COVID-19 Changes

It has been awhile since I have written. Unfortunately COVID-19 brought some changes to my life. First my business was deemed unessential, closed for a half a year before I decided myself to permanently close it. Our kids were forced home 24/7 and still are doing virtual education. This has virtually eliminated dressing sexy as my girl half Josie, as well as being able to be cuckolded by my wife. Well for the most part. We did have one hot night together with a very well hung guy, in his hotel where we both sucked his thick perfect 9 inch cock and my wife road it so many blissful orgasms. We were extra naughty and let him fill her with his cum so I could clean it out. Maybe not naughty but both eager to be slutty from the confinement of COVID-19.

After I closed my business we decided to move our family from sunny southern California to the colder northwest. It has been a journey, a change for what we hope will be the better. We spent over a month without a home crashing at relatives houses, living in Airbnb’s with our two young children before being able to recently move into our new home.

As we have started to transition our life our kinky sex has been put on hold. There is not a day that goes by though that I do not get a craving, a craving to be cuckolded. She told me a few nights ago she can’t wait to settle in and find a new guy to play with. A man to fill her body with the type of sexual pleasure she can’t get from me. Giving me a kind of sexual pleasure I can only get through her cuckolding. That is the funny thing with our marriage we are able to pleasure each-other as soulmates, have a loving marriage, family, life of adventure. She can be a hot-wife and enjoy a variety of pleasures sexually with other men and as a cuckold it I experience greater pleasure.

The other-side of me, the feminine side has not got to dress as slutty. To have my private time of indulging fantasy. Putting on sexy heals, smooth nylons, slutty skirts, skimpy tops accessorized with breast inserts, pink wig, make-up with an arsenal of toys to fuck me like the submissive whore I fantasize about being. So Sad, Yes! but like everything it has had its positive growth.

Sometimes I feel I like to be feminine more than masculine at least when it comes to clothing shopping, body maintenance and sex. Changing to our new location we all have had to get new clothing. I have enjoyed shopping for both my wife and me and unexpectedly going shopping with my daughter. I have also had the opportunity to wear more women’s clothing although more subdued. As I mentioned it is cold here so I have purchased a wardrobe of athletic leggings for all of us, except my son who has no desire to wear them. It is not completely out of place for me to wear them because I am an athlete and love to run. So I wear them while I run and to lounge around in. I also found a top I like, like the leggings, for an athlete it is not loud that I am wearing it. It does have feminine qualities to it…. honestly though I am getting to a point I don’t care.

I was running in my subdued medium tall female under armour legging along a popular running path this morning. I was looking at the other women’s clothing. I was thinking, with my confidence I could wear anything I wanted. Maybe even a sexy ruched bottom pair. After all I think my ass is pretty hot, and that is all that matters.

So over the past 8 months COVID-19 has brought some changes. I was blessed to be cuckolded once during a pandemic, that in itself is pretty amazing. I still love my wife more than anything in the world. I take in her beauty every time I look at her. She is truly perfect in every way and the most sexy goddess I have ever laid eyes on. My family and I are all happy with our move and pivot in life, we are more than happy, we are excited. I still have daily cuckold cravings, these have been going on over a decade so I doubt they ever will go away. Not a negative thing as it brings excitement to our married sex life. I continue to embrace and enjoy my feminine side like never before. I was in the closet about this to everyone including my wife up until 2 years ago so it is feeling pretty damn good to be able to be my true self.

2 thoughts on “COVID-19 Changes

  1. So glad to hear all is well. I’m assuming the cuckolding happened before your move? So ‘he” is not where you live now? Being stuck at home is also dampening my “dressing”, darned. I can’t imagine how it is to loose a business and have to move, I’m glad you have places/relatives to help out.


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