Super Bowl

When it comes to sports I am actually more on the masculine side. I grew up playing sports and being competitive and still consider myself a competitive athlete today.

Clearly though I am getting more comfortable with my open bi-sexuality with my wife!

I wanted to watch the Super Bowl yesterday. I was excited to see if Tom Brady could win a 7th Super Bowl with a new team. I never really liked the Patriots and never rooted for them. I have always admired Tom Brady though for his talents.

So my wife ask early in the day yesterday “who is is playing” and I answer Tom Brady and the Buccaneers, then I think for a second and say, I actually am not sure who they are playing.

Then she asked “okay who do you want to win?”. I tell her the Buccaneers because I want to see Tom Brady win a Super Bowl with a team other than the Patriots.


It came out of my mouth!

“Also he is pretty hot!”

Now that is a very feminine reason to cheer for a specific sports team lol. It is true though, he is hot. I can picture him being a good bull to a husbands wife. He can win 7 Super Bowls playing one of the most aggressive manly sports. He has got to be a good fuck for my wife too! Yes I’d also suck his cock. There I said it.

Okay, no more celebrity blog post!

Also to my love, if we are ever on a quiz show my celebrity crush answer will still be Rihanna. You can just giggle to the other thoughts that come into your naughty head.

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