The Drummer Who Strikes A Different Beat

I was clicking through my news feed on my phone this morning and there was a link to todays horoscope for the Gemini.

I clicked on it and it said “The celestial atmosphere today encourages you to listen to the drummer who strikes a different beat within you.”

I often forget the symbol of the Gemini Zodiac Sign is a pair of twins.

I can’t remember when the last time was I looked at a daily horoscope and honestly I have never really been into it or read much about it until today.

Something about “listening to the drummer who strikes a different beat” struck a lot of curiosity in me and remembering my sign is a twin got me thinking.

I am often torn back and forth between the submissive cuckold, the sissy and my normal day to day vanilla life. The guy who is attracted to his wife fucking whoever she wants. The guy who enjoys being my wife’s best slutty friend dressing up in sexy lingerie, sometimes helping my wife suck cock.

The Gemini personality is an information junky. This horoscope today set off a thirst for knowledge to know more about my sign. It was all true!

The twins living inside my brain. A dual-natured personality with the capability to view life from different angles.

People born under the sign of the Twins are know for being intelligent, outgoing, playful, and adaptable.

They love mental stimulation and do everything at a fast pace, so their lovers need to stay on their toes.

Constance Stellas, author of Sex Signs: Your Perfect Match Is In The Stars says for the Gemini “Sometimes thinking about sex is better than actually having sex, they are very much tuned into fantasy, thinking, and communicating. They are imaginative, so it makes sense they love role play.

Could it be? Thinking about and living in the fantasy of my wife cuckolding me can be better than physical sex? I have orgasmed simply from listening to my wife having sex with another man, imagining how good it felt for her, thrilled by the sex her and her bull were having.

My wife can also make me cum just from dirty talk and rubbing me off.

Further reading into the Gemini is they are all about mouths and tongue. The motivation for the artist who designed the Gemini graphic above. They love french kissing and love giving oral sex. They can spend all day making out and pleasuring lovers with their tongue. Geminis love anything to do with the mouth and tongue.

My male self and my sissy self can confirm this. I am just as happy kissing and scissoring with my wife as her feminine lover as I am having sex. My own experience is I orgasm much harder to this type of tender loving from my twin self Josie. My male side craves for my wife to sit on my face with her wet pussy, to orgasm on my tongue. If her pussy is full of cum it is that much better of an experience. I get to think about how slutty she has been, how well she has been fucked while pleasing her with my mouth and tongue.

Also sucking cock. The hot flesh, firm and hard yet soft and warm enough to pleasure the senses as it goes in and out of the mouth. It is Divine. Now french kissing and sucking a cock with my wife…. WOW…. I just want it all. This Gemini does have a slutty mouth and tongue.

It is written that Geminis can be happy in a long-term relationship, but only if their partner can keep up with them. They can get bored easily and need constant stimulation. That means they are more likely to seek flings. Lucky for my wife it is flings I seek for her. I do get bored though and often self stimulate myself with dressing up as a girl or wearing an anal plug or fantasizing about being cuckolded. I also very much enjoy when my wife and I can include annual sex vacations into our travel. Lifestyle resorts. I get to see my wife typically have a lot of sex, others have sex, sometimes I join in as well. It helps bring sexual excitement that last for many months. I still often think about our last sexcation to Desire. It was extra fun, naughty and a bit kinky.

It is also said that the gemini is more prone to cheating mentally than actually physically being unfaithful. Because we live largely in our heads, Geminis often spend more time thinking or talking about sex than actually doing it. In my reading they go into how the Geminis affairs are more likely to consist of inappropriate sexual conversations.

I struggled for most of my life with accepting my inappropriate sexual thoughts. My daily slutty cuckold cravings, the slutty Josie. Today I don’t believe they are inappropriate at all. They don’t hurt anyone, I don’t keep them from my wife and often she is turned on by them all.

A big strength of a Gemini is their communication skills. They enjoy chatting with their lovers and sharing their thoughts and knowledge. Many cuckold wannabes simply are wannabes because they never openly talk to their wives about their darkest sexiest secrets. I know because I chat with them on forums and encourage them to talk to their wives. I am an open book to my wife, after all she does read my blog.

The Gemini is known to be one of the more kinky Zodiacs. All about creativity and the best at foreplay. It makes since we are in our heads. My wife likes to say “you are kinky as fuck!” She means it in a good loving way. It is all true for me.

The interesting thing is she is a Virgo. Not known as much as being kinky but being naughty. The naughtiest of all the signs. No wonder I love my wife so much. They are known for being dirty and a little nasty in the bedroom. I like dirty and nasty! They secretly are dying to be in a threesome. They want to be involved in things that are against the rules. All about exploring. If you are looking for a partner-in-crime, Virgo is the one to turn to.

Sounds like the perfect wife to cuckold a husband and help turn them into a submissive slut of their dreams.

Kinky and Naughty as fuck. That is the sex-life I am always striving for.

I can listen to drummer inside me who strikes a different beat.

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