New Cage

I got a new cage and it is SO COMFORTABLE!

The Mini Prison. (Yes the title says it all!)

I have tried a lot of chastity cages over the years and this is definitely one of the better ones. It’s super small which I love and very comfortable. Also the price is super reasonable.

When I first started trying out wearing cages I did not realize HOW SMALL I really am down there and all the ones we got I swam in. It just looked silly, and of course didn’t really prevent me from getting hard.

They didn’t make these mini cages then and my wife ended up ordering me a custom made one for a large price. This is fraction of the cost and just as high quality if not better. It is 1/2 the size of the custom one.

Turns out even the custom one is a little too big.

The main difference is in this one, I can not grow at all!!! Even turned on like I am writing this.

So it just feels like a throbbing sensation while it drips wet.

Where as with my custom one I do grow a bit in the cage and it can get very uncomfortable.

This is definitely for the micro mini though.

I also love the built in lock. My other one has a pad lock that can make clicking noises when I walk but worse the corner of the lock sometimes will jab into me. Not the case with this one. Can wear more discretely and comfortably.

I’m a cuckold, I have a small penis, I LOVE IT! Perfect cage. I got it on

Does my wife keep me locked 24/7………


She does like me locked when she cuckolds me though, it helps a lot to keep my attention on her and not me. It makes it a more enjoyable experience for both of us. It is also fun after when she teases me before unlocking it.

I also just like to wear a cage from time to time. I love the feeling.

It makes me feel naughty.

It makes me feel like a cuckold.

It make me feel like a sissy.

It is a mental small penis humiliation tease to myself.

For me it is kind of like masturbating but I can’t get off. So I am being pleasured until it is removed. I KNOW that might not make sense if you are reading this and are not a cuckold, or a sissy, or a submissive or a masochist.

If you are one of those, then you COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND! Go get this cage, you will love it. Unless of course you are not mini and can’t fit into it lol.

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