Hotwife Cuckold Connection

She takes a deep breath through her nose and opens her mouth wider, taking as much of his thick heavy cock as she can. Unable to stop herself, she grips his cock at the base, holding tight with one hand while stroking the length with the other. She can feel the difference between this man and me. It is obvious. There is no disguising it. Her husbands cock, my cock, fits into her mouth with ease never filling her deep never pushing down into her throat. She sucks with ever increasing arousal, pumping with her bobbing head trying to take this man deep as she can as her mouth stretches open to his girth. This is something she used to miss sexually with me.

He’s so big. Fucking another man into her mouth it seems so twisted, wrong, and decadent. Not for her and I. Cock like this makes you lick your lips and submit. The man smiles, feeling victorious sexually taking another mans wife. He can see and feel her passion for him, her excitement. He lets my wife work her magic, sucking his cock, causing him to lengthen and thicken, making his dick rise, a bull taking aim.

He reaches down to my wife, pulls her up into a passionate kiss, lust and sex in her eyes, hair a mess from him grabbing a fist full as he fucked her mouth. She turns and pushes her ass towards him. She can’t help it, a sex goddess about to be taken, she moves her butt side to side to entice him. He rest his hands on my wife’s hips aiming his cock targeting her dripping pussy. She gasps as she leans farther forward hand on knees, offering her married pussy. She knows this is not her husband desire for another cock wins out.

He beings to slowly thrust, working his long thick dick deeper each time. He holds it out, the tip of his cock just parting her pussy and lets this unfaithful woman prove she wants him inside her as she thrusts back into him. A conquering smile, he knows he is giving her something her husband never can. A thick long cock to ride on, no slipping out. He fucks her slow and deep taking his time, letting her feel his inches, letting her feel him gliding inside, giving her time to savor the experience to feel the fullness of him stretching her. She like being a slut, she likes that I her love her to have what I can not give her. His strong cock make her feel things she can only feel with men outside of her married bedroom.

Her piercing cry of orgasm fills the room. His fat cock pumps in and out of her, bringing the same cries over and over again until he thrusts all the way in holding himself there. Growling again and again as he spurts sperm inside of my woman. She arches her back and cries to one last climax around his hard, invading pole as he holds her tight, pumping gobs of hot dripping jizz far up inside her. Later I will lick her pussy full of his cum bringing her to another orgasm as she and I relive her experience.

If I am there with her during her bull fucking or at home waiting and fantasizing, it is funny how connected I feel to her while she is with another man. I enjoy seeing or knowing my wife is with other men. If I am there watching I can not always stay on the sidelines for long, I don’t try to compete with the bull I give a helping sub cuckold hand (or tongue lol). I won’t ever regret it. seeing this side of her and I love that she loves this side of me. The sexually submissive cuckold husband. It works for our relationship.

As a cuckold and hotwife couple we feel connected with each-other. I care about her and she cares about me. We feel safe with each-other physically and emotionally, so much so I want her to have these pleasures and she knows I get the same pleasures from her cuckolding me.

I do get jealous but it will never match my arousal. I do feel fear that she will leave me for a man like this while she is with him. The connection though after is so much greater. I feel I am giving her a gift, her to be her sexual self, to feel a variety of pleasures she could never feel with just me. She is giving me a gift, I am a cuckold, I have accepted it, this is what turns me on, for so many reasons. I love when she has me lick her fucked pussy, I love when it is full of another mans cum. I love sharing the experience with her and yes, we can share it even when I’m not there. I love the passion we have for each-other and the kisses we share after these intense cuckolding experiences.

I imagine she does not think of me that much while she is being fucked unless I am there and that is okay, she comes back to me with recharged love and passion. She needs it just as much as me. It is our hotwife cuckold connection. A regular husband and wife, deep in love with an added spice that helps keep it hot!

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