Be yourself, always.

Be yourself, always. 

Maybe the distress and confusion are as much a part of this lifestyle as the intense thrill. 

We now have two ways we play together, the cuckold and the sissy. I love watching my wife fuck other men, cuckolding me. The last guy she was with was very well hung and thick. We had a threesome with him. His cock was perfect although he was not as dominant as we would like he was very fun. He was okay with me touching him, I held his perfect cock in my hand and guided it into her pussy. As I licked his balls, shaft and her clit she came very quickly. 

I asked him if I could suck his cock, with his approval, I eagerly was a cocksucker. With my wife’s approval it felt so good to let go and be me without worry, to feel the pleasure of being slutty and giving him a blowjob with my wife. His cock felt so good in my mouth and I know from watching my wife fuck him it felt just as good in her pussy. These moments I get wildly aroused and I have a willingness to please. 

My wife joked later that I should have had him fuck me. I shrugged it off laughing and said that huge thing would tear my ass apart. I won’t lie though, I thought about how it would feel. How it would feel for him to treat me like a woman. Tell me how much he wants to fuck me. Pushing me onto fours, pushing my ass up, as he slaps it and takes what he wants. 

I get to enjoy this fantasy because of my wife. Her acceptance has allowed me to be happy about who I am. Her easy acceptance and vulnerability leaves me breathless. To be who you truly are, in the face of a world that is trying to remake you takes a great act of courage. I love that she accepts me and I love who I am and my sexualality. 

I enjoyed just as much watching him pound my wife from behind, fucking her deep and strong while she cried out cumming on him. He growled and moved her body faster, filling her tight cunt over and over. I felt as powerless as she, trapped in a web of my own lust, prisoner to my kink. He pushed in deep as he filled her body with his cum. I loved when he slid out of her and she slid her pussy over my mouth and fed me her pussy and his cum. Going down on her after a man has fucked her makes me feel I am showing her how much I love her, accepting her sexuallity as well as mine. It is the perfect ending to a hot night. 

I don’t have much distress anymore but there is confusion. He told us after he enjoyed the experience, he doesn’t consider himself bisexual, doesn’t like labels and is very open minded. I’ve heard this before from ‘bulls’ I admire that confidence. 

Later in the week I dressed up as Josie in a hot red two piece skirt and crop top. Shiny black hosiery, matching red heels. We have kids and a regular life, so I don’t get to dress too often. They were out of town. After making passionate love with my wife femine like two girls she asked me a question – if you could be Josie more how often would you be her? I couldn’t really answer. Like 50%, 70%, 100%? Like the anal question I kind of laughed it off. 

I know 100% I always want to be cuckolded as long as it is enjoyable for her. I have fantasies about being female 100% with fake surgically enhanced breast. It would be amazing to have breast! I think if I was more open about it younger, I’d probably be more feminine today more often. 

The fact though is I am a man, I love being a father and doing guy things. I also like to feel hot and slutty. Not like you’re typical guy though, this is one of the reasons I love watching or knowing my wife is fucking a hung bull, being slutty. There is an animalistic side to men that women lack and I like it.  I get to share it with her, being turned on about it gives me that slutty feeling too. Like her I like that submissive feeling. I also like making love to her like a girlfriend, it feels very natural, sexy and hot for me. I know she also needs cock though. 

My kink is an obsession, I am willing to risk a lot to feed the beast. This is why I think it is more of my sexuality than a kink. I am very open minded. In a perfect world I would be able to switch between my male self and my female self instantly. Josie takes a lot of work, we are of course one but that side is my better half. I can be sexy, smooth, slutty and pretty. I can be sensitive, feminine, loving and caring to my wife and not worry about being a strong dominant male. So part of me is Josie 100% of the time, I just don’t always get to dress like her, but at least I get to have a fun balance with a supportive loving wife I get to be her feminine lover and her strong male. That makes me happy. 

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