Bad Wife

A bad girl is a female that goes against tradition without regard. They march to the beat of their own drum. Whether that be her choice of career path, the style of clothes she wears, the values she embraces in life, the number or frequency of sexual partners she may have. It’s all-encompassing. You do you and take whatever steps to achieve it. That’s all. You don’t do what is expected of you what you were told you should do when you were a little girl.

My wife is a bad girl and I love it!!!

She showed a bit of her sadism the other night in bed.

If I slip out of her pussy she slaps me in the face for having too small of a cock to stay in. I tend to slip out a lot. So it is not if, it is when. Me slipping out of her often was an early sign in our relationship that I was not big enough in the cock department.

She kept laughing, I guess she was thinking nasty thoughts in her head and she was very aroused and wet.

On top of me she rubbed her pussy all over my cock not letting it inside her. She calls this rubbing clits with me and it gets me very aroused.

Always aroused enough to cum without being inside of her. Especially when she accentuates it with her dirty talk.

I had already giving her multiple orgasms with my hand and tongue but was not sure if she wanted me to cum or not since I can come quickly when she rubs her pussy over me like this. I was game to to pleasure her more with my mouth and my hand or a toy if she wanted another orgasm.

I told her she was going to make me cum.

Laughing she said “you can cum”.

Often when I cum like this she will catch it in her hand to help alleviate the mess. After she just goes to the bathroom and washes it off in the sink.

She did this once again but then did the unexpected!

She took the handful of cum and put it in my mouth and rubbed it on my face.

I found it kind of abhorrent.

I have eaten other guys cum out of her pussy before but never just given a mouth full of my own cum.

It was a bit strange and was not sure what to think, honestly I was still thinking about her laughing at me.

It was A lot of cum all at once. When I lick it out or off of her pussy, I can kind of control the flow.

Today I am writing because like when being cuckolded, you get angst, humiliation, emotional turmoil. Then at the same time I get so turned on over it.

When she does these things to me, when we have sex like this, I love her so much for it!!!!

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