This Is Hot!!!!

Well if I ever had a celebrity crush, it would be for Rihanna. How sexy is she releasing this? “You’re not my only valentine”. WOW! Just hits all of those cuckold feelings, then with a collage of hotness.

Thank you Rihanna for giving me a bit of celebrity crush cuckold feelings.

How would it be to get a card like this from your wife with a note on the back she is out cuckolding you? Fucking Hot!!!! Just saying. I know crazy right? I am a true cuckold male!

I have always loved her music, she has so many sex songs that are raw, dominant and just hot and naughty. Perfect for Valentines Day. My wife and I have had a lot of spicy sex with them in the background. Aside from that she makes amazing lip gloss that just gets my lips poppin.

If my wife and I are every on a quiz show, she knows who my celebrity crush is!

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