Threw Away My Last Male Underwear

We are moving our home and sorting through things. In a small black tote was a pile of men’s underwear. Mostly athletic thongs like the one above. I fully transitioned to women’s panties about a year or so ago. Prior to women’s panties my wife would purchase me very expensive sexy men’s underwear. It started with small boxer briefs as I was wearing athletic boxer briefs at the time. Then we moved into thongs.

I loved that she was purchasing these for me, loved that she found me sexy in them. What she didn’t know at the time is it enflamed a long term desire to dress in women’s clothing. I loved the feeling of these men’s thongs sliding up the crack of my ass. I didn’t love the front pouch, loose fabric designed to hold larger cock and balls as imaged above. I fantasized about having the soft delicate fabrics of women’s panties sliding up the crack of my ass.

I so much wanted her panties, skimpier, sexier, and able to support my smaller manhood, what we joke now and call it a large clit. As much as we joke I definitely prefer panties and prefer to see men like the men she fucks and cuckolds me with in the sexy men’s underwear above. Men with big cocks, kind of makes her and my mouth water.

I held on to about 5 pairs. I thought to myself I may want to wear them when playing sports or exercising so I put them in this tote. I totally forgot all about that and I purchased athletic female thongs that I play sports in and exercise in, feel sexy and naughty in.

Along with these men’s thongs was a handful of boxer shorts that my mother and law purchases me for birthday and Christmas gifts. I think they are pretty expensive. I feel bad not wearing them but I also have no desire to wear them. It is silly I would sometimes even put them in our dirty laundry when she visited unworn. How do you tell your mother and law she is shopping at the wrong store and the wrong section lol. It is funny though because when I look at boxer shorts I find them as kind of ugly. I know they are manly but really they seem impractical and they certainly don’t make you feel sexy. They don’t look sexy, if I was a female I would way prefer a man dressed in the sexy underwear pictured above.

Me I’m just thankful my wife likes me in panties, I also think it is pretty hot when we wear matching panties, fresh smooth sexy legs and bodies. I love my panties so men’s underwear in the trash.

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