Sex In Our Cuckold Marriage

It was Sunday night and I was texting with one of our long term bulls. We don’t live near each-other anymore but him and I have always enjoy sharing captioned photo’s from the internet we find hot or think my wife will find hot.

Many he sends are also meant to make me feel like a cuckold. He understands this part of me well.

Not saying it wouldn’t have eventually happened anyway but this man is a big part of why I now wear panties 24/7, why my wife knows I’m a cocksucker and knows I’m a 100% cuckold husband.

He has always had this sexual power over me that I’d do pretty much anything for him and let him do anything with my wife, or to me, no matter the jealousy, humiliation or angst. Not only that I’d forever crave it more.

His messages this evening were getting me really turned on. Dripping cum wet! Images captioned about a hot wife wanting to straddle a cuckolds mouth to feel him suck all her bulls cum out of her. Images of the husband sucking the bull off. The wife teasing the husband how obvious it is he wants to get face fucked. A captioned picture of a hot wife with the text “we both like to suck cock and each of us loves the taste of cum”.

The captions kept coming:

“Does it turn you on that i’m sore from him?”

“It was so hot baby he was talking dirty to me in my ear telling me to cum on his cock. So I did over and over I couldn’t help it.

“He owns your wifes pussy because he fucks her better.”

“I can’t believe both your cocks were in my pussy at the same time. That felt amazing.”

“You love the fact he treats your wife like a whore and pounds her slutty pussy like there’s no tomorrow.”

“Be a good boy”.

If you have been reading my blog you know my wife does not deny me sex. Neither of us desire full denial or 24/7 chastity.

My wife was in the bathroom getting ready for bed. I had to have her! Had to be a good boy.

I feel sex is very important for a marriage and this includes mind blowing good sex. Of course as a cuckold I do get off on my wife having that mind-blowing sex with other men but it also makes me feel good for her to have this type of pleasure at home, when she is not able to be with other men or between men.

I also feel sex between a married couple provides intimacy, is important for mental health, loving and enjoying each-others bodies and minds, helping sustain a loving marriage.

That said sex for us is far from vanilla even when there is not a bull in the bedroom.

We always have loved to play together. I feel our 1 on 1 sex life is better than ever since she cuckolded me. It also has continued to get better over the years.

I also believe our most pleasurable sex is when I don’t penetrate her.

You are probably saying wait a second, you just said mind blowing sex is important between a married couple even a cuckold couple, but how are you having mind blowing sex if you are not fucking her?

In the bathroom she is finishing up her nighttime routine when I enter.

She is so fucking hot!!!! A sex goddess. A pair of short red mini shorts that show off her perfect ass. A simple white tank top. No bra exposing a sheer view of her enhanced large DD breast, blonde hair, blue eyes and the most beautiful face. Eye candy for any man and tonight for me her husband.

I rub her ass thinking of everything I want to do to her tonight. She is responsive to my touch. Yes! In the mood too. I jokingly grab a Sonicare toothbrush and place the vibrating brush between her legs.

The vibration feels good, she laughs and pushes back into it. So I grab a second one and add it enhancing the power of the vibration over her red shorts on her clit and pussy.

These are not the toys I have in mind tonight though.

I kiss her and head to our room so she can quickly finish up and come to bed.

We have a lot of toys. A tote full that I guess weighs about 40 or more pounds. In it we have fake realistic cocks of many shapes, colors, textures and large sizes. The only small toys we own are not for her, they are for me, including a micro chastity cage. 1.10 inches in size it is our smallest toy, the description when we purchased it says “Not only will his little pin dick be squished against the cold, hard steel bars, but he will be forever reminded that you own him!” The thing is my pin dick is not squished inside, it is actually a perfect fit.

No chastity this night though. I pulled out our most realistic 7.5 inch cock and a second much larger realistic 9 inch cock. These are the two cocks to fuck my wife this night.

I place them under my pillow as I like to surprise my wife with what toy I choose.

As soon as she comes into our room, I gently caress her ass and pull her to my mouth. Peeling her shorts to the side I kiss her warm pussy and her inner thighs.

I am good with my mouth. To be honest I have always felt more comfortable giving oral sex than penetrating a woman. I have also always been better at giving a woman an orgasm with my mouth, this includes my wife.

She likes my touch. I ease my head back and pull her shorts off. I tell her to sit down on my face so I can lick her more.

This is a normal position for us. Her sitting on my face. Smothering me with her pussy as she rides my mouth. Often she will turn around and also smother me with her ass as I suck and lick both of her holes. When we first started to have sex, this is the position I craved to be in with her. It just felt right where we were supposed to be.

As we have grown in our cuckold marriage there are many more sexual positions that feel just right. Us scissoring like girls, or entangled together making love rubbing my small penis on her clit, possibly slipping in and out of her, her behind fucking me with a strap-on, my penis inside of a cock extender penetrating her in ways I can not without it, like one of her bulls or even me wearing the strap-on.

Tonight we found a new position. As she sat on my face and I licked her. I rubbed my hands up her abs, to her tits. Her tits are so perfect. I can’t help but think every-time I touch them how happy I am she had breast surgery. It was not something I wanted, I never brought up the idea, never pushed her to get them done. I have always loved her for who she is. It was after she cuckolded me she wanted them done. I’m sure she had her many reasons but I know other men looking at her was part of the reason. I will forever find that hot, that thought will always turn me on!

I pushed her back. Now fully lying on top of my body. On her back, ass cheeks against my cock. Wet and ready, spread as I finger her and reach back to grab the first toy, the smaller of the two, still imposing in comparison to me.

I suck it into my mouth. Yes, I am a cocksucker. I am fluffing it. Getting it ready to plunge into her.

Both her and the cock wet and ready I ease it inside of her. I have fucked my wife like this thousands of times over the years. She is the first and only woman I have used a toy on. The first time was early in our relationship, I knew she needed more.

Since that first plunge I have never looked back and the toy collection of helping cocks has continued to grow.

It is clear every single time how much more pleasurable it is for her than my own.

The way she moans.

The way her body rocks an pushes up for more.

How wet she gets.

How quickly she orgasms from the penetration.

In this position I have the perfect view of it all. The cock pushing in and out of her pussy. The sounds, her body craving more and more. Her begging for it.

I love the feeling of her body on top of mine. Under her I am very hard. My less than average size thin little dick rubbing between her ass cheeks.

I then switch toys. It is time to see what words can never explain. A size queen getting her big cock fix. More than double my size in length and thickness, if it wasn’t so erotic it would be comical.

She can’t take it all in at once. With me she struggles to keep me from slipping out with a big cock she struggles to fit it all inside of her wanton body. A struggle she craves and loves.

Multiple orgasm after orgasm as it penetrates her. Screams of lust and pleasure. Pussy squirting, lubricating itself for more. Her telling me how much she craves bigger cock than me.

She takes it all as I fuck her.

Watching her pleasure, imaging it is a real man fucking her. The first time I penetrated her with a toy I was destined to be a cuckold and every-time since. I can not help myself, I’m going to cum too, cum with her as she shakes in orgasm on this cock.

In the past I’d remove it and take sloppy seconds, filling her up with my own cum as she came down from her orgasmic bliss with me inside her.

Often when I penetrate her, I get this feeling of disappointment. Maybe it is in my head, maybe I’m equally disappointed.

Pulling out and replacing the toy with my cock is pointless. We can both cum hard together.

I speed up the fucking on her pussy as she grinds her ass on me. It feels good, mentally and physically if feels like it is the way we are supposed to have sex. Both of us feeling great pleasure, both loving every minute.

As she shakes in another full body orgasm. My body shakes too. I too am having a full body, intense orgasm that has taken my breath away.

Such a goddess. The love of my life. My beautiful wife I love more than the world. Having mind-blowing sex with me. Like this or when she is cuckolding me our sex life just feels incredible, feels right. Honest, loving and hot.

In these emotions of high orgasmic bliss. This is how I always want her to have sex. I think to myself I should never be inside her again. We both don’t need it to be sexually satisfied. Only cock that gives her this type of pleasure should be inside her. It is kinky, different from cultural standards, it is loving and caring too.

As I wake the next morning her ass is pushing up against me. She is horny from the night before. So am I. I reach over. Lock the door to ensure one of our kids don’t walk in. I ease myself inside her wet stretched pussy. We spoon and make love like this. We each cum one time together. Not kinky and mind-blowing like the night before but loving and caring a husband and wife physically and mentally attracted to each-other sharing their love.

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