The Dream Lifestyle Of A Cuckold

It is interesting looking back over the years. It was just about 9 years ago when my wife agreed to cuckold me. 

Those early years prior to this blog I had a tumblr account also called “Cuckold Cravings”. 

I called it cuckold cravings because that is exactly what it feels like to me, a craving to be cuckolded by my wife. Her fucking other men is a turn on, something I think about daily, and fantasize about.

Writing is my outlet for my sexuality.  

When I had the tumblr it was mostly dealing with my negative feelings and my angst. It is hard sometimes. As a cuckold. I still feel jealousy and being raised to be the ultra-male, it proved challenging mentally when I was still trying to prove ownership over myself and my wife. It was hard for me to grasp and accept my desires. I just wanted to understand why I was a cuckold.  

I can’t think of anything better sexually than being a cuckold husband. 

Since my wife and I started this journey, we have had sex and made love in so many ways we never had before.

I think the dream lifestyle of cuckolding is just this. Enhancing each other’s sex life and each others sexuality. 

Early in our cuckolding journey, when my wife was out being fucked. I would masturbate and fantasize about her and her lover. I would have a powerful orgasm like I had never felt prior. Who knows, maybe even at the same time as her while she was out, or at the same time as him while he filled my wife with his cock. 

I would remain hard, time would go by SO slow and I would masturbate repeatedly, cumming multiple times until my little cock was raw to the touch. She would return home and I sometimes could barely fuck her because I had masturbated so much. 

Masturbation sex: 

I have never been a guy who masturbated much to porn. I have always enjoyed Literotica and I still very much do today. Prior to the internet I loved going to adult stores and finding Penthouse Letters, Penthouse Variations, and Nasty Housewives. It was my naughty secret. These were small magazine books with collections of stories from readers. Even before I was married, I would look for issues that included stories of cheating wives, girlfriends, couples having threesome sex, gangbangs or wives who played while their husbands watched. 

Much of my life, this turned me on. I am sure it also fueled my desire to have a wife like the ones in the stories. Like the one I have. These girlfriends and wives just turned me on like nothing else. Yes, even stories of cheating brought hardness to my body. It sounds SO WRONG but a wife or girlfriend who cheats is just an enormous turn on to me. It makes my heart flutter.

When I met my wife, she was the first actual face I placed into these stories. I can’t explain why, aside from thinking about her being the girl in the stories just brought my horniness to another level. Why had I not pictured girlfriends prior to these stories? I didn’t love them the way I love my wife. They didn’t turn me on as much as my wife. I knew the first time I laid eyes on my goddess, she was the one. Not the one to cuckold me, the one I would spend my whole life with no matter what! 

Masturbation improved when I put her face to the stories, it also improved when she actually was out making her own stories while I waited at home or in the other room, even when in front of me. 

Reclamation Sex

The first time my wife came home after cuckolding me. Her body was bruised, knees raw from being fucked doggie style, bite marks on her breast, hickeys on her neck, pussy puffy and used. 

I was a cuckold, she was a hotwife. Clearly she had also enjoyed the experience of her hotwife becoming as much as I did at home masturbating and fantasizing. 

We had passionate sex, more passionate sex and more passionate sex for weeks after that first experience. Like fuck bunnies 2-4 times a day we were fucking. We could not keep our hands off each-other. We still can’t.

I tried to reclaim her body, tried to fuck her like I imagined she had been fucked. Like how she told me he took her. We both wanted to reclaim our love for each-other. 

This type of sex is hot and passionate!! All the fears cuckolding brings, you just want to devour each other and share the experience. Raw, exciting, animalistic, hard and real.  

Aftercare Sex

Aftercare sex is different from reclamation sex. Once you witness in person your wife having sex with a true bull. A man much more hung than you. Much more dominant than you. More masculine than you. An alpha guy. The guy the wives in the erotic stories are with. 

You will know you will never fuck her like they can. You will never sexually own your wife again. You are not the best fuck she has ever had and never will be! 

This is when your masculinity diminishes. Most likely if you are a cuckold you were already on the more submissive side. 

This type of sex is better than reclamation sex, because you are no longer pretending to be a man you are not. You need her to care for your feelings as a cuckold. She needs you to show her you still desire her to be your goddess hotwife, that you still love her and will serve her.

You will never reclaim her again.

Aftercare sex is her coming home from a date, so well fucked she can barely walk. She has been orgasming with another man all night. He has been fucking her like she needs. Getting the fucking you can never give her. That is okay, she is your wife, and she loves you for giving her the freedom to experience this just as much as you love her for giving you your needs as a cuckold. 

She is dripping sex. She may even feel a little guilty for loving being fucked so good by another man. She may feel like a slut. You may have feared she would never come back home to you. Then she walks over, kisses you on the lips, thanks you for letting her have a night out, a break from marriage, a break from being a mother. She swings her leg over you, lowers her cum dripping pussy on your face. You kiss it. You taste her and him. You love her just as much as before she left. Possibly you feel you even love her more. You kiss and you lick her used pussy. You soothe her soreness with your mouth. She is here with you again. You clean her body of sex. 

She plays with you, teases you. You discuss the experience. If locked in chastity, she may unlock you, let you out to finally orgasm to the thought of her……. Being fucked by another man. She may want to feel you inside of her. You make love. You are not trying to fuck her like him. You know you can’t. You can love her, be her best friend and husband. It’s just different, and that is okay.  

It can also be in the presence of her bull. My wife and I always make time for aftercare. If we don’t, the experience just is not the same. You do not own your wife and can not reclaim her. You can reconnect as a loving couple, husband and wife. You can always make love. Fucking and love are different. 

She had just fucked her bull. A man who has a cock almost double my size. He chose to cum in her mouth and on her face. As soon as his last stream of cum finished ejaculating, he stepped back slightly. I did not waist anytime. I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me and buried my hard cock fully into her pussy with ease. I slowly fucked her as she lay on her back and I laid all my weight on top of her. I kissed her cum filled mouth passionately and with love, her face pressed against mine, smearing him onto my face, as we shared this man’s fluids in one of the most passionate kisses I have ever embraced with my wife. I lifted my mouth off of hers; we stared into each other’s eyes and smiled at each other each with a sparkle. I placed my lips onto her soft face with a kiss, I then kissed her cheeks, her forehead, her chin and her soft pink lips as I licked her clean of all his cum. I brought my lips back to hers and knew as I kissed her she was forever mine, her mouth and body so sweet. 

Hotwife Sex: 

I can not explain what my wife feels during sex with other men. I know I have seen her have orgasms so intensely with them, where her body shakes, where she looks like she is having an out-of-body experience. I’ve witnessed her having multiple orgasms from their cocks alone, something she can not achieve with me. I need to rub her clit or stimulate her body in another way. It is an amazing sight. It brings me so much pleasure but hotwife sex is not about me. Here is what my wife has written about sex she had with one of her bulls. 

I laid back on the bed, completely naked, still twitching from the never-ending series of orgasms I had just experienced. My body was slick with sweat.  My hair was matted from the friction of my head being pounded against the mattress for a few wondrous hours, matching the rhythm of this mans cock fucking my wet eager pussy.  My pussy lips stretched and swollen, drenched in a mess of my cum, my female ejaculate, and lube.  My ass gaping open feeling too fucked to move.  Too fucked to shower off.  Too fucked to track down my heels or my pink dress that were laying around this guys house somewhere.  

As I laid there with a smile on my face, I felt indescribably slutty – and I loved it.  I loved that as soon as I had laid eyes on him, I knew I would let him fuck me any way he wanted. I had loved cumming all over his long, thick, anonymous cock. I loved feeling this new cock buried deep inside of me.

My wife loves the variety of being able to have sex with different guys. She loves the process, the flirting, the messaging, getting dressed up, doing her make-up and hair, body smooth from a fresh shave. Dressed a bit more slutty than usual, dressed for sex, mind-blowing sex. All while I encourage her, support her and help her anyway I can. 

She gets to have her cake and eat it too.  

Small Cock Sex

I am part of the small cock club. Not the average cock club I am below average in length and even more so in girth. There are no toys the size of my cock and most men have a bigger cock than me. It took a lot for my wife to admit that I have a small penis to me, although she knew I was small, the smallest she has ever had, she never wanted to hurt me. 

I could tell my penis when used like a cock never satisfied my wife entirely. The fact is when you have a small cock you can tell. As a guy who loves to satisfy his lover it would take an incredible amount of effort trying to fuck her like a dominant man and make her cum. Funny enough alternative sex feels better for the small cock too. 

It is not a coincidence I come harder from submissive sex than I do inside her pussy. The same reason she orgasms so much harder on enormous cock or when I use toys, or rub her clit, or lick her pussy. Small cock inside the pussy just is not a good fit! It is not a coincidence I slip out in almost all positions other than when she rides and grinds on top of me. 

I like when my small cock is inside my wife because I feel sexually connected to her and I love to make love to her like this. 

Pleasurably though, when speaking about orgasms, it just does not compare to the many other ways her and I orgasm from more non traditional sexual ways including her cuckolding me. 

Denial Sex

Sexual denial is pleasurable. I learned fairly early in our cuckolding adventures that sitting home and masturbating repeatedly was not a good long-term plan. So I write when she is out, make cuckold captions or do things to keep myself busy. She is still 100% on my mind and I fantasize and time always goes by slowly. 

Denying myself from having an orgasm while knowing she is being fucked to multiple orgasms feels good and right. Today, most often when she goes out to meet another male we lock me in chastity. The feeling of having my penis in a small metal cage mentally and physically while she is having sex is incredibly erotic. It just feels right. I am a cuckold, I have a small cock, I am submissive and it just does a great job fulfilling these types of sexual needs. 

I also had one of the best and most memorable orgasms when sexually denied. My wife was being fucked by one of her regular dominant bulls in our room. I was not there when they started and she did not know I had arrived home. As I listened to them fuck it was a huge turn-on. Even more was listening to their unrestrained dialog. She was begging him to fuck her, telling him how much better he felt than me, how he owned her pussy. There was a high degree of cuckold humiliation and it just mentally hit all the right spots for me. She had never openly said those things in front of me until after that night.  I had removed my pants but refrained from touching myself as I listened to this unrelenting pounding and commentary. I felt it building and there was no stopping it. I orgasmed all over the floor, I orgasmed without touching myself, I had a complete full body orgasm from their sex. It was incredible. 

Anal Sex

My wife and I both love anal sex, we have even fucked each-other anally with a double headed dildo. It is the closest I will ever be able to feel like it is to be a girl filled with cock. I have also been fucked by real cock. The first part whether with a toy or the real thing is the feeling of the head rubbing against the outer anus. It is very pleasurable and if you are a good anal slut your anal muscles relax and start to open wanting to be penetrated. Real cock is very warm to the touch, soft and hard, it is just an amazing feeling of a man’s cock. As it slides in it can be uncomfortable at first but then as you are getting fucked mentally and physically the sensations are just amazing. The feeling of being stretched and full, taken by another person whether a man or your wife fucking you with a strap-on. The orgasms are incredible. 

Gangbang Sex

My wife has had 2 gangbangs. One with me and one not. She admits it was a lot more enjoyable when I was there. A few reasons, I was with her and she felt safe while surrounded and ravished by a group of men. She was able to just let go as I handled the crowd and was there by her side being supportive. She was fucked for many hours by a large group of men. She was fucked every way possible 2 cocks, 3 cocks, 4 cocks at a time. I got to witness her pure animal sexual capabilities and I loved every second of it. I have always enjoyed gangbang porn and my wife in the center being the star was more than I could have ever asked for to see sexually. I hope to witness her in the throws of a gangbang again in the future. This was truly a sexual dream and sexual gift for both of us. Men cum once and are done, women are sexual animals and should all be set free. 

Threesome Sex

Perhaps this is not cuckolding. It doesn’t matter if it is or not but when we have threesome sex I am always the submissive husband and it is about the person my wife is with, her and me joining in. My wife and I love threesomes and not surprising MFM threesomes. 

Cuckold threesomes are the best! At moments they are no different than the normal, a female being fucked by two guys. There are differences though. The bull knows I am a cuckold. I will lick her pussy to get her ready for him, I will lick her clit or asshole while he fucks her. I will go in and out of being involved and just watching. With a comfortable bull I will also suck his cock or lick his shaft while she fucks him. My wife and I will share his cock and kiss each other with his cock between our lips and trade off playfully competing to suck it. With the comfortable bull she also gets to enjoy her favorite, double vagina penetration. During the cuckold threesome he may also cum in her pussy while I lick it, when he pulls out his cum flows out of her and him into my mouth followed by me cleaning them both. 

The above is probably my favorite form of cuckold play. I do enjoy being involved. I am open to my wife having threesomes without me present although I would like to watch her getting fucked by two guys at one time. I also am open to my wife playing with couples. She has done this rarely, it is all a turn on to me! 

Humiliation Sex

You can lump a lot of the above into humiliation. I just want to touch on it briefly. This is what psychologically separates a cuckold from a stag, swinger or open marriage. I do enjoy sexual humiliation. I love hearing my wife talk about how better other men are, I get hard and wet from small penis talk and I very much like when a bull or woman treats me like a submissive. I am bi-sexual but I could never imagine having a male as my primary sex partner or lover. Part of what I like is the same as my wife, I like a dominant man. I like to feel slutty, taken and sexually used for pleasure. I love this with my wife too, I am just as happy if not happier licking her fucked pussy, even full of cum than fucking her myself. I think if done right humiliation is fun as long as it is consensual and I’m being respected for my choice. There is a difference between humiliation and degradation. I do not want to be degraded.


bondage, dominance and submission. My wife… me too like bondage, like toys, giving ourselves sexually to a dominant male. I am not a dominant. Cuckolding allows us both to experience the pleasures of BDSM. The joys of bondage, power and roleplay, submitting to our sexual desires submitting to our sexual needs. 

Sissy Sex

My wife and I have had a lot of sissy sex this past year since she found out I enjoy crossdressing. She has been more than supportive and encouraging. This is the ultimate higher level of cuckolding for many, the completing of the process. Early on I didn’t understand my desires, I still fully don’t. Through cuckolding in a way I live vicariously through my wife’s sex. Earlier I discussed trying to reclaim her then learning that sexually I am not the same type of man as a bull. Using humiliation and sexual teasing “Not a real man”. I am a real man emasculated through cuckolding and it has allowed my true more feminine self to emerge. 

My wife is my goddess and I love to serve her and others sexually and also outside of sex. I like to cook for her, clothing shop, do the grocery shopping and participate in cleaning and taking care of the house. I am happy to care for her and take care of the kids while she is out on a date, or out on the town having a fun night out where she has the freedom to flirt to fuck.

I enjoy dressing up sexy in women’s clothes, maintaining my body like a female, smooth, soft, scented. I love the female essence. 

The sex. Making love to my wife when in sissy mode, she says, gives her the sexual variety she needs. Our sex when I am dressed is soft and loving. Includes a lot of rubbing, passionate kissing, toys, occasionally her being dominant. The orgasms are incredible. Rubbing our clits together she is able to achieve fantastic orgasms. Not as powerful as with a big toy or big cock but much more powerful than when her and I have penetrative sex. Usually I am already at a high sexual arousal just from the process of transforming myself into a sissy girl for the night and dressing up. I can orgasm very quickly and my orgasms are also far more intense and powerful. My wife and I have penetrative sex but like cuckolding us rubbing clits and getting ourselves off without me fucking her feels very natural and right. She doesn’t need my cock inside of her and I don’t need to fuck her for our sexual pleasure. 

The Dream Lifestyle Of A Cuckold 

I don’t need to be the Alpha man. I am her best friend forever, her lover and as you can see, our sex-life is amazing. We have two kids, so penetrative sex was definitely needed for that! Although we joke if we did it all over again, we would have had her get impregnated by her bulls not me. One of the secrets to our happy marriage, how well we communicate with each other, our sex life full of excitement and pleasure is because of cuckolding. The types of sex it has introduced us to and more. I am positive it is not right for everyone but I am also positive it was 100% right for us and our loving cuckold marriage.

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