She Always Orgasms

You can call me a bit sexually insecure when it comes to sex and my kinks.

Honestly I think it is partly why I like sexual humiliation it plays to the insecurity in my head.

Often I have to remind myself that she always orgasms!

It started early on with my acceptance that I have a small penis, well below average, it is small and thin. Fact!

Well I guess that is not where it started because with my penis she doesn’t always orgasm. Rarely with just my penis. I do make sure I put in the work though and use all the tools I have in the bedroom to make sure when we are making love or having sex that she always orgasms once or more before me.

So when we started cuckolding. My biggest fear was that she was only fucking other men for me. To fulfill my fantasy. I am sure part of that is true but I always wanted her to do it to fulfill her own sexual fantasies and experience having big thick cock inside her. To experience the variety she enjoys and having multiple orgasms from just being penetrated by cock, from being fucked by a bull. Also the excitement of dating and seeing other men.

It is hot just to write that. Her being fucked by a bull!

I know she enjoys it. Being a hotwife. Fucking other men from time to time. When I get insecure I have to remind myself…. she always orgasms. With them and after with me when we reconnect our love. I don’t use the term reclaim, I don’t want to reclaim her. I just want us both to show how much we love each-other after. Aftercare. Usually this is her sitting on my face and having me bring her to the last orgasms of the night licking and sucking her well fucked pussy. We then kiss passionately. These are some of my favorite sexual moments with my wife. Both having sexual needs fulfilled and being into it together.

My wife and I have been more and more making love like two female lovers lately. It is super hot and passionate. Lot of kissing, soft touching, rubbing our smooth bodies against each-other and scissoring until we both orgasm. Me outside her body not in.

I felt a little guilty after the other night. Just me being in my own head. Thinking whether it was sexually pleasurable for her or if she would have preferred having cock in her. Then I reminded myself, she did have a shaking orgasm.

(right now I’m picturing her saying “of-course I’d prefer cock in me. just not your little penis!” lol I love it).

So when I get insecure about cuckolding or how I sexually please my wife. I just remind myself that she always orgasms. The body doesn’t lie.

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