10 Reasons Why It Is Great To Have A Sissy Cuckold Husband

1. You can take as long as you want to get ready: Your sissy husband gets it! It takes work to look beautiful. Skincare, make-up, clothes a sissy knows you can’t just be out the door in 5 minutes like a man.

2. You can flirt with bad boys without shame: The hunk that just threw that pick up line at you is not “Husband Material” but he is hot, has a big cock and will fuck you like an animal. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you can’t fantasize. Well girl with a sissy cuckold husband no need to fantasize you can flirt right and even fuck him without shame.   

3. Lingerie, Makeup, Clothes and Heels: Your sissy cuckold husband loves it. He will help you shop for all the latest fashion and you will even enjoy dressing him. He will go to the mall with you while you try on as many clothes as you want and carry your purchases for you.  You might even make him wear a French made outfit while cleaning the house while you are getting a manicure, pedicure, and blowout for your hot weekend night out.

4. Let’s not miss that French Maid cleaning the house while you are out doing your own girly things. A sissy as a man, like you does not like to do laundry or clean the house. But when you dress her up, emasculate her and turn her into a household sex object your sissy husband loves to do laundry and will take care of the house for you like a good girl. A sissy cuckold also loves to do the grocery shopping and the bulk of the cooking.  Don’t worry if there are any fires needed to be put out your sissy will run over in her heals and take care of it!

5. A trusting transparent cuckold relationship: Once you have cuckolded your husband everything changes! Not only does he support your sexuality you support his. It is no longer necessary for you to hide your fantasies of cheating or being with that guy at the gym. And your cuckold husband no longer needs to discretely try and hide his sissyness nor his female clothing and accessories. Everything is out in the open. A relationship of total trust and transparency. You trust he will behave like a sissy, will always be there for you, doing what sissies do because there is nowhere else he would rather be. You have it all.

An exciting, fulfilling and romantic sex life with a docile, cuckolded, chastised and sexually frustrated husband taking care of you.

6. More Sex: Your sissy cuckold husband is kinky and a benefit is you get to have more sex! You get to explore your sexuality with new partners, a thrilling experience. If you feel like going to another mans house get fucked, you now can. At a party and want a quick fuck with the young stud who can’t stop flirting with you, the world is your oyster. You want to tell your husband you are leaving with another man at the bar, you can! Also your sissy cuckold husband is always in a state of arousal. So you can have him pleasure you however you please whenever you are feeling horny. Last if you have never had sex with your husband after fucking another man it can be a huge turn-on!

7. More intimate marriage: There’s a lot more intimacy both emotional and physical. You will feel a closer connection with your husband. He is a willing participant. You also get to enjoy mind-blowing sexual positions with him most wife’s can’t imagine. Him licking your pussy while your bull fucks you from behind, him helping put a huge cock inside you, if you are into it sucking a hung man off together while you make contact with each-other. Him cleaning your body with his tongue after a bull man as ejaculated his cum over it or in it. Making out after you have been fucked.

8. Better sex with your husband: Yes the cuckold positions I described above but also at home, between cuckolding, intimate sex with just your husband just got better! Even if he has a small penis. He knows he can’t satisfy you like a typical man. He does love to satisfy you though and as you tease him about being a cuckold or having a dick as small as a clit he will lick your pussy for as long as you want, you can ride his face, have him use toys on you. You are now the dominant sexual partner so sex with your husband is only limited to your imagination. You can even bend him over and fuck him if you please. He will cum harder and so will you. You can even lock him up in chastity and not worry about making him cum, only your pleasure.

9. Sex Games: Another benefit of having a sissy cuckold is you will have more playful banter, more teasing, more foreplay. It’s fun to lock your husband in chastity and tease him, have him watch you fuck another guy or telling him you want that big dildo more than his little dick. It is fun to text him about some hot knew guy you met. Telling him about guys flirting with you. Having each other discretely wearing toys out, maybe having him wear a matching pair of sexy panties, bra and pantyhose under his work clothes, you in the same lingerie with a short skirt on and top and are currently flirting with your boss or out at the local bar. So many sex games can now be had.   

10.  Confidence: This could be the number one benefit. When you have been with someone for a long time you can forget that you’re a hot beautiful sexy woman. Cuckolding and feminizing husbands empowers women, because it makes you feel wanted. There is nothing like having sex with a hot guy to feel like that! Your co-workers and family may start noticing you’ve been “glowing” or that you are more confident in how you dress and you may feel more confident in other aspects of your life. You are your sissy cockolds goddess.


These are just 10 of the many reasons.

Overall there are many benefits of having a sissy cuckold husband and they are not all about sex. Sissy cuckolds are perfectly happy with this seemingly unfair arrangement, they have their more-than-perfectly-happy wives. Obviously this relationship doesn’t work for everyone. One of the misunderstood aspects is that the husband has to be weak or must be weak. This is far from true. You already have to have a strong loving relationship. You husband has to be confident within and outside of your marriage. It takes a confident person to be a cuckold. It takes a confident person to remove all his body hair, put on a thong under his men’s clothes and go out to get his eyebrows done or any other sissy task. It takes a confident man to understand he has a small dick and help guide a big dick inside you. To enjoy the teasing and text exchanges. The same as it takes a confident women to cuckold and sissify her husband. It takes confidence to understand sexually he is not a man at all but a sissy cuckold.

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