacked. I like the Blacked movies that are about wives cuckolding or cheating on their husbands with a single or multiple black males.

I have always enjoyed interracial porn. I love the color contrast between the white skin women and the dark skin men as well as a dark cock thrusting in and out of a wife. I always imagine it is my wife in any porn I watch and that thought usually will make me cum quickly.

My wife is not Black Only she enjoys men of all races, this is just the porn I like to watch. In person it doesn’t matter, I like watching it all!

Even prior to my wife I never really imagined it was me or thought about myself fucking the porn star. Probably because of my feeling of cock inadequacy I could just never picture it being me. So I always have liked porn where there is cheating involved or slutty girls getting fucked by multiple men.

I have also imagined the pornstar (female) being me as a female and that usually turns me on too.

Overall though my wife is lucky. I masturbate and fantasize about her fucking others when it comes to porn. I can also get off quickly just thinking about my wife’s hot sexy body!

8. Have you ever had an accidental SPH moment with a friend or family member?

No I have not.

9. Has your partner ever outed you for having a small penis while you were with other people?

Not really, we don’t hide it with guys she is going to or is fucking as she knows it turns me on and I know cock size turns her on as well as variety. Most guys won’t openly tease me as I am actually pretty tall and muscular. They will be vocal with her and she with them about her enjoying their big cock. Their is also one guy who knows I am 100% cuckold and get off on all of it so he is more vocal which I enjoy. Overall I think it is a turn on for a guy to fuck a married woman knowing he has a bigger cock. So it works for everyone.

10. What is your #1 small penis humiliation fantasy scenario?

I am a lucky man who married a beautiful sexy goddess, a slutty hotwife who accepts my kinks and naughtiness as well. So we have been able to have an incredible sex life including many different aspects of kink and many fantasies and sexual partners.

Cuckolding is always what I crave most. Which is also why I enjoy being submissive.

I guess my number one humiliation fantasy that comes to mind is dressed up like a sissy maybe a maid or waitress and serving my wife and another man. I would be caged and they would tease me and talk about how she needs a real man like her to fuck her. That is a fantasy scenario, we did something similar where I made dinner for her and a bull, just as a regular cuckold husband, it was super hot, so it would be taking that up a level.

I often fantasize about her having a regular lover or multiple, cuckolding me and denying me having sex with her, teasing me that my penis is too small to fuck her. She needs me as her husband but doesn’t need to have sex with may small little dick.

Those are humiliation fantasy scenarios that turn me on.

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