4 Reason Chastity Has Been Humbling

  1. The first chastity device I purchased was a knockoff CB-6000 on amazon. I was so excited like a little school girl when it arrived. Opened it up and it was HUGE! Like a fucking cock extender.
  2. So I went on the CB-X.com website to look at the legit options. They had one for sale in size small. The CB-6000s. (Note this was years ago, they did not have the mini line then). It arrived. Again I was excited like a little school girl. My wife thought the whole chastity thing was funny. Well she got to giggle a lot more when I put it on! Yes smaller than the 6000 but still twice the size as me. I swam in it. It was clear too, just looked silly!
  3. So I looked at steal cages. Nothing any smaller than the 6000s at this time in the world. So my wife, knowing how much I wanted a cage to fit me ordered me a custom size cage. Yes we had to measure my thing while I was flaccid, both length and width as well as around my scrotum. We were probably a little generous with our measurements since we were not into full on humiliation back then.

    It was my birthday and I opened the perfectly wrapped small gift. I was super excited, a cage that should fit. It did fit, I still have it. It is great construction, is very comfortable but on the heavy side. Also a little big, but not noticeably. Since it is a little big it can cause some irritation. All and all though a great cage which has helped improve many hot cuckold nights.
  4. The micro cages are now being made. Thank you from all us micro guys! I came across the the mini prison on the website https://cuckinchastity.com (Side note this website has some great books too! They also sell sissy panties but I recommend getting real female panties) When I first saw this cage I knew I had to have it. I posted about it on this blog! It looked perfect for my size. Finally. I was almost twerking with excitement.

    On the website is is described as one of the smallest chastity cages for sale. Not only will his little pin dick be squished against the cold, hard steel bars, but he will be forever reminded that you own him! Fuck, a dream cum true right? SOLD

    It arrived. I put it on. It fit great! I wore it for a full day and it was the most comfortable cage I have worn! My wife was getting a great laugh and a better understanding of really how small I am. All was going great in mico chastity world…..

    THEN THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My PENIS, My CLIT, what ever the FUCK you want to CALL IT. Is SO FUCKING SMALL and PENCIL THIN it FUCKING came through the small gap of the cage when I got turned on.

Don’t worry, it did not hurt at all! I was able to just take my finger and push it back in.


My wife tells me I have to take a picture and send it to the company, so they know as well as leave a negative review.

Humbling!!! Humiliating!!!

I loved it.

On the positive side my wife did think my clit needed a massage after all the stress it had been through. She had me bring her to several orgasms with my mouth, fingers and a large realistic fake cock.

After she had enough, she used her Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator on me as she teased me about being born with a clit. She said she was using it the exact same way she does on her clit when she masturbates. It felt AMAZING!!!!! Orgasmed all over myself. It was a perfect night.

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