Lesbian Sex Slave

I had an interesting messaging conversation on a cuckolding forum with a 28 year old girl that got me thinking. 

She was a self proclaimed BBC Only. (Big Black Cock Only). She contacted me because she found interest in my wife and my cuckold relationship that includes sissy play. 

When I asked her what she liked about BBC and if it was just the cock size, she commented back she likes the domination and the big cock. 

My wife and I have had a lot of fun playing with black men sexually during our marriage. Many of the first guys she cuckolded me with were black.

I told this girl I can totally understand her love for BBC.  

My wife and I also know from experience that there are many guys of different races who can provide the experience of a dominant well hung alpha male. I messaged her my wife was not BBC only but definitely a size queen. 

She was writing to me on a cuckolding forum so I found it interesting that this was only about the BBC and her love for it, so I asked her if she had ever cuckolded another male or thought about it? 

She explained to me she has and it was fun. That her #1 fantasy is actually turning a male into her lesbian sex slave. 

We were getting a little deeper into why she really reached out to me. You see this girl loves having sex with these alpha men, she has cheated on her past boyfriends and even openly cuckolded one. 

I found all of this extremely hot and told her it all was a huge turn on to me. I had never messaged with another female before on one of these sites. It is always men that reach out. I could tell she was a little conflicted or wanted direction. 

I messaged her that it is a turn on for my wife when I dress up as a female and we often have what I guess you could call lesbian sex. 

How so? She asked. 

When we have sex like girls, I am typically dressed up in slutty female clothes, my skin is soft, I have lip gloss on. Everything is softer. We kiss a lot, we scissor, rub clits and use toys on each-other and make love. We pretend that I am not a male at all.   

That is so hot!!! Was her reply. 

It is and I enjoy it very much. I did not realize other woman fantasize about it. I happy to now know they do.

She then asked me how my wife got me to dress like a female. 

Unfortunately for this 28 year old girl seeking advice on how to turn a male into a sissy I could not help her. I have tried on women’s clothing since I was very young and I also thought about experimenting with other guys at a young age. I say sissy not crossdresser because she is not looking for a crossdresser she is looking for a guy to be sexually with her as a female. 

It was all confusing to me being closeted because I also had more of a physical attraction towards a partner who was female. I desired to date girls even though I liked trying on women’s clothes and often thought about what it would be like to be sexually with a guy. At the time those two kinks were separate.

She too was conflicted about her sexuality and being a submissive girl. You could tell she kind of felt bad about it. How can she balance that sexuality, wanting to be sexually taken by dominant men and at the same time have a long term relationship, even a marriage with a feminine guy a guy she wants sexual authority over and feminize?

She told me with BBC she just loves it and will do anything for those men, the dirtiest nastiest naughtiest things. 

I can understand this too, I have seen my wife be like this with dominant well hung men. She just loves sex. There is not a man alive that can match her sex drive especially when she gets going. Alpha men with larger cocks have helped fulfill this need for her.

I too also like to sexually do what some would consider dirty, nasty, naughty things. I love to be dominated.

I explained this to her. How it is a huge turn on for me to see or know my wife is being fucked like this and her having the freedom to choose to be with men like this whenever she wants. I love being her cuckold husband.

Simply though I just think my wife and I got lucky meeting each other and it was something that was just fate and meant to be. 

I am not my wife’s Lesbian Sex Slave which I had to look up. A relationship in which one individual serves another in a consensual authority-exchange structured relationship.

My wife did not force me to be a cuckold, did not force me to dress up, did not force me to suck cock, did not force me to be a lesbian sex slave. 

It is hot thinking about her doing that though!

I am sure there are many men like me that are scared, in the closet and seeking a dominant woman to humiliate, cuckold, turn them into a sissy. Be submissive to. They fear it coming out to anyone even including a lover. Who could possibly understand this?

My wife probably would agree. Early when we started I had these types of ideas, captured from tumblr and porn. It turned me on. I communicated that to her. It did not turn her on, she never wanted to humiliate me, dominate me or hurt me. Although she has learned I do enjoy some humiliation, teasing and domination. 

What she did was help lead me as I helped lead her and allow her to be sexually herself. She never judged me and always has shown understanding. It has been a long process from that time we first journeyed into opening our marriage for my wife and together experimenting with her fucking other men. 

I was hooked right away and she was too. 

It was the right choice but even after that, there were points of fear, jealousy and angst. 

The 28 year old, after I explained how much I love and adore my wife when she fucks other men wrote back to me. 

“That is so amazing the love you two share. Most men could never handle that.”

It is true most men would get very jealous and a large majority of men probably do not get turned on by a girl being BBC Only, meaning she does not want penetrative sex with them.

They are out there though. I am one of them. If my wife had chose that route I know for a fact I would have continued to be with her and support her.

Men have been falsely taught by misguided standards by society norms that the girl they love should not fuck other men, should not lead. It is completely acceptable if that is what two people want and it can work well for the couple.

How do you really advertise this is what you want to other woman or men away from a kinky website?

You have to communicate it and that is scary. I remember when my wife and I first started dating she brought a black guy out with us “A Friend”. I was confused most of that night, did she want me or was she trying to be with him?

I left with her so that was made clear.

What was not clear was my feelings, I was turned on this friend was out with us. I fantasized alone about her fucking other men. I never communicated that until many years later. It scared me, gave me angst.

What if that night I was not scared and pulled her aside and told her something like “this is so hot you invited him on our date, if you want to sexually do anything with him and his BBC I would cum so hard over and over to that!” “If you left with him, went with him and fucked him all night, called me the next day, I’d be right by your side again.”

Going through the process, starting with my wife first cuckolding me, we have had amazing sexual experiences. Never forced. My submissive side was always there but not yet experienced so it was new to both of us. 

As she continued to have these amazing sexual experiences with other guys and I got to experience them as well that angst, fear slowly started to go away, never fully as it is part of the thrill. Jealousy is natural so is being overly concerned or protective about someone you love. We can learn to control it and identify it as being deeply in love with someone. Even if I feel it, I still get off and turned on by her own sexuality with other men. 

We progressed through the years and naturally I became more of the “lesbian lover” to my wife. Our friendship and love has also grown stronger.

In reality I have taken a more submissive role. Embraced my feminine side.  When my wife learned I wanted to wear women’s panties she led me and encouraged me. Also encouraged me to go further, to fully dress and be comfortable with it around her. She purchases me fun female gifts including female clothing, also things to help further feminize me such as lip injections, eyelash lifts and tints, she has taken me to get professional makeovers and we have gone out on the town both in make-up and fake eyelashes after. 

It is exciting, sexual, and thrilling.

When she learned I had experimented with other men prior to meeting her, she talked to one of her regular guys and encouraged him to have me suck his cock in front of her. 

A turn on to her but also leading me sexually where clearly I had wanted to go. It was frightening doing that in front of her, and doing it to him. Also exhilarating and sexy. I felt humiliation but at the same time I loved being able to sexually experience another man with her support. 

Women are powerful and sexy. My wife is my queen. I will do anything for her. I would even be her Lesbian Sex Slave. Although I prefer Bi-Female Sex Slave. We both want each other and more cock!

I did not leave this girl with any concrete advice. I wish I told her with many men she can just take the lead and she will find the right one. Maybe she will find this post one day. I just tried to show understanding and communicate that it is okay that she likes to have sex with BBC and sex with multiple lovers and there are other men like me, other cuckolds, that could love her and be supportive, be happy to have her transition them into a female sex slave while she enjoys her cake too.  

I hope she finds that guy out there that can be her loving cuckold, help her live out all her fantasies as I am sure she will help him live out his. A different type of sexual relationship than the norm, but still loving, understanding, consensual. We all deserve that whether vanilla, spicy or extra spicy. 

My wife and I met while out. Not on a website or dating app. I saw her for the first time, we had never communicated in any way before. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes on and still is, always will be. I guess you could call it luck, fate, just meant to be. We started vanilla with a little spice, we added extra to make it more spicy and today we like it extra spicy. 

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