The Boss (Part 1)

Note: This is a fantasy and none of it is true accept the next level love I have for my wife and my submissive desires and love of cuckolding. I have often fantasized about my wife having a boss or a colleague with sexual benefits. Since we both don’t have bosses it will stay a fantasy but who knows…. Maybe one day :). This story has male male sex so if you don’t enjoy it don’t read it. I wrote it after reading a question on a forum “what is your sissy fantasy”. I didn’t put much thought it sort of just flowed out of my mind onto paper so it was fun to write. Enjoy!

Part 1

“The flip side to this cuckolding psychology is that humiliation tells my cuck that I accept and love him for who he is. It validates the emotions that drive his sexuality. Excitement. Fear. Anxiety. Jealousy. Devotion. Shame. Anticipation. Why would I ever deny the man I love the feelings that make him feel complete sexually?”


I fantasize about a strong man being my boss. Being very direct with me, making me feel he is superior. At the same time teasing me with a confident knowing smile. Sometimes spanking my ass or grabbing it. Telling me “you’re such a girl!”. 

I have worked for the company the last 3 years as manager of the creative department. Over the years I have done great work and been acknowledged for it. The boss of the company and I have had an interesting work relationship. I’m not sure if he just doesn’t respect my position or he just enjoys having power over me. When in meetings with the company heads and department managers giving our weekly updates he calls on me and says “what is the update this week from the girls in the creative department.” It always gets a good laugh from all of the guys. I try to hide my embarrassment or sense of humiliation. 

There have been more than a few occasions when he has slapped my ass as I walk out and told me great job! Like the athlete does to another after a successful play in a big game. It is an interesting tradition, that athlete but slap. Unlike the butt slaps in sport he sometimes includes a quick squeeze making me jump with a smile or laugh. Everyone always laughs it off like it is nothing. 

My boss has also had a thing for my wife for as long as I can remember. He often flirts with her at the company events and is always asking me “how is that beautiful wife of yours doing?” He has also teased me in front of the other guys at work saying how lucky I am to have such a hot wife. How she needs a real man like him to fuck her.   

My life at the office changed forever one afternoon. 

I was in his office showing him the creative for a large account our company landed that was going to be very profitable hopefully leading to raises for many of us. 

I was pitching him the designs, he gave his critiques and feedback. It was then to my shock when he told me “I don’t think your the right person for this job, I have a different job for you.” 

He was stern and direct. 

“I don’t understand sir” I said. 

He stared at me. “Go lock the door.” in a demanding tone. 

I walked to the door and locked it and when I turned he was grabbing crotch smiling at me with a knowing grin. “You know you want to suck it sissy, come on over here suck my cock”. 

I couldn’t believe what he was saying. All I could do was smile with red in my face. He reminds me of a bully, the type of loud mouth guys that will call other guys like myself faggots or a sissy. Arrogant, assumptive and crude. That said, tall and strong with a degree of charm that is hard not to like.  

My boss knows I want it. Firm in his tone and demeanor but kind. He knows my name but ignores it “come on my little Josie I know you want to feel my big cock”. 

I am so shy. I don’t get angry with him, don’t tell him yes or no. I bite my lip, I am dripping down below. I want to suck his cock so bad. To please my boss inside his office. To submit to his demand.

“Come closer sissy, sit on my lap” he says. I do as he commands. He feels so strong as he wraps his hand around my thin body. I feel so small. 

He takes my hand and places it on his hardening cock. My head is lowered not looking at him. His shaft feels so warm, so thick through his suit pants. “Good girl he says, I have known you wanted to be a good slut for me.” 

He unzips his pants, his cock is now out! Thick, hot, my mouth waters to his dominance.

 “Have you ever seen a real man’s cock like this?  He says. 

“No sir.”

“Get down and suck it!” 

He is in charge, anything he says I will do. I can not control myself or my desires. 

The cock head radiates heat as I grab it and place my lips on the head. It stretches my lips wide as I take him into my mouth. I am lost in lust and desire. 

“Do you think your wife will like a real man’s cock like this Josie?

“Yes sir.” I say not understanding fully what he just said. 

He now starts to fuck my mouth grabbing my head pushing it deep down into my throat. Choking, eyes watering, I never want it to stop. He is using my mouth for his pleasure. 

“I’m going to make you suck my cock in front of her, get me hard to fuck her. Are you going to do that for me sissy? “

I can’t think, I can’t feel shame, I desire this man to do whatever he wants, it is my wife he wants. I have fantasized about him having her.

“Yes sir!” 

He moans turned on by his own dominant self. 

“Your wife is going to fuck your boss and you aren’t going to be able to stop it! You are both going to be my sluts. You understand sissy?” 

He pulls me off his cock, pulls my head back to make me look into his eyes. 

“You love sucking my cock! You’re such a sissy I love it. Open your mouth!”  

He spits in my mouth and slaps my face with his cock.. “Wait until I fuck you with this cock. You will crave it as much as your wife is going to!” 

“Yes sir!” I say as I have fully submitted to this man.

He is stroking his cock now! 

“I have a new job at the office for you, do you want to know what it is?”

“Yes sir.”

“You will be my secretary. You want to be my secretary don’t you!” 

I can’t believe what he is saying. What the fuck he wants me to be his secretary. I answer “Yes sir!” 

“It will mean you will suck my cock whenever I want and serve me every day?” 

Yes sir! 

“After I fuck your wife she is only going to want to fuck me your boss.” 

Yes sir! 

His dominance is what I have always dreamed of. I will do anything and give anything for him. 

His cum is spurting, rope after hot rope all over my face, in my mouth, covering me for the first but not last time with his warm seed. He slides his cock into my mouth one more time so I can clean him off before he puts himself back into his pants and zips himself up. 

“Go clean that pretty face of yours up and head home early today. Tell your wife I will be over tonight for dinner to show her your new role at our company and your home.” 

“Yes sir.” 

“Don’t tell her you are now my secretary, I want you to tell her while I’m there, you got it.” 

“Yes sir.” 

“I’ll let the company heads know you are now my secretary, when you arrive at work tomorrow all the arrangements will have been made. You will sit at that desk outside of my office. The name plate will read Josie. What do you have to say to that Josie?”

“Thank you sir.” 

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